1988 Honda Prelude Si 4ws 2.0 from North America


Honda makes the best cars in the world


I bought this car with a blown head gasket $400, fixed the head 400 and timing belt, rear upper control arm bushings seem to be a common repair around 180000 miles.

The temp sensor in the radiator was bad and the stereo was non existent. I found another car for 100 for spare parts... and now the car hauls ass.

General Comments:

I have fallen in love with LUCY. The 4 wheel steering is an amazing engineering feat. When you are in a tight corner you can push the car harder with no bad results..

140 mph; I have not tried this yet. I will lower the car 2 inches, add bigger sway bars & strut tower bars, 15 inch wheels & 50 series performance tires... this should complete my midlife sports car crisis cravings...

The car is amazing in its stock form. I can't wait to see how much performance can be hidden in this amazing engineering feat... Honda makes the best cars in the world, and the 88-91 Preludes are right there with the Acura NSX as the worlds most reliable performance cars... THANK YOU HONDA...

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Review Date: 24th May, 2009

19th Aug 2013, 00:32

I have had my 1988 Prelude 2.0 Si 4WS since I bought it new -- that is 25 years ago -- and it is indeed a marvelous car.

The handling is superb. It beat out every expensive sports car (Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc) in a slalom test.

The ergonomics is also superb. The 5 speed transmission is a dream, shifting smoothly up through 100 mph plus. Downshifting is a pleasure. I never use the brakes coming off the interstate onto a cloverleaf.

EPA estimates for this car are bad, very misleading. I consistently get 30 MPG at 70 mph highway and 22 MPG mixed city and highway.

The only major problems:

1) A rear steering box defect, steering box replaced and never a problem since. THE REAR WHEEL STEERING CAN BE LOCKED IF NECESSARY. ALSO NOTE THAT THIS 3G PRELUDE IS THE ONLY 4 WHEEL STEERING CAR WITH A MECHANICAL LINKAGE in the world. The next generation Prelude came with a computer driven real wheel steering.

2) At 50,000 miles the water pump froze and snapped the timing chain, and this blew the engine, so that needed new valves and a re-milled head (this was covered by my insurance).

3) After 130,000 or so and 15 years, it needed a new power steering pump and some other things.


1) A LITTLE UNDERPOWERED, BUT WORK ON THE CAR OR REPLACING WITH ANOTHER ENGINE MODEL CAN FIX THIS. I HAVE FOUND AMSOIL to be the best oil for this car. You can feel the difference in maybe 10 HP more power.

2) The A/C is a bit weak.

In short, if you love cars, and can work on them and do not have much money, LOOK FOR THIS CAR!

6th Aug 2015, 00:47

You bet, AMSOIL is absolutely the best. You can FEEL the difference with AMSOIL right away. It must give the car an extra 5 hp.

1988 Honda Prelude Si 4WS 2.0 DOHC stock from North America


Road course with 4WS sweet


Power steering going because of leak, but a bottle of Lucas power steering fixed it.

Hoses are expensive.

Needs a hood; mine is a little crinkled.

Has rust, but fixable.

General Comments:

Very good performance. 3rd gear tops out at 88mph without pushing to red line. NO stability issues until you hit 130 mph then it starts to lift. Drive safely please.

I have already broken 2 drivers side outer axles. 5th gear 6200rpm is 130mph, red line is 7200.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2009

1988 Honda Prelude 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome.. but needs some tweaks


The air vents will not change all together. It will blow constantly from the center vents, weakly in the doors, and no air no matter what buttons I push will come out of the demisters, front and back.

General Comments:

Altogether the car is bloody awesome. It goes like stink for a first car, and the 4ws is fairly impressive with my mates.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2009