1999 Honda Accord LX Coupe 3.0 V6 from North America


Drives nicely, but more repairs than expected


Replaced 2 fuel gauge senders (gauge inaccurate) at 10,000 & 21,000 miles.

Replaced power steering pump (high steering effort when parking) - 28,000 miles.

Replaced power door lock actuator (inoperable) - 44,000 miles.

Replaced (Delphi) alternator - 60,000 miles.

Replaced transmission at 67,000 miles - Shifts and initial engagement became violently harsh.

Replaced main relay (intermittent crank, but no-start) - 78,000 miles.

Rack started leaking at 80,000 miles. Replacement estimated at $800-900.00.

Temperature for climate control has a mind of its own in cold weather - you hear a servo operating, and the temperature of the air coming out of the vents fluctuates. Replacement of "module" estimated at $300.00.

Engine pings when climbing hills - do not have to be steep, just long. EGR valve replaced, but to avail.

Engine is noisier than expected. Engine can knock (sounds like rod bearings) when starting after the vehicle sits for more than a few hours if the drainback valve on oil filter isn't up to snuff - quality of filters is variable. Upon warm restart, the engine makes a noise like loose mechanical lifters for a few minutes when idling. Oil pressure light stays out at idle - even on the hottest days, so oil pressure doesn't seem to be an issue. Has mild piston slap when cold.

View through passenger side of windshield is mildly distorted.

General Comments:

Acceleration is good, but tip-in of throttle is more sudden than necessary given the power. Engine is smooth, and has a pleasing sound. Uses no oil between changes. Warms up quickly. Averages 21 MPG with mainly city driving.

Transmission is its own worst enemy - always trying to out think the driver. Example - if you accelerate from a stop, and decide you'd like to pick up the pace, you ease the throttle open a bit more, and just as you find the right increase in acceleration, the transmission clumsily drops back a gear, and you find yourself picking up speed more quickly than you want to. Kickdowns tend to be carried out with a feeling similar to that which one gets when you step into an unforeseen hole, and the 2-1 shift when coming to a stop always makes the car lurch slightly-but-noticeably -> In cold weather (< 32F), 2-1 often happens with a bang until the transmission warms up. Overall, the transmission is rather awkward, and a bit too busy with upshifts/downshifts.

Steering has nice feel.

Road holding is not strong point - Front end gives up grip rather suddenly, and at low force levels.

Ride is OK, but suspension bottoms fairly easily - damping and spring rates seem good, but suspension travel feels limited.

Original struts still pass annual safety inspection, ride height within specs.

Road noise is bit much on coarse surfaces.

Brake have nice progressive feel, and pad life is decent - 35,000-40,000 miles per axle.

Interior (cloth) is comfortable, and is of decent quality.

A/C is reasonably powerful.

The car is maintained by the selling dealer - all Honda parts used.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2007

11th Feb 2007, 14:02

I am wowed by the problems you have had--I have a '99 V6 with 145,000 miles and have not had any problems except for the Delphi alternator, ball joints, and wheel bearing. The transmission has not had one problem at all.

13th Feb 2007, 11:29

Yeah same here I have a 92 with 145,000 on it and never had a problem except for stuff caused by the thiefs that stole it.

1999 Honda Accord Type-R 2.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Honda fighter Type-R


Within two weeks of owning the car I needed all new discs and pads! The dealership said this was due to hard braking and not letting them cool down, this was causing feedback at around 70mph.

General Comments:

The car through out each gear is just brilliant fun. It seems like your in a fighter plane taken it to 8000rpm. You never need to change from 3rd. Why do you when you can go from 20mph to 90mph!

The interior of the car is very nice with the carbon fiber touch to finish it off. Rev counter and speedo are easy to read and look stunning at night!

All seats are very comfortable, and the Recaro just hugs you and holds you in place. The passengers tell me the rear seats are the best rear seats they have been in. That was on a three and half hour journey.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2007

23rd Aug 2009, 12:46

I think the dealer was spinning you a yarn about your discs and pads. Where is it written that you have to 'let your brakes cool down' after heavy braking? If you got a vibration through the steering wheel on braking, then your discs were warped. That happens when they're old and thin and warp with the heat. If you didn't change your pads when they were worn, then you'd get a grinding noise on braking, pads and discs would then need to be replaced if you didn't swap the warn pads right away. If you had none of these symptoms, then the dealer just charged you for an easy job that takes time, with a huge mark up on the parts.

23rd Aug 2009, 16:41

"Within two weeks of owning the car I needed all new discs and pads!"

As a mechanic I hate to break the news, but I doubt you can do anything about it at this point. You DID NOT damage your brakes. You had WARPED ROTORS. This is very common with new domestics and imports. The car obviously had warped rotors from day one, and they WILL get worse in the first few miles of driving usually. It SHOULD have been covered under your warranty, but dealers hate to miss an opportunity to make YOU pay for it. I'm sorry Honda stiffed you on this. You CAN'T mess brakes up in that short a time under even the hardest driving conditions.

23rd Aug 2009, 17:02

You might not want to be in 3rd all the time. Just because a car CAN run at that speed in a specific gear, doesn't mean that it SHOULD. And a year from now I see you becoming one of those people who say "Honda's suck" because your transmission died from your poor driving skills.