2000 Jaguar S-Type V6 from North America


It's a lemon


I cannot list all the problems, the are too many:

All windows.



Rear bumper light is falling out.

Both front airbags.

Both flashers.

Washer fluid leaking.

Lower hose for canister.

Replace power steering pump.

Both front shocks leaking.

Sorry if I am not very clear, my main language is french. In all, about about $15,000 in repairs, and this is a second car. Thank god I have another car. I do not know what to do with that Jag.

If there's any lawsuit, count me in, although I am in Canada.

Email cdr2@videotron.ca

General Comments:

I love the look of it. Very elegant. I am a woman!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2010

2000 Jaguar S-Type 3.0 litre V6 from North America




If the "J" selector breaks on your S Type Auto, you will have huge problems sourcing the part. The company which made this part for Jaguar went bust 2 years ago, and now this part is unavailable new!! Your only hope of obtaining a replacement J selector is from a donor scrap car, as no one is manufacturing this part. This applies to ALL Jaguar S types manufactured between 1999 and 2007/8. Manual transmissions are unaffected.

Jaguar are aware and are doing NOTHING!!! No J selectors are available in the UK, Europe or USA/Canada. This is a well known problem, in Europe around 1500 cars are off the road. Unfortunately, the broken J selector cannot be repaired, If yours is OK, then don't put it into park on gradients before applying the handbrake, let the handbrake take the first strain.

General Comments:

Great car, comfortable, quick, quiet, lousy manufacturer, very unreliable.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2010

22nd Oct 2010, 17:14

I did a quick google search on this, and found out at least one company is remaking the part that breaks.

2000 Jaguar S-Type 3.0 from North America


A piece of junk from Ford. Will never buy another Jaguar or Ford product again!!


All ignition coils have gone bad and have been replaced (some twice).

Transmissions runs badly between 40-45 mph. Gears shift with a hard jerk.

All window regulators (front and rear) have broken and have been replaced.

Radiator hoses burst.

Heater problems have been repaired.

Display for radio/temp/clock/controls all freeze. Sometimes it takes days for them to start working again.

General Comments:

It seems that every month there is something else that needs to be repaired. To name just a few:

I have had to replace all of the ignition coils (some twice) in a short span of time, and I had two coils to go bad while traveling out of town, and the Jaguar dealer took me to the cleaners because it was over a holiday weekend. Heater and radiator issues.

The transmission continuously jerk, especially bet 40-45 mph. The leather seats are wearing badly, and I am the only person that drives or enters the car.

I have had to replace all of the window regulators (front and rear) to the tune of $1,800! Many electrical issues.

If there is a class action suit, please contact John at adnex@comcast.net

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Review Date: 4th June, 2010

25th Oct 2010, 18:15

I own a Jaguar S Type 2000 3.0L with only 80000KM (50000 miles). Although I love the car, especially the elegance of it, I'm also tired of paying for repairs non stop; not a year goes by without any repairs.

At the present moment, the lower mesh grill of the front bumper is broken. The Jaguar dealer says I have to replace the whole bumper; I am having a hard time believing that. Does anybody know if that is true?

Thanks for any comment.

2000 Jaguar S-Type 3.0 from North America


Enjoyable when working well, very expensive to repair through the dealership


As others have noted, there are multiple issues with this vehicle. Some of these concerns are a part of a car aging, but many others are unique to this Jaguar.

I have had three separate window regulators go out. The first repaired by Jaguar ($650), the second at a local import car center ($450), and the third by myself recently ($100, though dealer quoted me $800). The later took me 2 hours in labor to fix, quite the "service charge" for Jaguar. In addition, my plastic sunroof "regulator" mechanism fractured and Jaguar quoted me $4500 to fix. I purchased the part and put in myself for $450 and 3 hours of labor, with no problems since. Another nice mark up for the dealer.

I have had the parking on the incline issue as well. My son parked on a hill and forced the car into drive, breaking the shifter cable mechanism, another costly expense and now we always put the parking brake on before shifting the car into park.

I have replaced the ignition coil after the "check engine" light came on. I then had several trips back in to the dealership for the "check engine" light after this was repaired, though eventually I had a free oil change for my time.

I have had several aspects of the front end drive linkage replaced, with more to come based on my last visit. Thus far, $1500 has been spent with another $1300 in the works if I choose to use the dealership.

Most recently I have had the "failsafe engine mode" warning light appear. After looking at a number of websites and talking to the dealership, I had removed the throttle body, which was incredibly dirty and had a stuck damper. I sprayed out the throttle body with a cleaner, which cost me $5, without the return of this warning light. Again, the dealership indicated the repairs would range potentially from $150-$800.

I have purchased online the Jaguar service manual for $10. Since I have made this purchased, my repairs on the Jaguar are much more reasonable, since I am doing the work myself and apparently not paying the dealership between $150 to $1200/hr (as in the case of the sunroof) to repair my vehicle. This was an incredible cost savings to myself and allows me to take the sting out of owning this vehicle, and actually enjoy driving it. One obviously needs to be comfortable with working on a vehicle, which can be enjoyable and relaxing, since it's not like doing brain surgery (though apparently that is the rate we pay the mechanics at the Jaguar dealership!)

Finally, I contacted Jaguar directly about these concerns. Their mantra was the same each time, "you're vehicle is out of the warranty period." I finally was able to talk with an individual to indicate to them that I was not requesting any type of warranty work, but wanted them to be aware of the ongoing problems with the vehicle that they have manufactured. Some of these problems, window regulators, a vehicle stuck in park, and ignition coils seem quite unique to this vehicle. Eventually this one individual was able to hear that, and was able to direct me to a resource at Jaguar to register a more formal complaint. I am in the process of doing so at present. I will see how this will develop over time. At present however, Jaguar does not appear to be too receptive to hearing about the issues other folks may be having with their product. Possibly the news of Toyota and the "stuck accelerator" may be some incentive for this company. I won't hold my breath, however.

General Comments:

Beautiful looking car. Comfortable ride. Very expensive to repair. Unusual repairs compared to other vehicles, including US made vehicles. Extremely overpaid mechanics at the Jaguar dealerships.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2010