1997 Honda Accord SE 4 cylinder from North America


Great car... until engine block cracked


Cracked engine block at 101,400 miles.

Before that, ran perfect with general maintenance.

Replaced timing belt and water pump, muffler and battery at 81,000 miles.

The "heat shields" rattled. This has happened in every Honda I have owned.

General Comments:

I loved this car! It ran smooth, the engine purred. I was really disappointed when I had to trade it in... I am pretty sure that the engine block cracking is a rare thing to happen in a Honda with only 100k. I took good care of the car and it never overheated, either, so there may have just been a weak spot in the block.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2008

1997 Honda Accord SE from North America


Great car until cracked engine block at 101k


I loved this car when I bought it. It ran smoothly and never had any problems until recently, and, it was a BIG one. I developed a sudden leak of coolant and immediately took it in. Well, guess what? The engine block had CRACKED. The car only had 101,000 miles on it and I had JUST done the brakes less than a year ago. It NEVER overheated, so I'm guessing there must have been a weak spot in the block for it to crack.

I'm very upset, but I think it must be a fluke. I have had two other Hondas. One I drove until about 140k. I planned to drive this one until at least 200k, but now that is not going to happen. A new engine was quoted at between 8-10,000 dollars at the dealer. It's so sad because until that happened the car ran incredibly well.

General Comments:

Comfortable ride, drives smoothly, never had any issues with transmission. Handling in wet weather leaves a little to be desired. Stereo is not that great. A/C does not cool the car down very quickly (I noticed that in the other two Hondas I owned as well)

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Review Date: 28th March, 2008

12th Apr 2008, 07:53

You might want to check into the price of a used engine. Sometimes engines from wrecks are completely undamaged and have few miles on them. My experience with them is that they are priced much more reasonably. Hope this helps.

10th Sep 2008, 09:29

In 1999, my x-wife had to replace the motor in her 93 ford Taurus. A local, really good repair shop replaced the engine for $2500.00.

Look for a popular, local repair shop and get a price. I think you can have the engine replaced for much less than the dealer. I also have owned two Accords, a 99 and 02 SE. I loved them both as they were problem free for the three years I owned both.

1997 Honda Accord LX 2.2 liter from North America


RIP Accord: You saved my life and took your own


Left front ball joint at 95,000 miles.

New radiator hose 105,000 miles.

A/C recharge 110,000 miles.

Headlight bulb burned out at 100,000 miles.

New Exhaust 95,000 miles. B pipe cracked. 170 bucks new from cat down.

Exhaust again at 97,000 miles. Rear ended by kid. New Honda lifetime exhaust replaced by Honda.

New paint on rear bumper from crash.

Previous owner who drove it to 92,000 miles was anal on service. Every little squeak brought it into the dealer, and all maintenance was done early.

Only problem I saw was the car may have been stolen at one time. Honda records show this car had ignition replaced once, and it stated that parts for steering column were scattered throughout the car. That is my opinion.

Steering for some reason had a rut in it...? Never knew why. Only when driving on clover leafs.

That is all, after driving it till it was killed.

General Comments:

The car is very nice and handles great.

Bought her used for 4000 at a dealer after trade. Was originally $6999 US.

Never gave us a problem that made it not drive.

Last night the car was destroyed in a crash and I walked out without any scratches. It looked possible that I could have died or have been in a serious condition, but I walked out without a problem.

The one to replace this one will be a Honda Accord. I own four already and one Civic. After having my life flash before my eyes in the crash, I will only trust Honda. Not only because it saved my life, but it offers affordability and safety for everyone.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2007