1994 Honda Accord EX 2.2 liter vtec from North America


A 94 Energizer Bunny with year's of b.o. under its arms haha!


137,000 miles - Clutch blew.

138,000 miles - A/C finally died :P.

139,000 miles - Front right CV joint starting clicking, so that was replaced.

142,000 miles, heater blower motor failed.

Random minor problems - driver window has slight stick when rolling up, nothing major by ANY means, still goes up 1/2 the time all the way without any help.

Exhaust was knocked loose after dumbass at woodman's didn't properly do his job, AKA we had to pay for a new exhaust.

Heater takes about 12 minutes in winter time to warm up the car... but it's Wisconsin so it's colder than most places, so I'll give the car some credit here hehe :D.

General Comments:

For weighing over 2,800 lbs and being a mere 4 cylinder, this car has some quite good low end torque if you hold it till redline in 1st... but quickly going through gears it's simply an economy car at best.

Rather then write a huge paragraph, I'll just give you 5 pro's and con's IMO about this car :)... "1994 Honda Accord Coupe 5 speed 4 cylinder vtec" the con's are VERY minor and in no way would subject me to purchase a diff car. ^^


1. The fastest windshield wiper speed could be a bit faster.

2. This car has the firmest front seats I've ever sat in; they are comfortable, but take some getting used to.

3. The trunk lid and doors are a tad heavier than most cars to shut and close.

4. The heater/air duct routes don't always send heat to the places they should sometimes.. It's like a maze, sometimes hitting buttons on the HVAC to make air spit out to the right places LOL.

5. This isn't a sports car, so the gears can be kinda notchy to catch.


1. The SUSPENSION! This car has the double wishbone suspension setup; it's IMO the best suspension in any car I've ever been in.

2. Gauge/HVAC layout; simple, attractive, and functional.

3. The interior materials; this car is a 94 and STILL puts a lot of cars to shame for its overall materials inside. It's surrounded in beautiful leather tan/brown, and every time I hop in it, it just feels so much newer and updated than a 94. I recently rode in a BRAND NEW 2008 Toyota Camry SE, and I like the Accord's interior better! :D.

4. Stock speakers, yup! That's right, it still has the stock speakers from 94, they are just terrific for stock and I hope to never trade them for newer one's :).

5. This car doesn't do any one thing GREAT... except maybe the suspension. BUT overall this is a solid vehicle that delivers on all aspects... gas mileage.. reliability... comfort.. visibility.. ergonomics... this car with 148,000 miles feels like it just came off the parking lot dealership... it's a damn Honda!! What do you expect haha!

In closing, if you can get your hands on one of these... I would say go for it! I've had many American cars, and the Japanese cars ARE better! Do yourself and others a favor, and buy a Honda or a Toyota :D.. hope this review helped out :D.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2008

1994 Honda Accord DX from North America


The Accord combined superb quality and affordability



General Comments:

Excellent car. I changed the timing belt and clutch at 150,000 miles. The clutch was fine but I decided to replace it anyway. I never had any problems with the car. Gas mileage was 33 highway. This was my third Accord. I gave the car to my brother when I purchased a 2008 Accord.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2008

1994 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder 2.2L from North America


By far the best car I've ever owned


I'm on my third set of tires. I think. :-)

I've had front and rear brake pads replaced several times, and the rear rotors are due to be replaced the next time I have to get pads. Getting a bit thin, they tell me.

Had to replace most of the exhaust system (pipe and muffler) in 2004 after moving down to Georgia due to corrosion. I had replaced the muffler once before.

Ran over a small curb/divider in a parking lot in 2005 which I didn't see in the darkness and damaged the exhaust pipe, requiring replacement of an 18" section.

Had to have the exhaust pipe patched in fall 2007 because I brilliantly ran over a piece of metal road debris (looked like a distributor when we went back) -- I had thought it was a lot smaller than it turned out to be).

I can't think of anything major that I've had to replace or have fixed. A battery. Light bulbs.

General Comments:

Very few things have gone wrong with this vehicle. It spent most of its life in Minnesota, and the past three years down in Georgia. I'm sure it's glad to be away from the salt on the roads in the wintertime! :-)

Still gets almost exactly 30mpg in the suburbs driving to and from work, and almost the same thing on the highway even with the air running for my wife's comfort.

It doesn't have as much oomph as I would sometimes like (one of my previous cars, a 1986 1/2 Supra, was a *lot* more responsive to say the least), but it isn't that bad, and it's quite comfortable as a travel vehicle, at least for one or two people.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2008