28th Mar 2003, 01:55

UPDATE!!! I'm the same guy that posted on Dec 10th. Transmission was "burnt and chewed up" as the mechanic explained it. Cost me $2400 for a new transmission! OUCH!!!

18th Apr 2003, 12:02

I have 1993 J30t, and I love it. It has classic beauty, (people still think it is a new car!), tons of power, and luxurious everything. I will always own an Infiniti. My next will either be a 1997 J30t or the new

G35. My current car has 102,000.00 miles on it, and it still runs great. My Bose stereo had to be fixed, so I took it to an audio place here in town, and it only cost $60.00. My sunroof motor will cost 300.00 to fix at local import car mechanic. My husband has a new Ford Explorer; needless to say, I appreciate my J30t even more after I drive that. I have had a new Acura Legend, used BMW, and a used Lexus. They pale in comparison. The J30t is one of the best-kept affordable secrets in the used auto arena. Why doesn't Infiniti make them any more?

21st Jul 2003, 12:52

I too have a used '95 J30t which has been a fine car except for some problems which I have learned to live with. The transmission problem which I am experiencing at the moment is a worry and is due I am told to not having the transmission fluid changed at 60,000 which I don't believe Infiniti inform people. The rear window problem seems to be a problem with all. My latest problem is driving down the road and the left headlight just goes out and won't come back on except when it feels like it. Having had all connections checked etc it continues to do it and I now try not to drive at night!!! The LEATHER if indeed that is what it is on the door sills is cracked or torn and the door pillar and rubber on the doors in pieces.

Still a good car, but now brakes are rearing their ugly head. First the ABS system would whirr away after the car was switched off and now the car pulls to one side or shudders to a stop. Had the pads shoes rotors all done 18 months ago..

26th Aug 2003, 08:02

I have a 1996 J30 with approximatley 100,341 miles. I have had no major problems with the vehicle. However, recently I have noticed that the rear windows will not work at times, and the engine light comes on ocassionally.

30th Sep 2003, 12:53

I own J30/93 with 160000km on it and have some problems with it since I bought it couple of years back on 130000km. But, recently it has developed a problem; my lifters have become very noisy. If any one has the solution or have gone through the same problem, I don't want to go to the dealer as they just simply rip you off for nothing???..

5th Oct 2003, 19:23

I own a 1994 J30 with 96,000 miles. The vehicle has been extremely reliable, but the rear window motor has been replaced and the sunroof motor, as on all J30s, is dead. During cold weather the car idles roughly and occasionally stalls despite routine maintenance directed toward this problem (trans axle fluid change, transmission fluid flush, spark plug replacement, etc.). The transmission itself is worrisome and seems to be on the verge of having major problems as it shifts roughly and seems to "slip" during in town driving. The brakes are horrendous and the rotors warp very quickly, a problem associated with many modern cars, not just J30's. Despite this list of annoyances the car is a reliability dream compared to the domestic and European offerings and is reasonably powerful and handles well. I would purchase another based upon looks alone but am looking forward to the M45.

23rd Oct 2003, 04:09

I have a 95' j40t I have purchased the vehicle with 47k miles 2001. the sunroof and the rear windows have gone out on me. other than that the car is an excellent driving machine.

10th Aug 2004, 11:42

I recently bought a 1995 infiniti j30t with 109k miles on it. The car surely is a pleasure to drive, but it gets very low mileage. Apart from that, it is a beautiful car.

17th Sep 2004, 15:25

Hi, I have a 1994 j30t with 111k miles on it and I now need a new transmission! Does anyone know where to buy a reliable rebuilt transmission for not much money? As things stand the transmission will cost more than value of car. Thanks.

21st Nov 2004, 22:20

I own a 1993 Infiniti J-30, and it is indeed a joy to drive. I, however have begun to experience some problems since my car has surpassed the 100,000 mile marker. My charging system has begun to lag. My battery indicator, ABS, and brake lights illuminate and vary in intensity when I press the brake pedal. I have an Optima (dry cell) battery, that I just replaced, but it did not fix my problem. Reluctantly, I am going to take it in for service in the morning. I love the way the car handles, the luxurious styling and the generous power the car has. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I do need to get my interior re-done including my driver's door, sunroof, driver's seat, ceiling materiel and carpet, but once this is done it will be in great condition once again. Well, wish me luck because I know all too well about the cost of service for these vehicles.

-TSgt Turner-

22nd Jul 2005, 07:58

I purchased a 94/J30 a year ago. It had 112K miles on it. It now has 145K. It has been a driving dream. I have had to replace the tires and one rotor. I'm about to replace both front rotors as well. I agree that the windshield wipers do not match to any wipers made. you either have to replace the blades, themselves or purchase more than one set to find something that remotely works with the wipers. The factory wipers have two screws in them. The nearest one I found has one. I used that one and it has worked great. My cruise control never worked, The CD player plays what it wants to and was replaced just a few years ago. I found receipts from a dealership that showed the radio was replaced in 99 due to the volume control was making the radio sound funny. it's doing it again. I'm not sure if I'm going to have to replace the radio or the speakers as well. The bass is horrible. The motor in the driver's door window has been slow since I bought the car. at times the window wouldn't roll up. Other than these minor issues, the car has been great. My state inspection done in 2004 showed the car driving so clean, it registered as a new car would, being 10 years old. I've decided to keep the car until the wheels fall off. my son needs something to drive and I still may not let him drive it. It is the best car purchase I've ever made.

15th Dec 2005, 11:58

I bought me a J30 about 6 months ago with over 189,000 and I love it I haven't had problems with the Windows or the sunroof all is still in great condition. What I am having problems with is when my car goes over bumps it squeaks and when I hit the gas between 15-30 there is a loud noise coming from under the car.. But I love my car and wouldn't give it up for anything.