2007 Honda Civic Si 2.0 IVtec from North America


197 hp feels more like 250 hp at 8000 rpm :)


Absolutely nothing!!! Love it!!!

General Comments:

I previously owned a Nissan Sentra SER; at the time I loved the 170hp, and all the torque that it had, until I began having problem after problem.. eventually trading the car in for a 2005 Civic SE.

I'll be honest, I am not a Honda guy at all.. I always hated the young kids in their tin can sounding Civics, but after owning this car it changed my mind. I gave my wife the 2005 Civic SE.. and in April 2007 decided to by myself a new car. I looked into 2007 VW GTI, Cobalt SS/SC, and Acuara RSX type S. After looking at these cars I decided to take a look at the 2007 Civic SI, and was blown away... This car has almost no sound while it's sitting still.. but when you crank that baby into Vtec it screams.. I love that!! After everything I bought a white Civic SI 2007.

I love this car.. for people who have said this car is slow.. they need to buy one to understand this cars potential. Once you put the pedal to the floor and take it up to 8000 rpm, the shift light comes on and boom your back in your seat again. This car surprises a lot of people; 197 hp with no torque.. I really try not to race this car.. but that is the biggest problem with this car. Every light you stop at.. no matter if it's a mini van or a Porsche, they wanna go..

The other problem is traffic.. this car is the worst car I've ever owned in traffic.. the gearing is close ratio, so if you don't give it a lot of gas, you will hit 4th gear while still doing 50 kmh.

Also, if I had known that my insurance would be 400$ a month because the Civic is a high theft vehicle, I probably would have went for an Acura TSX, and insurance would have been half the price.

Other than that.. and this is no lie, I have a long list of cars that have been walked by my 4 banger SI.

I have blown the doors off my friends VR6 GTi, Mercedes AMG supercharged hatchback, BMW 325i, chrysler 300, 2006 V6 Mustang, Prelude SH, I could go on and on.. I also had a run with a guy in a Mazda speed 6.. for an all wheel drive car that has 260 hp.. It was an even match from a dead stop; we were side by side till he let off the gas.

I have installed a cold air intake on the car and wow.. big difference and the car sounds amazing..

Unfortunately I have a baby on the way and I will be getting rid of the car, probably in the next year.

However the car is a lot of fun.. fast.. way more sporty then any other car in its range.. it feels like a race car.. digital display 6 speed.. tuned exhaust.. limited slip differential.. all wheel disc brakes.. ABS.. MP3 player subwoofer in the trunk.. and one of the things I've really noticed about this car is that you hear nothing... no wind noise.. no vibrations.. no creeky dash.. doors nothing.. this car is solid..

I would only suggest if you get this car, pay extra for performance z rated tires.. as the all seasons that it comes with burn off the rims quick.. they don't stick to the ground at all...

I will never however buy another Honda..

1. Too expensive..

2 the dealerships believe that their car is so great that they treat you like crap and expect you to take it and come back and buy another.

3. Insurance is wayyy too much for Hondas..

4. You get put in a bracket of all the other young kids who own these cars.. expect to have every mini van and SUV smoke the tires at the lights with you.. whether you want to race or not.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2008

4th Apr 2008, 13:20

I bought my 2007 Civic Si brand new. I loved it. Unfortunately I've been experiencing a multitude of problems. I have owned six Hondas. I'm a Honda girl. An Accord, 2 Preludes, 2 Acura Integras and finally my new Civic Si. I was faithful to the brand for a reason. I think my car is just defective. I hope it is. There was little excusable things, a big scratch on delivery, the boot around the shifter was ripped, then a recall, that was all taken had care of by the dealer. Then I had problems shifting into third gear. When I took it to the dealer they first brushed me off with the whole "girl can't drive a stick" attitude. Then after I insisted they drive it until they experience the problem they took me seriously. Transmission problems. Then, the starter skipped. All the time! Now my trunk won't open. I'm going crazy! I'm going after the Honda Motor Company. I truly think it's just a defective car. Has anyone else had any of these problems? The dealer told me others have had the transmission issue. There may be a class action here. PLEASE RESTORE MY FAITH IN HONDAS!

2007 Honda Civic Sport, Euro model - 5 door hat FK2 1.8 petrol from Romania


Very good looking


None so far.

General Comments:

The handling is great, but the suspension is a bit too sporty for our roads full of potholes...

Nevertheless it's the kind of car that puts a big smile on your face :D.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2008