10th Jan 2006, 07:29

My 1994 J30, some times dash lights and other buttons light does not turn on with the headlight on.

And they become on at there own, any one have any idea..?

25th Jan 2006, 23:51

I have an infinity 1993 J30t. The transmission has just gone out at 170,000 miles. does anyone knoew where to get a cheap on or rebuild. all I am told by the Mechanics is that is will cost 3,000 $. I think ill get a new car if I have to pay that much.

1st Feb 2006, 01:50

I can get j-30 trans, also can fix your head light problem

559 455-7486 joe thank you and great automobile!

6th Feb 2006, 09:36

Concerning the head lights/head lamps, I have a 1994 j30 and I had that problem too. Since I live in Belize, there are very few infiniti cars, and when I had that problem with the head lights, I took it to a neighbour who is an electrician.

We found out it was the relay box that is on the drivers side right between the corner by the mirror under the hood. It’s a small black box. I don’t know if some dealers might sell the entire box used or new, but all what the electrician did is pry it open with a screwdriver, some tips broke off, but no big deal, and with a soldering gun, he added some of the silver string stuff on the tips of the inside of the box, because the tips were like broken and it wasn’t making electric contact that good to deliver the high and low beam. It cost me 7.50 Belize dollars, but if you can afford the new black box I think it would be good too. any questions concerning more on this topic you can call me at 501-623-2239.

21st Feb 2006, 21:02

I have a '94 J30 that I bought in '98 with 60k miles. It now has 127k miles and has given me very few problems over the years. It's been a joy to drive with the exception that it's virtually uncontrollable in the snow (beyond any rear wheel drive car that I've ever owned).

If you have problems with the stereo try: http://www.carstereohelp.com/infiniti.htm (I have no affiliation)

For about $120 (2 years ago), they completely cured my CD player from skipping and generally being unable to track. They also had a repair listed in case your rear speakers buzz under moderate to heavy bass - basically pull off the grille and use epoxy to re-glue the dust cover to the driver. It worked like a charm, but YMMV.

26th Feb 2006, 13:23

With regards to healight issues for the J30:

The comments provided in a previous post by "Jesus_Trevi@hotmail.com" were extremely helpful to me as I was changing out the headlight relay. I have some additional information which may be of some use to others having headlight related issues on the J30.

If you are replacing the relay switch, the part number may be faded. It probably reads "25230-10Y00". This part is no longer in production and has been replaced with a revised part (according to our local Infiniti service center). The new Nissan genuine part number is "25230-10Y60". I bought the part from my Infiniti dealer and it was around $45. Using the instructions from the previously mentioned post, I was able to replace the relay and everything started working fine. It was very difficult to unplug the relay due to the short cable length. Be very careful when unplugging the old relay/switch so that you don't break the connections.

Hope this helps others.

28th Feb 2006, 21:53

I have a 95 J30, purchased used in 1997 with 22k miles on it. Have had great luck with the vehicle, love the drive... am a female driver & find it easy to maneuver & lots of pickup.

Recently had to replace passenger doors due to other driver side swiping me. Have noticed the window motor is slow. Also now experiencing head lamp issue -- possibly the relay switch (?). Same issues as noted by previous owners in regard to stereo issues. Otherwise, great vehicle & waiting for Nissan to produce another J30 or similar model. Like to M model, but can't afford! : (Was checking Lexus, but concerned regarding transmission lag issues with the ES models.

9th Apr 2006, 22:40

I bought my '94 J30 on Christmas eve of '05, and what a great Christmas present! I love this car. I bought it with 125,000 miles on it, and was lucky enough to track down all the service records from the first day it was sold, up to 10,000 miles before I got it. Went to the Infinity dealership where it was last serviced, and they printed me up all the records. Nice to know what was done and when. One of the coolest things is it came with its own mechanic, sort of. The guy I bought it from just had the driver's side window motor replaced with a used motor, and it had the mechanic's receipt, phone#, etc. I called, went over, and he replaced it under warranty, no labor charge, nothing! He also replaced the headlight relay, $45 at the Infiniti dealership. Later replaced a leaking oil pressure sensing unit, $23 at Infiniti. Asked him about struts, he said they're re-badged Koni's or Bilsteins, I'm not sure which. Infiniti wanted $12-1500 to replace them; he quoted me $120 a pair for labor, and about $500 for the struts. PS, he is a shade-tree mechanic, ex-Benz, Porsche, BMW mechanic. Did I say I was lucky? Lucky to find this site too.

My sunroof also doesn't work, sticks about 1/4 the way open. Called Palm Springs Infiniti, was told by they have a mechanic who will take out the motor, lube the pulleys or something, and make it work for about $125. Hope that mechanic still works there, otherwise so much for the sunroof. The pop-up deal still works fine. The driver's door upper panel where your elbow goes is worn out. Found that it isn't leather at all, it's vinyl. $1000 replacement... still looking for some light beige duck tape or something. Any ideas? Door-lock gremlins? My mechanic said the doorlock problem is due to the fact that the vehicle is meant to be locked with the electronic remote clicker, the alarm goodywhomper key fob - $160 a pop at Infinti. Left rear speaker buzzes on bass, gonna try that epoxy trick. Radio antenna won't go down all the way, stays up about an inch. So what.

I love this car. I paid $3300 for it, and have about $150 into it so far, not counting gas to and from my mechanic's house, about a 125-mile round tripper. And worth every penny, too.

I drive CA State Hwy 74 from the mountains to the desert and back 20miles twice a day, and it is a pleasure. This is without a doubt the finest automobile I have ever owned, bar none. This baby makes the nicest sounds, looks good, feels good, and is truly a modern day classic. I really feel like somebody whenever I drive this car. Now if I can just keep it away from my wife...

12th Apr 2006, 14:15

For the wear on the driver's door, where your arm goes. All the J30's I looked at seemed to have that condition issue, even the very low mileage ones. The guy I bought mine from said he found someone who restores this type of damage, has some kind of liquid that he paints on there and it sets up and looks pretty decent. Probably better than duct tape, anyway!