1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L Inline 6 cylinder from North America


Very nice car, nice starting vehicle


Air Conditioning vacuum hose cracked, replaced easily and cheaply, documentation on repair easily accessable.

General Comments:

As long as you maintain fluid levels (oil, transmission fluid, brake, etc), this thing will treat you well. Very nice acceleration with a well maintained motor. The engine is VERY forgiving.

My only qualm is it's gas mileage and sound quality from front speakers.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2005

1995 Jeep Cherokee Grand Laredo 4.0 from North America


Well this car has been great with one huge exception: The Drivers Side Door.

At first the door would stick, then it started to fall of the hinges. I have been told by 6 different body shops that the door latch and hinges are a big problem in jeeps. Which of course lead to other problems, which are the door will not shut correctly and will not lock correctly. Which the ultimate is that you cannot open the door anymore because of the fear that it will fall off. You actually have to pick the door up and place it in the door frame and slam it quickly. Why has jeep not recalled this car for this problem. I finally had to order a new door (because a used door from a salvage yard was selling for the same price as a new one, wonder why) the final bill was 1500$ and while I was in the body shop 2 other people walked in the same body shop with the same problem. Jeep should be paying for this, not me.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2004

28th Feb 2005, 13:39

Just because your vehicle has high miles doesn't mean the doors or anything should fall off. I have a '94 Cherokee and the driver and passenger both have a broken lower hinge. It is annoying because it lets in air and water. YES CHRYSLER SHOULD PAY FOR THIS!!! Look around, this is a common problems on Jeeps, and yes dealers do take advantage of this.

By the way, my 88 Chevy truck has 220,000 miles and nothing has fallen off of it, I guess your theory of high miles is shot!!!

1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4 Dr. 4WD 4.0L I6 from North America


A dog with horse nuts


-Brakes were badly warped right after I bought it.

-Replaced water pump at 120,000 (due to lots of antifreeze leaking and engine overheating)

General Comments:

-I love surprising 16-year olds who rev their civics at me at a stoplight. Very quick engine, but loses power after 80 MPH.

-Engine is bulletproof.

-Handling is good considering it's an SUV.

-4-Wheel drive has never failed. I've tried getting this thing stuck off-road, never succeeded.

-Pulled a trailer with snowmobile and lots of cargo last year, could barely tell it was back there. Not the same with my friend's Suzuki XL-7.

-Not the greatest gas mileage.

-My sister's 94 Cherokee sport has 201,000 on it, so 134,000 isn't really that much. I do plan on buying a newer Cherokee in the next year though.

-Great truck, recommend to anyone loves the outdoors. Great for a college student like myself.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2004

1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L H.O. from North America


If you can find a well maintained low mileage Jeep for good money grab it up you'll love it


Transmission will no longer downshift on its own so I am forced to downshift manually.

Second gear is completely burnt out of it.

The transmission had not been properly maintained by its previous owner. No fault of the manufacturer. You should routinely change transmission fluid every 50,000 miles and the fluid had clearly never been change in the 93,000 miles of its existence.

I ran all the oil out of it and spun a bearing. Again no fault of the manufacturer, but of my own.

General Comments:

It was a good car for the first 11 months I owned then the transmission started its thing. I enjoyed it immensely. Its now time to buy a nice little 2000 Cherokee with 42,000 on it. I can't wait to get another Jeep.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2004