1997 Honda Accord VTEC-vti 2.0 gas from Philippines


This car is a keeper, you just have to take care of it, and it will take care of you!


Vtec solenoid seal and distributor oil seal leaked. Replaced all seals and the leak was completely gone.

After a month, I hear squeaking sounds on the driver side suspension. Replaced both left and right lower ball joints. A week after I had the front brake pads replaced, and installed a new alternator belt.

General Comments:

Always starts with one click. Very reliable on the road, not bad for a 12 year old car! Still runs smoothly and handles very well, rides like a Cadillac. Power windows are a bit slow, but works well. Fun to drive but take it easy with the gas pedal.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2010

1997 Honda Accord EX from North America


There are two things wrong with my car:

1. The door handle on the inside of the driver's side is broken. Cheap fix though.

2. The paint is fading.

General Comments:

My 97 Honda Accord EX is the best car I have owned. The car always starts and always runs at peak performance. It has a little four cylinder v-tec motor that is more than capable of getting me where I need to go, and when called upon, can get up and go.

The Hulk as I call it, is a very comfortable car, front and back seats, and can go forever on a tank of gas.

The interior is a little lacking, but more than what it needs to be a great car.

The outside of the car is sleek and easy on the eyes.

I have had all five seat belts in use, and the car does not bog down or even feel like it's working at all.

I love this car, and will buy another one when the time comes. But it is a Honda, so that will not be any time soon.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2010

1997 Honda Accord VP 2.2 L 4 cylinder from North America


Poor Quality


Muffler replaced twice.

B pipe replaced once.

Radiator replaced once.

Power steering pump replaced once.

Front engine mount replaced once.

Outer CV joint boots replaced twice.

Engine cam oil seals replaced once.

A/C refrigerant leak.

Timing belts and water pump replaced three times.

Behold, a fifty-two step preventive maintenance nightmare!!!


Honda recommends replacing the 1997 Accord timing belt every 7 years/105,000 miles. I had the dealer replace the timing belt, balancer belt, working water pump, and accessory belts at 7 years and 35,000 miles.

Just over 5 years and 39,000 miles later, the water pump failed. I had the dealer replace all of the above parts again.

The new replacement pump failed as soon as it was installed! The dealer had to tear down the engine again (since the timing belt drives the water pump, and they are both hidden behind a protective cover along with the balancer belt), cleanup the spilled coolant, and install a second new water pump.

According to the URL link above, it is a fifty-two step procedure.

Only time will tell if it was put together properly the second time around, since the mechanic was probably fatigued by now.

As far as I am concerned, I have bought my last Honda, and have owned three of them.

General Comments:

Critical engine components failed prematurely.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2010

16th Mar 2013, 04:34

I have owned five of these Accords, three of which have had their cam belts etc replaced, all with no issues at the time or afterwards. For a service that is only required every 100,000 km, I think you are being rather harsh. Yes, it's an expensive bit of preventative maintenance, but usually it's an otherwise painless procedure, and compared to a Subaru or the like, it's actually quite cheap!

16th Mar 2013, 17:24

Virtually all front drive cars are maintenance nightmares. I will no longer buy a car that uses a timing belt, and I try to avoid front drive cars totally. I haven't found any real advantages to front drive, but I've found a ton of disadvantages.