1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2 from North America


I love my jeep, just needs some TLC


Power Steering Pump went out at 131,000.

EGR valve unit replaced at 134,000.

General Comments:

I've owned my '94 Grand Cherokee for a few months now and only had a few major problems. Right now I have 135,000 miles on it and its runs well. Recently, I have experienced a problem that I don't know the cause of. I was driving on the highway and when I reached a little over 70mph it died, I felt a slight jerk. The engine didn't turn off, but all power to it was lost. I couldn't excel anymore and it came to a jerking stop. I turned the car off and started it again and it worked fine. A little ways later, the same thing happened again. Can anyone help me with this problem?

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Review Date: 21st May, 2006

23rd May 2006, 21:27

You may have a problem with your fuel pump.

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 straight 6 from North America


I love this car!!! Great great great!!!


Well I bought it from a girl, who's daddy kept up on all of the maintenance! So the things that went wrong since I got it well lets see!

Need to change all oil to synthetic because of high miles.

The check engine comes on sometimes all do to going through the mud (but most likely a co2).

The front right lower ball joint needs a off set pin to cure the pulling to the right.

All the wires going through the door need to be replaced because the wires have cracks and are causing them to short out sometimes.

The rear hatch shocks need to be replaced (sucks because they're like 35 dollars a piece).

The 4 wheel drive works great, but sometimes the linking rod on the bottom sometimes pops out causing me to have to go under the car and put it back in. (I think that the rubber gasket just needs to be replaced.)

Needed a tune up plugs cap wires air filter & distributor because it was making a grinding noise, but at 165000 miles I think a tune up was part of keeping up maintenance. (If you're going to get spark plugs, don't get the Bosch 2 of 4 prongs because the center pin tends to get burned faster, so stick with the single prong it works just fine.)

The car has a heavy shift to it, think the transmission will be going out with in the next 50000 miles (hope not though).

The rear defroster had a split in the wire from the rear hatch being opened all the way, so I had to go to the auto part store and get this special glue that conducts electricity (now works great).

General Comments:

This car is the best car I had in my life it get great gas mileage (19-21 city if I go easy on it) and (24-27 highway)! The car has a wireless starter and is perfect for those cold mornings. The air con is freezing and the heater is extremely hot! The seats in this car are so comfy. the back seat folds down to flat so on camping trips or 4 wheeling trips I just put an airmatures in the back and fall right to sleep. the car has more than I need on the horse power and goes to 0-60 really quick! This Jeep can fit 5 adults just fine. The pulling power on my car is great I haven't had any problems pulling all of my buddies out of the mud. This car 4-wheels great and also does great in the snow.

If you're looking to get a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I think that this car would serve you well, it is totally worth the money and will not let you down.




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Review Date: 3rd May, 2006

26th Jan 2007, 13:51

Okay, first no duh you like the car, Jeeps are 1000% better than Chevy's and the Trail Blazers fold like a napkin. I ran my 2001 wrangler headfirst into the side of a 2007 Trail Blazer and I ended up with a scratch from the license plate coming off the front of mine, I was only doing about 10 miles an hour, and I bent his rocker panel and many other things, Jeep was definetally a great upgrade.

Next, do not switch to synthetic. regular oil causes the seals to compress and the regular oil allows dirt to get into the seals and keep the seals sealed. synthetic oil will clean out that dirt and cause all the main seals to leak soon.

Go jeep or go home is so true, I take my 94 Laredo off road all the time and everybody loves it. great car, nice ride.