2002 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5 Liter V6 VTEC from North America


Worth it!

General Comments:

All the comments are very interesting. I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey EXl with 160,000 miles. I purchased it used with 112,000 miles and stuck by the recommended maintenance schedule. I was a bit anal about getting the timing belt changed on time and it seemed to pay off.

So far we have had no mechanical problems, and drive it in adverse road conditions.

Originated in Louisiana and purchased it in Oregon. Consequently, it has a Cajon flair ;-).

Sometimes the side door will jam up on slanted slopes, therefore we have to manually close it. However, this is rare.

In conclusion, this is the best vehicle I have ever own!

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Review Date: 8th February, 2010

2002 Honda Odyssey LX from North America


Dependable and comfortable van


The sliding doors sometimes get stuck, but this has only happened a few times for no apparent reason.

Replaced the shocks at 78,000 miles. They were shot (and original).

The light for the clock on the dashboard blew out.

General Comments:

This is a very solid and reliable vehicle. With my wife and two young children, we feel very safe and comfortable in this van.

I purchased it used at around 75K miles, and have put on over 13,000 miles in a little over a year. During that time, we have taken several 500+ mile trips with no problems.

It cruises well on the highways and has great acceleration for a van this size. The interior is very roomy, and it's perhaps the most comfortable van I've driven. The seats are cushy and do not feel like a foreign vehicle's seats.

Aesthetically, this vehicle is sharp and very classy looking. It outpaces the looks of every other minivan, in my opinion. Not to mention that is drives more like an Accord than an Odyssey. This thing hauls.

I've done the usual maintenance and have had no major problems. I plan on owning this vehicle for a long time.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2009

2002 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5 VTEC from North America


Awesome tank!


From the previous owner, the clock light was not working (common in Odysseys), a 2 dollar/1 hour weekend job. Other than that, nothing really.

General Comments:

I think this is a great car, if a bit over priced.

I bought mine with 229,000 miles, which is a lot, but it still has the original engine and transmission YES! The original transmission, which was recalled to install a cooling jet for a clutch pack.

The trick? Not much. The previous owner who's my friend used to change the tranny oil every 15,000 miles, and did not race the car and NEVER parked the car without applying the parking brake. Some people might find this irrelevant, but parking the car with applying the parking brake might over stress the transmission parking mechanism, specially when parking on an up or down hill. Try to park your car without the parking brake, then let go of the brake and you'll notice that the car shakes back and forth. My friend, that is the transmission parking mechanism being stressed. When you turn on the car after parking like that and change into drive or reverse, you'll notice that the parking mechanism will shake the car violently, Trust me, it's not good for the transmission.

And also change your transmission oil on time OR DO NOT! Yes, do not. If you leave the transmission oil without changing it, then you change it, your tranny will blow up real fast. So you either do it right or just don't.

Now the car has 232,000 miles. The transmission is smooth shifting. But it whines. Most likely the transaxle, but could be the bearings. But come on, 232,000 miles? I think that's enough. I love Hondas. They're great cars.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2009

2002 Honda Odyssey LX from North America


Never buying a Honda again


The check engine light came on today on the way home from Walmart. The owner's manual said it could be anything from a loose gas cap to emission problems. The transmission does shudder at lower rpms, but runs smoothly above 55mph.

One of the electric sliding doors sometimes doesn't want to shut & needs gentle assistance while closing.

So far it hasn't broken down on the side of the road. After reading the other comments, I'm scared now. When will mine break down? I'm not feeling too confident any more.

General Comments:

It is comfortable and hauls a family of 5 around nicely. Handles well & drives smoothly.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2009

23rd Nov 2009, 11:03

This van has a 139000 miles on it and is 7 years old, and you're complaining about minor mechanical issues??? Once any vehicle hits 100000 miles you can expect some issues. Please be realistic with your exceptions.

12th Apr 2016, 15:55

You pay more for Toyota and Honda. What is wrong with having higher expectations? If you claim to be the kings of reliability and fail, you are going to be criticized; even after 100,000 miles and seven years.

12th Apr 2016, 19:33

Absolutely right. Any Honda or Toyota should be able to go for at least 400K-500K miles without any mechanical problems whatsoever!

14th Apr 2016, 23:41

"may beg to differ" with what?