1999 Honda Accord LX 2.3 from North America


Best car for price, but double check engine. Get Certfied Honda used


We had piston slap on the engine making it knock really bad. The car was Honda certified and the noise started shortly after we purchased it used at 44K from the dealer. Dealer replaced short block and gave rental car for free. It took about 2 weeks for them to submit the warranty work and get the car back on the road. It had two call backs to the dealer because they left the exhaust bolts loose and the check engine light came on since they broke the sensor when putting the engine in.

Has dash rattle that is annoying when driving.

Transmission is jerky at slow stops.

Dealer was Honda Bloomfield in Michigan.

Front Brakes and tires replaced at 55K.

General Comments:

Comfortable ride and reliable car at 75K then it got totaled after my wife tboned a car that pulled in front of her. Looking at the V6 now instead of 4 because of the reliability concerns with 4cyl.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2004

1999 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder VTEC from North America


Great bargain for a great car, extremely reliable, maintenance and upkeep are a breeze


There is minor wear and tear on the center arm rest and driver-side floor mats.

General Comments:

Great pick-up and handling.

The 5-speed manual is as smooth today as the day it was made.

Third Honda that I have owned, second that I purchased used. Previous 40k+ miles were just break-in miles!

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Review Date: 20th August, 2004

1999 Honda Accord 2.0LS 2.0i VTEC from UK and Ireland


A long-term choice


"Check engine" light appeared about 200 miles after I bought the car. Dealer traced it to a bad oxygen sensor. They initially did not want to cover the replacement cost as they did not agree it was covered by the (external) warranty, but eventually agreed to do it free of charge.

Otherwise, that's it.

General Comments:

My third Honda (following a 1984 Prelude and 1998 Civic respectively), purchased because I couldn't resist it for the price it was offered at.

I do not normally run cars this new (or expensive), but decided to invest in it to keep for the longer term, as a reliable car to be used for business and suchlike.

The car was purchased from a Honda franchise having a used car "clearance sale", and as such did not have the standard Honda Approved 12 month warranty. I had to purchase an external 3 month warranty - with the problem outlined above, it always pays to read the small print carefully...

Incidentally, now the car is out of warranty I get servicing done at a local Honda specialist, as Honda main dealer labour rates are very expensive.

The 2-litre engine is the one to have if you get the automatic - my father has a 1.8 model and the 2.0 has noticeably better acceleration. However, the auto blunts the initial take-up - the VTEC engine doesn't really seem well suited to an automatic, as nothing much happens under 3000rpm. Revs smoothly and cleanly to the redline.

Autobox can sometimes stumble and jerk occasionally, such as in stop/go traffic, but does not otherwise give cause for concern. Shifts up seamlessly at 3/4 throttle.

Thirsty for a car of it's size and weight in this day and age - even when only motorway cruising at 70mph, it will not give more than 30mpg. Mainly I get 25-26mpg, although the figure doesn't vary that much if the car is used hard or in town driving a lot, or if the air conditioning is run all the time.

Lots of toys - electric windows all round, electric sunroof and mirrors, (ice cold) air conditioning, cruise control, remote locking - and they all work well. Build quality is excellent, although some of the plastics on the dashboard and door panels are a bit hard and shiny.

Standard (Pioneer) stereo has lots of tiny buttons and is hard to fathom. Give a decent sound though, and is easy to connect a CD multichanger to.

Rear seats not as roomy as the Mondeo or Passat (or even the latest Civic). Front seats are quite comfortable, but can give lower backache on long runs, exacerbated by poorly-angled footrest for "clutch" foot. Boot is a decent size, and rear seats fold.

Ride and handling good, but not outstanding - damping is not perfect. I didn't like the original 15" steel wheels, so these were changed for a set of 16" OZ Superturismos with 50-profile tyres - the car now has fantastic grip, but tends to tramline a little. Power steering doesn't give a lot of feedback.

A good car for safety - Euro NCAP 4 star rating and 4 airbags. Hopefully I will never have to use them.

In conclusion, it seems to do everything a Mercedes-Benz C-Class does, but at a lower price. Long may it continue.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2004