1999 Honda Accord ESi Saloon 2.0 V-Tec from UK and Ireland


A supreme motor car with get up and go


No faults, it's a Honda.

General Comments:

A very well accomplished car, very comfortable, great performance, returns 32 miles per gallon on a run, the stereo system is very good, never loses a signal, satellite navigation the best part, makes unknown areas so much easier to find and drive around.

In general, this Accord is a much better car than the previous Accord, it's very refined and practical. I love it to bits. I look forward to taking delivery of my new 2.3 Type-V Accord in March.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

1999 Honda Accord EX V6 3.0L V6 from North America


Doesn't live up to its looks


So far everything has worked fine.

General Comments:

One would think that buying a Honda Accord in great condition would be a good experience, but I'm fairly disappointed. I purchased this Accord Coupe from a family friend, since I knew its history. It had low miles and had never been in an accident, and I plan on keeping it until it dies. There have been some annoyances, however.

The driver's seat becomes very uncomfortable after long stretches of driving (150+ miles).

The driver's seatbelt also gets caught on the handle on the side of the seat (to flip the seat up, for backseat access) all the time.

If the car isn't run for a few days, it is very sluggish to start and needs to warm up before being driven. In a nearly-new Honda??

I expected a car with a 200-hp engine and 16" wheels to be a sporty performer, but it's not. Cornering is dangerous at higher speeds...there's lots of body roll.

Acceleration is decent, but the transmission often searches for the proper gear during hard downshifts.

If this car had better factory tires and was available with a manual transmission, it would be much better. Why Honda makes such a "sporty" car only available with an automatic is beyond me.

I've driven lots of cars, and I'm upset that I decided on the Honda. My friend's 1996 Celica (with a 105-hp engine and 14" wheels) is MUCH more fun to drive... very sad.

If you're considering this car, I advise you to also look at the new Acura RSX, Nissan Sentra SE/SE-R, or Celica GT-S. You might be happier.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2001

22nd Jan 2004, 19:03

Your hard starting criticism is valid -- that's not typical for this year Accord.

But I don't think you're being fair in judging the "fun to drive" elements of the Accord, if you're attempting to recommend the Acura RSX, Nissan Sentra SE/SE-R, or Celica GT-S. All three of those cars are simply too small for your typical Accord buyer. If cornering ability is more important to you than interior space and comfort, then you bought too large of a car.

I would love for my Accord to handle like an RSX, but I really need more space. Honda engineers have accomplished great things, but I'm not going to ask them to change the laws of physics!

1999 Honda Accord LX 2.0 from North America


Cracked windshield - highway stone chip.

Rattles around windshield - after replacement.

Dashboard rattles.

General Comments:

Great car, although pricey, even in this lower trim.

Acceptable acceleration.

Fine handling.

Fantastic looks (coupe), unlike the jelly bean designs from most American manufacturers.

Undisputed champion when it comes to fit and finish.

Quiet and comfortable.

Safe (hardly a scratch on the bumper after a rear end collision with not so fortunate Ford Aspire).

It was a real let-down to have to sell this beauty.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2000

19th Mar 2007, 08:27

While I felt that this car had good acceleration for a 4-cylinder economy sedan, I wouldn't call it quiet, not even at low speeds. The engine is fairly loud and whiny when pushed.

1999 Honda Accord S 1.8i from UK and Ireland


Solid build, pity about the engine


Fitted with wrong Lambda sensor. Only aware of the recall at 18,000 mile service - UK system of recall is appalling. Very hesitant and tempremental 1.8 engine.

General Comments:

Very poor fuel economy for a recent design engine, 30-32 mpg.

Tempermental engine - not willing at low revs (dodgy lambda sensor again?).

Very solid build quality, comfortable seats.

Appalling Pioneer stereo/r.cassette. Dash design means stereos have been stolen twice now.

Very poor rear vision in cold weather - no rear wash/wipe, rear heater bars miss vision field, no heated door mirrors.

Quiet to drive. Excellent on motorways.

Low headroom with sunroof option.

Dealer service excellent (full valet, courtesy car) but they missed the lambda sensor recall at the 9,000 mile service.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2000

8th Sep 2001, 11:32

I agree about the engine at low revs - but is this a VTEC characteristic - the car takes off after about 4000 revs.

Fuel economy is very poor ranging from 26 to 31 mpg. Wife says I have a heavy foot but I have seen similar reports about Accords.

1999 Honda Accord EX 2.4 from North America


Terrific car for any kind of driving


Nothing has gone wrong with car.

General Comments:

The car has great pick up and great braking ability. Comfortable to drive if you are an average size person. Recommend the 4-door. It's easier to get out of. Great gas mileage. I love my Honda and would buy another one in a heart beat.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2000

1999 Honda Accord Type R 2.2 VTEC petrol from UK and Ireland


Marvellous car. Quick, excellent handling, comfortable and reliable

General Comments:

Marvellous Car.

Quick, excellent handling, comfortable and reliable.

Watch out for tyre wear though. Fronts last about 8k miles and cost approx £350 a pair.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2000