23rd Jul 2009, 20:20

I have a 2000 Commodore VT 11. I am renewing my car insurance and need to tell the insurance company if it has an immobiliser. Can anyone tell me how I would find out (sorry, I don't know anything about cars)

25th Dec 2009, 20:38

I have a VT 1999 Commodore, it clunks in the front when I go over a bump, the bottom of a drive way, bump in the car parks. I have spent over a grand to have it fixed and it still does it. I have new front shocks, this was the first thing the mechanic blamed, then it was swaybar link brushes, finally the power steering rack boot. All of which were diagnosed as the problem. The noise is still there. Any ideas???

As for the car not starting first go, I have been told this could be your battery in your key, a key cutter can fix this for about $80, but if it goes completely flat, you have to have Holden do it for about $200.

5th Feb 2010, 23:26

I still own a 2000 VT II and it still goes very well for its age.

It had many of the problems that have been mentioned here - power steering, tyre wear, front suspension, diff, tail shaft seal, paint, etc, but the dealer fixed them all under warranty with no fuss. I took a gamble and held onto the car after the new car warranty expired, and have had zero problems since.

I submit that its build quality is a bit agricultural, and I have owned better fitted Japanese cars, and broken down in more expensive Euro cars, but I like my VT.

15th Feb 2010, 04:14

At present I have a 99 S1 VT Berlina 5.0. The diff is making the whirring sound on slow corners now, my own fault for giving it more than its fair share of abuse.

Water pump just replaced, no biggy, 66 bucks and 2 hours of my time sorted that.

The squeaking brakes were easily fixed by replacing the REAR pads.

Had the power steer leak, but that was only due to 11 year old hoses that have never had any tightening.

Front brakes have just started to shudder, so that's gonna be another 75 bucks including pads per side for the fronts, wouldn't waste my time skimming them.

Front doors squeak, so needs a strut brace fitted to cure that.

Other than that, can't fault it, it still goes like a cut cat, handles like a go kart, and doesn't even drink as much as would be expected for a V8.

This one has a lot of HSV options on it, which I can only guess were because the car was built to order by its first owner.

Yes it has its quirks, but in saying that, it's still a car that's over a decade old now, who cares if it has problems, you bought it coz you liked it, you drive it by choice, don't go bleating about them. If Holden won't fix it, there's plenty of people out there that will; just remember you get nothing for nothing.

As for replacing it with a Japanese car! No way! Sure it's got its issues, but I'd rather drive something with issues that I still enjoy driving, than buy something that any Nana could drive to the shops without blinking twice about it.

16th Feb 2010, 03:45

Hey, well I have been reading all comments about how lovely VTs are LOL.

Well my story; I bought a 98 VT Calais a month ago. All was fine until the traction control light came on, and wouldn't come off. I drove it home like this, pressing the button on and off, but it still stayed there.

When I got home, I switched the car off, pulled out the key, put it back in, and had no power at all. Every time I turned it to start, the odometer numbers would leave. Turned key back to off, and the numbers would come back on LOL. This happened for about 10 minutes back and forth, back and forth, then I got power back; it started fine and the traction light was gone... This has happened a few times now, and it's started to annoy me LOL. If anyone has any idea why this happens, please email me at... diabolical_leigons@hotmail.com... cos soon you will see a man on the 9 o'clock news diving it at 240km off a bridge like Evil Knievel LOL, never to see it again.


23rd Jun 2010, 23:58

Hello everyone, I am hoping someone can help me.

I have a 99 VT Commodore. I have a problem where in the morning when I try to start the car, it will crank over, but won't start. After a few goes it will start. Thankfully, it doesn't do it every morning, mainly if its colder than usual.

Can anyone help me?


28th Jun 2010, 17:57

"I have a VT 1999 Commodore. It clunks in the front when I go over a bump..."

I have the same problem as this guy. I have a Caprice 2001 model. The mechanic made me change the front shocks, all the rubbers, and greased all the parts, but the clunking sound is still there when I go over bumps, and any kind of jumps and all.

This sound only happens when I have driven the car a little, say like 10 to 20 kilometers. On cold it disappears.

Please help me with this issue. Email add rizwanahmadshaikh@gmail.com

7th Jul 2010, 04:50

Check that either side engine mount is not cracked or sheared off. If the VT has had previous suspension work to it, then there's a good chance that there is some wear and tear. I found small cracks on one side in my 99 VT after 270,000 km. Mine is however still held in place, but after inspecting it and also speaking with my mechanic, any clunking sounds and loss of power could be due to imbalance of the engine because of the mounts breaking.

10th Jul 2010, 23:07

I have a VT 1999 Commodore. It clunks in the front when I go over a bump...

Check the mounting plates at the top of the strut tower. A mate of mine had the same problem; turned out to be the plate was cracked and moved slightly over bumps, making a golf ball bounce like sound.

15th Aug 2010, 19:38

I have a VT Commodore 98. I had a problem with the front making clonking noises. In the end I had to replace the sway bar rods and bushes. Auto1 had the set h/d $75.00...

My problem is that my VT Commodore 98 won't start on cold mornings. The fuel pump won't click in, but if warms up, the fuel pump clicks in. Does anyone know if this could definitely be the fuel pump, or would it have something to do with my computer?? It's just weird how it works when its warm.

I replaced all the fuses, and still done nothing. I do think it may be my fuel pump. I am just confused as to why it starts sometimes?

23rd Aug 2010, 04:14

I have a Holden Caprice 2001 V8.

It is a great car, however, I have had problems with it starting. I put a brand new battery in and thought that this will solve the problem. Well this is what happened after three days: she would not work. Hence going to the the work shop.

Has any one ever had this happen them?

Any suggestions would gratefully received.