2000 Jaguar S-Type 4.0 from North America




When I left the lot with the car, I thought it was the best thing I ever bought. That soon was a lie.

A couple of days later, the check engine light was on. The car needed oxygen sensors that cost $600. And the car needed catalytic converters that cost 1200 each.

Later, about three months down the road, I was at my in-laws. The car was parked on a hill; no one told me to ever park it on a hill and not pull up the emergency brake. So I tried to take the car out of park, oops the shifter breaks. It has to be replaced; it cost $300.

Two month after that I was washing the car. After I'm done, I drive it and the car ran extremely hot to total the engine. Not once did a light come on to tell me the car was low on coolant. Later I found out that the coolant tank was cracked and Jaguar recalled the cars to remove the low coolant sensor. I'm thinking this could have saved my car.

So I started to search for a engine; found out the least I would pay for one is $5000. Oh my god, what have I got myself into?

So three years of ownership of a crappy car. I will never buy another Jag for as long as I live, it's not worth it. No other shops other than the dealer will repair them. Why have a prestige name like Jaguar - should be alley cat.

I even contacted Jaguar Corp to see if there was anything they could do for me, since they removed the sensor; they said no. Even Ford has sold the company; they lost billions of investment dollars in it.

But this car is still sitting in my driveway. I don't know what to do. The payments are $608 dollars. The payoff in $10k. I paid 20k over time. I don't want to mess up my credit and just let it go back. I don't know what to do. If anyone has any idea e-mail me at justinjag1429@yahoo.com

General Comments:

I really didn't drive the car long to really say how it drove, because it has always been a problem.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2008

16th Nov 2009, 02:10

Never mind the faults, and I have every sympathy with the hapless owner, but how on earth is it possible for someone not to know that you have to put on the handbrake on a hill, regardless of whether the car is manual or automatic?

17th Aug 2010, 16:19

Yes, the coils, the windows fall down.

The engine burned out; I sued the dealer. I and they did not want to go to court, so they rebuilt the engine. I don't think you can do that.

Cost them $11000, and I have to put in myself $2000. After all that, lasted about 2 months, or 3000km, and again it does not run; coils and electricals are a mess, and now catalytic converter problems.

The car has now 10100k, and it's sitting in my garage. It's a beautiful car to look at, and that is it. Don't buy a Jaguar, it's not the maintenance, because it lives at the mechanic. I put it at the level of the Ford Pinto in seventies.

2000 Jaguar S-Type 4.0 from North America


I bought 2000 S-Type with 72000.

On the second day the passenger window failed, and two weeks later some sensor when out, which cost me 745 dollars, and the shop kept the car for two weeks.

Finally have my car back two weeks later. Guess what, TRANSMISSION problems. I take to the shop and that cost me 3000 dollars fix.

I agreed to take this to court because we paid good money for this car. But I really like this cars and I will buy another Jag.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2008