12th Jun 2008, 01:56

Hi anyone.

IMO a 22 year old who has just brought my first Commodore.

It's a 99 VT series 11, let me just say the car is a rocket.

But I am suffering my first problem with it.

There is smoke coming out from behind the steering wheel, and the blinker keeps ticking.

Any ideas would be great on what is causing it, and how to fix it?


21st Jun 2008, 06:56

Hey all, I commented a while ago. I have a 99 VT Exec with 130 000 on the clock. It seems that the VT has two ends. Some of them like mine (touch wood) are fantastic, they keep going and have 0 problems and are the best things ever. But then you also have the opposite, where they have every problem there is imaginable. Did Holden ever change any production methods on the VT? Anyone know of this. Anyway, good luck to you all with your commies.

13th Aug 2008, 02:22

Hey Guys,

I guess I am one of the lucky ones to own a 2000 VTII that has had very little problems. I've owned it since new, and the only secret I could share is we have only used premium unleaded and rarely the crap ULP.

I've done all the servicing myself bar 1 major service done by Holden $900 later! What the f@$k! The car has done over 240,000 kms and just recently has problems starting. Sometimes it will other times it won't. But to be driving and it just cuts out is bad. Once I have solved this problem, I will share it with the world. Apparently this problem is not uncommon.

19th Aug 2008, 08:13

I have now had my 98 Exec for 3 months and it has copped too much too explain. Every corner sideways and always revving. Haven't had a single issue. I am very pleased. All I've used is tyres.

Moving on to a ute now, and have gone for a Rodeo 3.2 :) HEAPS faster than my VT surprisingly.

12th Sep 2008, 04:22

We have had our VT since 35000km, and now it has 420,000km have had no problems. It often goes off road and tows heavy trailers. Half of these km were done at 160km an hour or more.

16th Dec 2008, 23:24

I recently got my license and bought a 2000 VT Wagon, with 267,000 (country km's) on the clock, and literally the day after buying had problems starting... the car would start and run smoothly, but after idling for 30 seconds or so would just turn off. When we managed to get it home again, we reset the computer (pcm fuse), and thinking we had fixed the problem I kept driving, until yesterday when I broke down in traffic... once again the car would start, but then after a few seconds would just fail and shudder violently. Luckily I have free RACV roadside assistance, and was able to tow to my mechanic, who told me the car was only running on 4 cylinders as spark plugs needed replacing and the fuel pump was blown... hence the car shutting down after moving or idling for a few seconds. The car looks as if its been taken car of most of its life, as it was previously a family car so hopefully I won't have too many more problems with it.

26th Feb 2009, 20:26

Hey to all the people with the intermittent starting problems, ALAS I have found the problem. Some wires connecting the solenoid and starter motor are corroded or damaged. Had them and the solenoid replaced, and has worked a plum since, so everyone check your starters and solenoid. GOOD LUCK

PS I'm getting a 2008 SSV SPORTSWAGON.

19th Mar 2009, 23:37

I stumbled across the page while looking for a solution to the vibration in my VY.

I cannot believe that half the comments on here have been written in the last 24 months, and refer to vehicles that are going on ten years old!! What do you expect!!

Especially the owners of vehicles that were purchased second hand. Has anyone taken into account how the vehicle was maintained before you received it, how many drivers/accidents/swims it had? Yet you all seem to blame Holden?

Reality check. Some cars will always have issues, but you shouldn't believe a car over 5 years old is going to provide you with faultless performance.

18 months ago I traded a 2005 Subaru Liberty GT luxury pack on a VY Senator 2 years older. Why? Because the Liberty suffered a litany of problems with brakes, ignition, rattles, stereo failure etc etc. All superbly fixed while under warranty (kudos to Subaru) but this left a sour taste in my mouth, and the rattles and problems continually occurring pushed me to change.

The Senator has now done 105000km (30k of them in my hands) and has suffered no issues besides a brake pulsation (machine rotors), and now a vibration which I'm told with 19" wheel package is common because they are so easily damaged.

It starts every time, it drives beautifully (besides the dumb auto box Holden persisted with), looks great to me and has every feature one could ask for.

It's now going for five years old... and when it does finally suffer a failure... I'm quite happy to have it fixed and keep going. These cars are well engineered, but they are also mass produced... so failures do occur. Blaming the manufacturer so many years out of warranty is wrong.

29th Mar 2009, 03:51

Hey guys, I need help.... have just bought VT S SII 2000 like 7 months ago. The car drives great and smooth, but I guess I'm the unlucky one, I've got problem like others as well, the car won't start, the mechanic say it's the ignition sensor vault, got it replaced and it fixed it for a bit, but sometimes it took five minutes to start, and it has happened again. The mechanics couldn't figure it out which vault is the problem, it's been 3 times already been towed, it's frustrated as I like the car. Is any one having the same problem or experiences with the starting problem or ignition, any clue or info is appreciated, please email me at j.rasitto@hotmail.com cheers..

29th Mar 2009, 04:08

On my earlier comment, forgot to mention that I got a new battery on the VT, but still didn't help, any help much appreciated j.rasitto@hotmail.com

30th Mar 2009, 22:08

Hi all, I own a 1998 VT Exec with 138000 on the clock. Recently when I drive the car, it just shuts down, but would start straight up again. Then I would drive for a bit and it would do it again. It does this about two times a day.

Can anyone help?

9th May 2009, 03:49

I had the same problem in my VT, as it would stop, then it would start again. It finally sent an error code to the computer. It was the crank angle sensor. Once I replaced it, it was fine.

7th Jul 2009, 04:59

For those experiencing the problem where the VT V6 continually stalls, get your in tank fuel pump checked. Our VT was doing this, and initially I thought it was just the Crank Angle Sensor, but after having it changed the problem still persisted. Anyhow, after several mechanics scratching their heads over it, we found one who had experience with this problem. After removal and inspection of the in tank pump, it was found that there was visible burning of the wiring into the pump, definitely a dangerous situation. Replacement of the pump corrected the problem.