1993 Honda Prelude 2.2 liter SOHC from North America


The Honda Prelude is the best!


My tires wear out quickly due to all the scratching my car can do. The back seats have no space. My hood was backed into by a 2000 Dodge Ram. My master cylinder got a leak around 180,000 miles.

General Comments:

Even though this Prelude is an S which is a 2.2 liter SOHC non VTEC F22a1 with a power base of 140 horsepower and 142 torque it has incredible acceleration. What is better then the power and speed of the Prelude is the amazing handling that doesn't screech your tires when you break hard or turn hard and still have perfect control.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2005

1993 Honda Prelude SR 4 speed from North America


Time consuming and expensive


My car leaks oil from the gasket.

Distributor cap and rotor was replaced 3 weeks ago.

Electrical problems all the time with brake light indicator.

There might be a possible transmission problem (let's hope it's not!!)

(I love my car and it looks really good.. but is it really worth all the money I've put into it?)

General Comments:

When I purchased the car, I knew that there were a few minor things wrong with it. I later found out that it was leaking oil from the gasket.

Because it is a nice looking sports car it has been broken into more than 3 times even with the compustar alarm.

While driving one day my car stopped and I later found out that I had to get the distributor cap and rotor replaced which cost me about $2000 to fix.

Yesterday while my boyfriend was driving my car the transmission light was blinking and when he pressed on the gas there was no power although it was revving.

I really love my car, but there has been way too many problems with it. I paid $9500 for it and I've put thousands of dollars for repairs. No one else I know ever has this many problems with their car.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004

26th Dec 2004, 11:46

Ummm...$2000 dollars to replace the rotor and distributor cap? I wish I was your mechanic. I would have made about a 1800 profit off you.

20th Dec 2005, 11:52

Yeah, your mechanic wasnt very honest with you. In fact I just had a distributor cap replaced on my 93 SR and my guy charged me like an extra 50 bux during another repair if that. 2000 bux for anything short of an engine overhaul on that car is not worth doing. I would say if you have anymore problems, get your boyfriend to take it to the mechanic because they often take advantage of girls sorry to say.

1993 Honda Prelude Si 2.3L In-Line 4 from North America


Classic in its own way


Minor repairs have been done to the car. Basically just the upkeep and maintenance. Some speakers have shorted out, my AC needs to be recharged, my front left and right axle books have minor cracks, my coolant tube is a little brittle and my oil pan has a minor crack. For the most part, the car has been a trooper for the short time I've had it. Aside from the fact that there is an annoying and concerning low level knocking noise coming from within the engine that can't be pinpointed so far, and a squeaking/rattling noise from the back that occurs over speed bumps or driving on uneven roads with dips and pot holes. But the car is awesome over all.

General Comments:

If you stay with the upkeep, the car will give you all the benefits of a sleek sports car. Even though this car is 11 years old, it still looks good and performs very nicely. It's had its fair share of wear and tear from the previous owner, but with a few parts replaced this car will drive perfect. I've already have a difference in my acceleration with just having my valves adjusted. Upkeep is definitely key with this car and so many people love it, I feel better knowing I'm not the only person in love with my Prelude.

Only thing that I have problems with is I'm a short girl, so I have to put my seat up all the way to touch my clutch pedal and then I squeeze out of my car. But I love it still! This car seems like it can go on for a long time.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2004

23rd Oct 2006, 15:29

Hey, that knocking noise low in the engine is very likely the main bearings going out and losing oil pressure. Mine went at 119K. I deduced it was from the coolant slowly leaking from the head gasket into the oil. Coolant in oil kills the main bearings rapidly. I would seriously recomment you get the oil pan off and check all your bottom end bearings quick. My knocking was extremely loud at the end and the oil light started flickering at idle. Replaced main bearings and head gasket fixed the problem permanantly.