2007 Honda Civic Type R UK Spec 2.0 Vtec from UK and Ireland


Looks great, but lacks the power to thrill

General Comments:

I test drove a 2007 Civic Type R last week and was not that impressed by it. I wondered if anyone else had found this? Obviously it is impossible to get a full appreciation of a car after a short drive, but certainly from first impressions it was poor.

From first impressions it looks like a serious piece of kit with its mean body kit. It is certainly much better looking than the last shape, which I thought was very uninspiring.

The interior is nice too. There is a definite feeling of quality and the digital dash is great. I found it to be very comfortable and easy to find a good driving position.

My disappointment started as soon as I pushed the ignition button. A droning 4 pot came to life without any sign that it was a performance car. It sounded no more exciting than any other Civic; it was quiet. I was expecting a rumble from the exhaust. Not loads of noise, but at least something to suggest that this was not your normal Civic.

Unfortunately the disappointment didn't end there. When I moved off it again sounded boring. More concerning it didn't seem to have any more low down poke than a normal Civic. However honda engines love to be rev'd so I assumed that it would suddenly come to life on the open road.

I was directed onto a dual carriage way by the salesman who allowed me to open the taps. I floored it and it went faster, but not particularly fast. At no point did it get my pulse going. It was quite boring to be honest.

Anyway I was very disappointed with the car. I thought Type R meant hardcore, but this really is a watered down hot hatch. Maybe more of a warm hatch. I guess the only good this is you can get a japanese spec one which is hardcore, but surely the UK one should be too? Or is it just another car designed for people to pose in?

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Review Date: 8th November, 2007

12th Nov 2007, 05:48

It depends if you view thrashing an engine to within an inch of its life to extract every last drop of power a pleasure or a chore.

Yes the VTEC engines sound incredible at high revs, and yes they produce a huge amount of bhp per cc for a normally aspirated engine, but there's no getting away from the fact that the interesting stuff doesn't feature until the top 25% of the rev range. The rest of the time they are flat and uninspiring.

I personally think they're a laugh to drive for a few hours, but intensely frustrating beyond that. A bit like a small engined motorbike - a whole lot of fuss, noise and gear swapping to achieve what many alternatives can match or better with a simple snap open of the throttle.

But this Civic Type-R in red is probably the best looking of the current hot hatches, I'll give it that much.

2007 Honda Civic VTi 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Some minor issues, but still a great car


Loud metallic "click" from transmission when shifting from R to D, and vice versa when the car is stationary. Sound can be reduced by waiting about 2-3 seconds before changing gears.

Minor rattles from the sun-visor and within the front doors (only on (very rough) coarse chip roads, it is fine on smooth roads).

Tyre noise in cabin when on coarse chip roads.

Ride is slightly on the firm side.

General Comments:

Engine revs smoothly and is fuel efficient.

5 speed automatic transmission is refined.

Air conditioning is efficient and quiet.

Interior design and layout is funky and modern (e.g. digital speedometer, blue dash lighting)

Cabin is roomy (by compact car standards).

Fit and finish generally top notch. Good quality materials used.

No stability control available (available in some markets).

Audio system sounds great (it is part of the dash so it is not changeable). Includes auxiliary socket.

Cabin is reasonably quiet by small car standards.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2007

14th Nov 2007, 19:35

I totally agree with your write up and was wondering if anyone else had that click when shift from R to D.

11th Jan 2008, 05:44

Hi all,

An update on the original review after 8000 kms of motoring.

Anyone else who also has the same car, please share your thoughts and observations. Thanks.

Some observations:


- Great car for long distance driving. Seems quite stable.

- When doing a fairly hard stop, there is a loud "spring" sound coming from the engine bay. ABS?


- fuel economy and throttle response have improved. AC is on most of the time.

- when engine is under load (e.g. going up a hill) there is a faint "rattling" from the engine. Is this normal?


- good tyre wear. Will change to a quieter tyre (less sporty) as OEM tyres seem to be noisy over gravel roads.


- no parts or bits have broken or fallen off or stopped working (which is good)

However, I'm starting to get a few interior rattles, pops, squeaks here and there. The car was rattle and squeak free until about 1500 kms. I do travel on coarse gravel roads sometimes so maybe this makes it worse? The car is also parked in the hot sun most of the day (but with a sunshade). Anyone else had similar rattles, squeaks? Here they are:

- Radio / AC console - occasionally makes plastic popping sounds going over bumps in road and creaks if you press on the plastic.

- Dashboard - occasional pop and squeaking from the vicinity of windscreen vent / air bag cover area. Seems to be sensitive to ambient temperature.

- Something near the steering wheel is popping/ rattling when I go over bumps.

- Doors - continuous metallic buzzing sound in door trims when going over rough roads (otherwise quiet)

I am intending to get the above rattle/squeaks fixed during the major service (10,000 kms). Note that when travelling on a smooth road, the interior is very quiet.


I believe the above issues are relatively minor and fixable so this shouldn't dissuade prospective Civic buyers in considering one. This car is feature packed and great value for money. Remember, cars are a mass-produced item and nothing is going to be perfect!