1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 I6 from North America


An excellent car, but needs better reliability


4 water pumps.

3 fuel pumps (twice improperly installed).

1 clutch (my sister drove it for a year).

1 power steering unit.

General Comments:

Very expensive to maintain. The car is amazing for travel and comfort, is fun to drive, and has a really nice line, but my 1994 Grand Cherokee Laredo really eats at the wallet. Every repair is unbelievably expensive, and the reliability of the vehicle always comes into question.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2004

19th Feb 2004, 06:03

What kinda Jeep did you used to own?

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8 from North America


A total waste of money


The transmission failed at 67000 miles.

The compressor on the air conditioner has had to be replaced twice at $500 a pop.

The fuel pump failed.

The water pump failed.

The LCD on the stereo went out after I'd owned the car three months so I never know what station the radio's on.

The computer failed, causing a "rear lamp failure" error to flash even though the rear lamps work just fine.

The power seats broke on the passenger side.

The brakes wear out more often than any other car I've ever owned.

The motor mounts (front and rear) have had to be replaced twice in four years.

General Comments:

This is without a doubt the worst vehicle I have ever owned. It's been nothing, but trouble since I bought it and is a money pit.

The interior is plush and the front seats are very comfortable.

Mechanically this car has been a lemon. Everything that could go wrong did.

I would never recommend a Jeep or Chrysler product.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2004

19th Jan 2005, 09:18

My 94 Limited has the Quadra Drive and after 204,000 Miles and 11 years it and the automatic transmission are working well and have never broken down or been rebuilt. Of course I drained the fluids in everything and installed 100% synthetic ATF and Gear Lubes which make all the gear boxes run much cooler. I made that fluid change when the car was less than a month old back in December 1993. I changed the 100%synthetic engine oil 44 times since new and I use Amsoil, Mobil 1 or Hastings filters only, not the cheap paper Frams etc. This jeep has been used Off-Road, as well.

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2 V8 from North America


A roomy, comfortable backwoods and highway cruiser


The viscous clutch for the transfer case is bad. This causes a low-speed bind in tight turns, such as turning into a parking space or making a u-turn.

The front passenger's door "clacks" when you close it. My friend's Jeep Cherokee does this and I believe it is just a Jeep thing.

General Comments:

This Jeep is very roomy and comfortable. I am 6'7" and I can stretch out in the driver's seat.

The V8 makes for some great power at the cost of filling the tank every 5 days.

Even though the Quadra Trac's viscous clutch is bad, the Jeep still gets me through anything and everything.

I would definitely recommend this Jeep to anyone, just buy the Selec Trac system instead.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2004

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L V8 from North America


A commuter, a workhorse, and an unleashed animal on trails.


Rear window wiper motor failed at ~130,000 miles.

Viscous clutch whines a little on hard turns.

Small exhaust rattles when in park at stops.

Small oil leaks since owning vehicle.

General Comments:

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.2L V8 is a very capable vehicle. Having owned it in its later stages, I've been very impressed with its dependability and available power.

However, as a commuter vehicle, it has a chronic thirst for gasoline. I drive the car easily, but the V8 never fails when it comes to passing on the back-country 2 lane roads that I travel. I've been starting to experience more rough idling every once and awhile, with a few occasional fits in the transmission, but nothing that has warranted major repair.

I've climbed slopes at angles better than 45 degrees with regular radials and with no lift. Even though I'm not a serious towing enthusiast, I makes quick work of pulling boats out of lakes and moving around trailers.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2003