23rd Jun 2007, 01:03

2 years ago I bought a 5 speed VT S Pak which had done some 250,000 km's and had been thrashed most of it's life. The odometer now reads 320,000 km, never had anything more than spark plugs, oil, and filters, gets a decent old thrashing every now and then. The only thing I have ever experienced in that time is the battery died and consequently I couldn't use the CD Player because I didn't have the code. It starts every time and hasn't caused me an ounce of trouble. I guess it goes to show some are built well, some are piles of rubbish. Fortunately I have one of the former, although I will agree most Japanese cars are built far superior than anything made in Australia.

8th Jul 2007, 23:19

I have owned a VT series 1 Calais since new, (Feb 99). It has been a great car. Never had a major thing go wrong with it, until the other day, my steering all of a sudden became very heavy. I think the speed sensitive power steering has gone. Can anybody shed any light on this?

14th Oct 2007, 07:15

Hay, I have read nearly all the comments. I have a VT 99 EXEC, that's has been totally overhauled in and out to a VX Clubsport in devil yellow with lowered springs exhaust and engine upgrades. Standard stuff. And it's a dream, 130000 and running strong. Love it. Only problem I have had is the piece of crap stock radio shorted on me and I had lost the code when got it fixed. Also have VX SS and VZ Calais. Both dreams... Sorry to the rest of you. Go HOLDEN.

9th Mar 2008, 05:24

Hi all, I am 16 and have just bought a 98 Exec Commodore.

Some idiot disconnected the lights to the air bags and removed the ABS relay.

The air con doesn't switch on, but the fan does.

I have just installed a sound system, and disconnected the battery, and now the car kicks over and then kills itself instantly. Can someone please help me with this?

Other than that, the car runs like an absolute dream. I'm assuming it's the immobiliser but need help.

19th Apr 2008, 18:25

I have Owned a Holden VT 11 since 2000, this is my millstone. This car is a constant source of problems. The shape of the vehicle is great.

Air-con knobs sticky, to the point where I feel like I might damage them. Airstream usually sticks on demist, (doesn't matter which way Knob pointing).

The most important issue at the moment is car refusing to start on cool mornings (any ideas, clues would be appreciated.)

This is totally unacceptable in a modern vehicle, Holden think it may be a key issue or a sensor problem, but are unable to test for an intermittent problem. I have most luck by warming the engine with a fan heater for a couple of hours.

Horn going off in the middle of the night, removed horn relay. Holden quoted $700 plus to replace the horn/airbag while car was still under warranty. Stuff that.

Thin metallic paint job.

Black paint falling off exterior trim.

Printing rubbing off indicator sticks.

Replaced steering rack at 100,000km.

Plastic components of drivers seating breaking away.

Keys wearing out, cost $120 to buy a new one.

I realize Holden import a great many of the components of their vehicles, but their management, design team and engineers need to re-look at what defines the word QUALITY.


23rd Apr 2008, 10:39

I have the 2000 VT sedan V6, it has been a marvelous car except for a very annoying intermittent failure to start. It cranks over no problem (since I replaced the starter motor) but there is no spark at the plugs. I can hear the fuel pump priming and all the lights on the dash are operational.

Most times she starts first flick of the key and runs very smoothly, I have checked the ECU and the only code is 12 which is for all clear, there are 90+ codes, would have thought it would capture something, it did simply die once whilst driving, but like one of the earlier comments, started up again straight away, it's usually from cold starting.

I have replaced plugs at service, and since I have no way of testing it, replaced the ignition module ($200) below the three coil packs. Since these cannot be at fault all at the same time, I have ruled them out. I have also ruled out things like the crank angle sensor and balancer, since it runs so well otherwise.

The battery I have done a load drop test for 25 seconds and she stays in the green. I have also checked as many connections as I can find.

I suppose the most annoying thing is that the wife now drives this car, since I got a Freelander, and when it won't start for her indoors, it's a real pain for me.

Next I am going to replace or at least remove and check out the ignition switch assembly and key battery, and the next time it happens try locking and opening a couple of times as suggested in an earlier string, I'll let you all know how that goes.

12th May 2008, 18:12

I own a 2000 VT and its the worst car I have ever owned! I have owned many other Holdens and the only one that I had no problems with was a 2003 Barina... But back to the VT, Problems thus far:

* Radiator cracked and dumped all the coolant causing the car to over heat and destroy the top end.

* Ignition problems. Sometimes it would start and die... other times it wouldn't start at all.

* High tyre wear.

* The paint is only paper thin. It started bubbling and started peeling off.

* Gears clunk.

* Airbag light stays on.

* Ignition Module and 1 coil pack went.

* Stalling when idle at lights.

* Stalling when driving (Which is REAL interesting)

* Fuel pump went.

Basically I am really disappointed with Holden's efforts in this car. I have fixed most of these problems myself because the Holden dealerships simply don't want to know or "can't" find the problems. Thank god for the Holden Commodore forums out there!

I will NEVER own a holden again!

25th May 2008, 20:40

I've had a VT Calais for 3 months, and had nothing but trouble with it.

I'm glad to see that its not just me going through this crap.

28th May 2008, 06:07

I have a 1999 VT 5.7ltr series 2 Calais, and want to know if anybody has any clues on... Why it keeps throwing drive belts, I've had 2 go in a week. I think I have fixed it, but now my heater won't work? I'm at a loss as to why as it has run well in the past, with only minor things going wrong!

And has anybody dealt with cat-converters? I think they maybe on the way out, can you chop them? Do you loss power etc, etc???


3rd Jun 2008, 05:51


I have recently brought a VT Commodore, and so far its been great with minimum problems other than general wear.

A couple of days ago, the air bag light on the dash came on and has been on ever since. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the air bags that I can see, and they haven't been set off either. Any one with a idea how to rectify this issue, I'd love to hear from ya.