2003 Honda Civic Inspire S 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A good all rounder and family car


So far nothing.

General Comments:

For a 15 year old secondhand car, I am amazed at the condition of the car. I was lucky this has been well looked after, service history etc. But the panel fit and the interior trims are so well made and still fit so well. The auto box is smooth and the engine sweet, timing belt and water pump just changed so I expect to be trouble free.

On a practical side, the car is fairly basic, but has plenty of storage in the cabin and is one of the few hatchbacks where the seats fold totally flat for great carrying capacity.

My only down sides are the steering. The EPS is not the best power steering, a bit vague on motorways and I have to make corrections; the turning circle is also quite poor, even for a front wheel drive car.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2018

2003 Honda Civic LX 1.7 from North America


Take care of this car and it will take care of you


The things that have gone wrong with this car that were above regular wear and tear are very few.

A little change door spring came out of its hole and would not stay closed (easy fix), and have done one ball joint that got sloppy.

Just recently had to weld the exhaust manifold (cracked all the way around between flange and tube on cylinder #4), but I drove it cracked for quite a while.

Also have an emissions code that has something to do with the charcoal canister; not something I'm going to worry about, I hear it's common, same with the rear of the headliner coming down.

So I will list the things I have done. It's on its fourth set of tires and front brakes, just turned the rear drums and new shoes recently at 200,000, only because they were getting out of round and noisy.

All struts at around 110,000.

It's on its third timing belt and water pump; last time I did cam and crank seals, and new tensioner roller and spring.

The only rust I have on this 11 year old Ohio car is the driver's side corner of the door; looks like it started from under the seal.

Also I have just put in new brushes and bearings in the alternator, due to I figured it was needed before it failed.

General Comments:

I would have to say that this car has been the best car I have ever owned, and my first new car. I am very pleased with this car, and it has never let me down or had any problems on the road.

This car still has the original battery, starter and alternator, and has only once not started. Had to put the booster on it to start it last winter on a morning when we had -20 below temps.

I only recently put fresh brushes and bearings in the alternator, only to find the brushes only half worn, and the bearings did not even sound that bad; at 200,000+ miles I was amazed.

I fully recommend the 2003 Civic to everyone. I am very happy with this car. My 2011 Civic, I'm not so sure of, but that is another review.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2014

17th Sep 2014, 18:16

Hi! Good to see you are enjoying your Honda! I am a Honda guy myself, and have the exact same opinion as you!

One thing I wanted to bring up with you, is you mentioned that you are on your third timing belt, and I am assuming a third water pump? If so, don't replace your water pump that often. I know the mechanics will tell you "it is recommended to replace the water pump as well since we already took everything off". But the water pump will last you at least 200,000 miles, if not 300,000, as is the case in mine, my wife's, and my sister's Honda (Accord, CRV, and Civic). All of our Hondas now have over 300,000 miles and we only replaced the water pumps once on all of them, due to 'minor' wear.

So just a heads up!