2007 Honda Civic EX from North America


I will never buy another Honda again


Alternator needed to be replaced at 70,000.

Sun visors routinely split in half and need to be replaced.

Daytime Running Lights/High Beams stopped working at 80,000.

Car's performance is severely hindered when A/C is on.

General Comments:

Car gets awesome gas mileage.

However, despite Honda's reputation, this car is falling apart.

Honda admits to faulty parts/known problems but will not help in any capacity.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2010

26th Dec 2010, 15:26

I find it odd that your visors would just split in half for no reason. We have an 07 as well, and our visors have never been replaced.

I will say we have had to replace our right headlight though, but that is only because I use either the Nighthawk headlamps or the Silver stars, and refuse to go back to the factory ones. A headlight problem would not cause me to diss a Civic though.

27th Dec 2010, 19:39

You say this car is falling apart, and then list a few minor issues as problems you've had. How does a bad alternator and a faulty headlight mean your car is falling apart? Try GM cars, and then you'll see what it means for a car to fall apart. I've had a few, and they literally fell apart.

3rd Mar 2012, 18:15

The driver side visor split in two about 40K. Dealer replaced that at no charge.

4th Jul 2012, 21:09

I own a '07 Civic as well, and the visors do split. Dealer said this was a common problem, and changed mine under warranty.

6th Jul 2012, 16:26

Our Honda also fell apart very quickly. It was using oil at 50,000 miles, and the CV joints were hammering then as well. The car never made 100,000 miles.

On the other hand, our 10-year-old GM has well over 100,000 miles and has never had a single repair, not even a brake job. I never even bother to check the oil between the 10,000 mile change intervals, because it never uses a drop. No more Hondas (or any Japanese cars) for us ever again.

2007 Honda Civic DX-G 1.5L from North America


Just PLAIN perfect!


Steering rack (recall) at 40000K.

Power steering pulley (recall) at 45000K.

General Comments:

Mechanically perfect vehicle.

Has stood up very well to pretty hard usage (4 kids under 14).

Tried 2 domestic compacts before the Civic, and the Civic was in a different galaxy as far as fit & finish, engine response and handling.

Interior is pretty plain, and it feels like I'm sitting on a bus seat.

Not a great amount of fun or excitement, but the car does its job very well; "competent"

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Review Date: 10th April, 2010

2007 Honda Civic EX stock engine from North America


It's a Honda!


Last year the radio stopepd playing CD's. This is the stock premium radio found in the EX model. Will play a CD for about 10-15 minutes when you first start out, then it stops. Thankfully the radio and aux. input jack still work. Sad thing is that I never used the CD that much. I normally have my iPod hooked up to it.

Put new tires on last year at around 65,000 miles. After a while of driving on them, it seemed like there was a lot of road noise from the tires. Never gave it much thought. Other people that rode in the car would comment about it being so loud (Guess I got use to it). I always told them it was the new tires, and that I hated them because of the noise. A friend had a different car that had bad bearings on the front wheels. The sound was very similar. Made me start thinking about my Civic with only around 75,000. How could an 07 with that many miles have bad bearings???

Well it did!!! To my surprise though it was not the front, but the rear. Found out about a recall for the rear bearings going bad due to an improperly installed ABS sensor. Checked the vin #, and nope mine is NOT covered by the recall. My ABS sensors seemed to be installed correctly when I checked. Whatever the reason, my driver's side rear bearing was bad. I changed out both rear hubs at the same time, figuring if one went, the other will soon.

General Comments:

You hear good things about Honda all the time, but I really am not impressed. I do not think there is any reason for the rear bearings to go out at such low mileage. Most of my driving is by myself. It's not like I had 400lbs. in the back seat for every mile.

Other than the CD player not working and the rear bearings going out, the car is OK.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2010