2002 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder from North America


My second Honda and I love it so much my next car will be my third


The routers needed replacing around the 40K mark. I though that a bit soon. No other incidences and no other wear and tear beyond what I expected for the number of miles I've put on this car.

General Comments:

My first Honda was a 1999 Accord that I leased. It liked it so much I bought the 2002.

The car performs decently enough even though it is only a 4 cylinder.

It makes a bit more road noise then I'd like.

It's very comfortable, has a spacious trunk and enough room for 5 people.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2008

2002 Honda Accord SE (Special Edition) 4 cylinder from North America


A car that will last if you take care of it


Slight accident from previous owner, front bumper needs replaced, About $220 for parts if I do it myself, a LOT more (over $1000) if done by a typical company. Actually quite easy to do, all I need is a good wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, a helping hand and a few hours.

Normal wear and tear, paint chips and scratches from thrown stones, etc. I will have to repaint the car after replacing the bumper which can get pretty pricey.

When I reached 100,000 miles I did the typical major service-spark plugs, timing belt, water pump, transmission/radiator flush, oil change, new tires, etc. etc. at a Honda Dealership.

Other than that, nothing yet, but transmission is starting to feel a slight slippage, might need minor service, nothing major.

General Comments:

I used to own a '97 Honda Accord 4D LX, but I had to return it because I couldn't afford the high monthly payments at the time. I got a '96 Chevrolet Lumina and after running into a slew of problems after just a year, I really missed that Honda.

I have family in Ohio and Rhode Island, so I do a lot of driving from Wisconsin to those states.

In my current car the interior is surprisingly roomy for my 6'3 height in the front, but the rear leg room leaves adults wanting more. The cloth seats fit my longer torso quite nicely, the stereo is of excellent quality (Honda stock speakers are made by Pioneer), every control, gauges, etc. are within easy reach and view. Speaking of views, the longer windshield creates a much bigger picture of the outside for drivers to see, enabling them to be better drivers! The SE model (Special Edition) includes just about all the options of the EX model, minus the leather seats, integrated garage door opener and V6 option, plus a different style of wheels from the EX version.

The ride is firm, but not rough, which makes you feel in more control of the car. I noticed that major difference from my Chevy Lumina's cushy ride, but lack of road feeling. That's also a difference between Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, road feel. (The Camry has a softer ride)

This is a great car. I know for a fact that after this generation Honda accidentally backed off on the quality for a little bit and the year models of '03-05 have a bunch of problems, but they should be back up to par in the '06 models.

The 150hp 4 cylinder engine could use more power, the A/C takes up a lot, but when I turn it off I get a nice boost for passing/taking off, etc. I was surprised that the engine was that low in horsepower, but it feels like it has more than that. I am considering adding some stuff to get more power.

My average mileage is from 26-29mpg.

The downside is that the paint scratches easily, and I need to start watching for rust spots that will need to be "nipped in the bud" before they grow.

If you find a used Honda with a good history and you keep up the maintenance in a timely manner, the phrase "Take care of it and it will take care of you" literally becomes true. Hondas are built to last if well cared for, and they retain their value quite well.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2007

19th Jun 2010, 01:06

Hi, I am the poster of the review above.

It is now June 18, 2010. I still have that Honda Accord, and I have not yet even experienced transmission problems like I thought I may experience from my original post.

The car still runs great, and does well in the Colorado mountains. I drove it through a blizzard in a mountain pass last April, and it handled quite well in the ice and snow, though I would prefer a 4x4 if I ever did that again!

The only major repair I had to pay for recently was the master cylinder, which I found out from the shop was the one thing that every Accord needs replacing after about 130,000 miles - no matter the year. The other one was the windshield after it cracked from rocks on the highway.

Other than that, the only thing I have needed to do was regular maintenance, such as oil changes, air filters and etc. The car is still driving really well!