23rd Apr 2004, 08:03

I own a 99 VT executive series 2 and it has just started running rough like it is missing or something. i have just had the leads changed and it is still doing it. i also have added some injector cleaner in the petrol to see if that will work.

Can anyone suggest any other reason why the motor would be missing like it is?

Comments would be appreciated thank you.

20th Jul 2004, 07:53

My sympathies to all Commodore owners.

I have wondered for years why so many people are swayed by marketing hype to buy so many of these cars. The 47 previous reviews only confirm the fact that many of Holden's products have been second rate and behind the competition for years.

My family still owns 2 Commodores for the moment, a VX 'S', & a 2000 5.7 V8 Caprice. We have put up with quality control issues, mechanical failures, poor N.V.H, etc. etc. with both models.

After previously owning a VT series 1 myself, I purchased a 2000 model 3.5L Magna Sports manual after test driving one to compare it to the VT. I kid you not this car is twice as good as the Commodores. After 93,000 k's it purrs along with a velvety smoothness the others couldn't dream of. NVH is in another league, reliability has been faultless and it's performance in both the handling and engine departments are superior. It runs away from the 6 cylinders and is only marginally slower than the V8 Caprice while sucking down a whole lot less fuel. The Caprice has 94,500k's on the clock and it is starting to squeak, rattle and groan much more than the Magna.

Moral to the story? Both the Holden's are now for sale with another Magna & a Subaru on the shopping list. How much longer can Holden keep fooling the public now that even Ford's BA Falcon is a far superior car than the current VY?

7th May 2006, 10:10

It's not an ex police car.

I hosed the car down, but no water leaked in, until I went for a drive the following day and water leaked into the driver side footwell like a tap that had been left on.

Door seals are all good.

Its quite frustrating.

And we can't find where the water is building up or getting in from.

18th Sep 2006, 00:28

I still own a VS 1995 V6 I bought brand new, but wish I hadn't. It has only done 78000kms, but the car leaks oil from every spot imaginable with monotonous regularity. Rear main replaced twice, sump once, tail shaft once, inlet manifold leak once, but now it is BOTH cylinder heads with blown gaskets. Drivers power window system collapsed recently. Windscreen washer pump/motor also replaced.

First and last Commodore for this guy. It is just worth almost nothing now so fixing is still better than $30 - 40000 for another brand but it is very tempting.

28th Sep 2006, 18:09

Hi, I currently own a VT series 1 97 model. I have had nothing, but problems with my car. So far I have had the following issues. My accelerator makes a hissing sound when I step on it, my power steering pump doesn't work well. I lost three bearings in the engine and a fan belt. My handbrake snapped inside. My seats are falling apart my automatic gear shift broke. It has a funny sound in the engine when cold. It runs really heavily and now my alternator stopped working. I am consider buying a VY commodore hoping that must has been improved we will see how long it lasts.

19th Oct 2006, 01:46

Hi all.

I have purchased a 2000 VT series II wagon with 290,000 klms on the clock. I got it fairly cheap, but after three months of owning it I started the car one afternoon and found the power steering fluid leaking out like water from a tap!!! reservoir emptied in a matter of minutes & now no steering at all. Does anyone know if this is common and what it could be before I get under the car and start pulling the rack out???

24th Nov 2006, 17:59

Yes this is a very common problem for commodores, you can buy seal kits for the power steering pump and recondition them your self. I own a vs 1995 exec I have replaced the fuel pump 3 times within 30,000 kms. The original died after about 150,000 ks (which is almost normal for a commodore) the next died after just 5000 ks and the last after 25,000 ks. I was told by the last tow truck driver that after market pumps are cheap Thai imports and to use a genuine delphi one so far it has been OK. Can someone please tell me why my vs is using oil? its not leaking into the coolant, and the plugs are dry. I only drive short distances though, the oil I use is GTX2.

10th Jan 2007, 22:50

Hi all.

I owe a Commodore Vt exec 1997 series 1.

Ahhhh where do I start.

* I have had 2 alternators replaced

* all radiator hoses replaced

* 2 radiators replaced

* the plastic idler pulleys (crap) have failed, While I was on the freeway the pulley seized on me, so in that case the accessories belt came off and put my car to a standstill, which was very hard to steer.

* boot leaks

*airbag light always on

* Air con keeps losing its gas, after being fixed 5 times in a month

*shuttering when braking

*left and right engine mounts snapped off, making a loud noise when accelerating.

* fuel pump seized

* check engine comes on now and then

* much more little things where I can't remember.

Apart from that cars been great after everything was fixed, I have chipped it, hm headers, customer K&N cold air intake with stainless steel piping, cat back 2.5" system. its been lowered with 18" rims and hugs corners nice and tight.

Runs like a dream.

Everythings been.

3rd Feb 2007, 06:51

Ever thought of buying a ford? I'm a ex holden man I was sick and tired of my 3 holden's I bought breaking down, so I'm a ford man now and haven't looked back. My new ford has not broken down yet and I thrash the crap out of it.

25th Apr 2007, 21:12

Strange, I knew the VT's has some minor issues with excessive tyre taring when there is a lot of weight in the back of the car or you tow a lot, I've had my VT Series II S Pak for ages and haven't had any problems.

20th Jun 2007, 08:58

I've had my Vx11 5 speed manual for 2 years now, and have had no problems.

I thrash it like no tomorrow, I've changed 2 clutches, but that was the thrashing and the clanks. You guys here name one Commodore since the VN that doesn't have a clank? I have owned a VN, VP, VR, VS11, VT and now a VX11, and they all have had a clank, either from the diff or gearbox.

It's the beauty of owning a Holden; driving by yourself with no one to keep you company - you need a good old clank to keep you sane.

And as for the people that switch to Ford; they have gone from alright to completely crap. Driving a Holden VX11 and then jumping in a BA; the Holden chops it in half. Anyway I have always owned Holdens, and I will never change.