2007 Honda Civic Si 2.0 from North America


The best Civic Si to date!!!


Nothing at the moment.

General Comments:

0-60 at 7.4 Sec's for the Sedan version.

Quick and very accurate steering.

Throttle response is a little slow.

Massive power kicks in at 5800 RPM's.

Easy to shift, but takes a little to get used to the 6 speed transmission.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2007

2007 Honda Civic LX 1.8 from North America


Great car! Dealership fees?


Poor visibility in blind spots on Coupe.

General Comments:

I'm looking at buying a 2007 Honda Civic. I've been internet shopping for about 6 months and have narrowed it down to the Civic. I owned one before and was really happy with it.

I went to the dealer today for a test-drive. Everything was awesome. I love the interior. I'm a bean pole and the seats are nice and comfy. The dash is awesome. The new steering wheel is small and sporty. I love the response of it. The acceleration is very good in the new model. I used to have a '92 and this is a big difference. There is an issue with the blind spots. A quick look over the shoulder and it's hard to see through that tiny back window. Other than that everything was really nice.

I went in to talk over the financing and down payment etc. I asked if there were any other fees besides the tax, title, license and they said there's a $250 dealership fee for processing paperwork. It sounded like a load of crap and I'm wondering if it's standard for all dealers to include some kind of fee like this. This is my first time buying from a dealer and want some input; if anyone else buying a car from a dealer has this?


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Review Date: 21st July, 2007

22nd Jul 2007, 00:30

Yeah, that is something that all dealers charge now. It sucks, but there's no good way to get around paying it. You could sit there and bargain over it, but they'll get the money in some other way. Also, Honda does not like to discount their cars much, because they really don't have to, and they will act like they're doing you a huge favor if they take $500 off the car. My parents recently bought a new '07 Toyota Camry and the dealer acted like it was a huge imposition to discount the car $800. These cars are so good though, my advice is go ahead and do it if you like it. I don't think the dealer has tried to lie to you about anything from what I gathered.

2007 Honda Civic EX Coupe 1.8 from North America


A great little car


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

Very attractive exterior styling and a spaceship like cockpit. Firm ride with some road noise, but every Honda I've owned has had that issue. Sharp steering response, smooth automatic transmission, great factory stereo, and great 4-wheel disc brakes are the highlights. Not a drag racer by any means, but enough power for normal driving. And the fuel mileage has been great - low 30's in mixed city/highway driving.

We have been happy with our Civic. Yes, an occasional rattle and road noise on coarse pavement, but all in all it is a great car and fun to drive. Those who criticize its shortcomings seem to forget that it is not and was not designed to be a luxury car. But then again it isn't priced as such either!

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2007

1st Jun 2007, 19:44

Ah... at last... a concise review from someone who actually appreciates the vehicle...

Kudos to Honda... best handling/interior/exterior/fuel economy it its class... and most likely, the next class up as well.

10th Jun 2007, 18:24

Oh dear. Here it comes. The Honda head's are here. Hate to burst your bubble, but the Mazda3 is the best handling, the VW rabbit has the nicest interior, exterior styling is totally subjective, and a Toyota Corolla gets better gas mileage. And any car from the next class up urinates all over the Civic. The Civic is not a bad car. Actually it's not bad at all. But it's hardly the awesome automobile you make it out to be. So please GET REAL!