1994 Honda Accord LX from North America


Excellent reliable car


We have never had any major problems. Clutch went at 100,000 miles after driving stop and go 5 hours in a snow storm.

Rear window does not go down from driver console. Rust spots around both rear wheel wells. Antenna won't go down.

General Comments:

This car has been amazing, the best purchase I ever made. Gas mileage is great, size is a little small and I noticed that the newer models are getting small.

Very reliable and fun to drive with a manual transmission.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2003

1994 Honda Accord EX 2.2 liter VTEC from North America


A family sedan good enough for a racer


Leather seats on driver's side are pretty badly torn.

Back-lit lights for the dash instruments (ex: Clock, Fan control, temperature control, cruise control) do not light up.

Front left speakers have blown. (Most probably due to the need for more bass)

Pistons began to misfire at 158000 miles. Entire ignition system was replaced. (Approx. $150 for rotor, cap, plugs, wires)

Starter motor died around 159000. Motor replaced for $155.

General Comments:

This was the first car that I have owned entirely. Being that it had enough miles to put most cars in the junkyard (152000) I was somewhat concerned about what problems I might have to face. For the 9000 miles that I've owned this car, it has only made me appreciate Honda's more and more. Though I have had some not so minor problems, the cost and time to fix them were minimal. I don't drive with a lead foot, but I do know how to push a car close to it's limits. And this car can all the abuse and greed of a speed hungry racer. I am the third owner of this car and though the clutch has never been replaced it is still tight and has extremely limited slip at high revs. This car is reliable, has ample power, and completes the package with feature such as all power features and leather seats that makes it extremely out of the norm.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2003

1994 Honda Accord LX 2.2L 4 Cylinder from North America


A solid reliable smooth driver with a touch of luxury


The car needed routine maintenance at 90,000 miles. This included:

- new tires

- new constant velocity (CV) axles

- new timing belt

- new gaskets

- new spark plugs.

General Comments:

Every time I drive this car, I'm reminded of some new way the engineers were thoughtful.

At 130 HP, it's not a race car, but the power plant is robust enough to launch the car to 80mph with no trouble at all.

Freeway cruising is such a breeze. The car doesn't shake or creak.

The acceleration is smooth, and the Accord retains the tight cornering and suspension I got used to in smaller cars.

The cabin is roomy (especially up front) and the layout of the dashboard is excellent.

If you're a person who enjoys tactile luxury, this is a nice car for the price. Everything has a solid feel to it. Older models sometimes felt a little plastic and thin. This is no longer the case.

The body lines are very attractive. It's still a compact sedan, but this is no longer a boxy grandma's car.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2003

1994 Honda Accord LX 16v 2.2L 130hp from North America


Definitely part of the rice-rocket family



General Comments:

Nothing has gone wrong with this car at all. Considering the fact it is a used car from the left over money of my totalled 1991 Acura Integra LS, it was a pretty good find. I do not like the fact the car seems to kick into second gear unless I put the car in D3...

However, If I could go back to my '91 Integra LS (manual) I would much rather choose that over this accord, the only tradeoff your getting between the two is if you want to choose LUXURY OR SPEED. You have to decide. If your looking for an accord with performance, you might as well blow the extra money on a Honda V6/VTEC Prelude.

I would be fine with this car if the transmission was a stick ;-)

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Review Date: 21st April, 2003

23rd May 2003, 15:08

I share your sentiments exactly. I owned a 90 integra LS as well. it was the best car I ever owned, and it was highly reliable. I also lost mine in a wreck. I also got a 94 accord. I still wish I had my integra though, beacause I consider that car to be the most reliable I have ever owned. my 94 accord is good though, and it hasn't really given me any reason to not like it. it is twice the price of my integra though and I still prefer the integra.