1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2L 318,V8 from North America


I totally recommend the 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee


CV boots cost about 23.00 for both did it my self.

Blew a heater hose cost 7.00 did it my self.

Rear brakes wear out quite fast.

Was a clunking noise coming from right rear, ended up being a worn out coil spring bushing, cost about 95.00 replaced all four did it myself.

Computerized warning display was flickering, it was a loose connection.

Exhaust was leaking quite bad it was the muffler, cost about 40 dollors did it myself.

PCV valve went out, cost nothing to replace just went to junk yard and got a working one off of a dodge van.

The plastic front bumper didn't last long, but that was due to 4wheelin, replaced with an ARB steel bumper.

General Comments:

My jeep is the first SUV I've owned and I love it it handles very well in any weather condition.

I live in the mountains at 7,000 feet and we get snow every year and it has been through some pretty hard spots in the mud that my friends Toyoda couldn't get through.

It has plenty of power with the 318 and can beat my friends Chevy silverodo in a tug of war contest.

The all wheel drive is great since my wife drives it most of the time, No hubs to lock, levers to pull or even buttons to press, the low transfer-case gear is awsome on steep uphill or downhill grades in snow, ice or mud. little bit less gas mileage though, Hub kits are available for about $900.00 or just take the drive line off in summer and on in winter it only takes about 10 minutes to take off.

The interior is in great shape for being all leather seats no rips or even wear marks, Dash has no cracks or fading carpets are in awsome shape.

The body is in great shape hasn't rusted and I live where they salt the roads constantly, the bumpers are flimsy when you play like I do, but they actually held up quite well until I ripped the front one off on a rock, jeep is a very rugged, stylish, reliable, safe and fun SUV to drive I will definitely get another one I've had it for 3 years now and it has almost 100,000 miles it and is still running strong with just little minor problems if you just keep up on the little stuff as with all vehicles you have any big problems.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2005

24th May 2010, 06:55

Check upper and lower rear torsion bars.

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.0 Inline six from North America


Good looking, reliable vehicle


Sometimes it will only start if it is engaged into neutral, no big deal though.

General Comments:

The leather seats are comfortable, cold and slippery in the winter, however. The steering seems a little loose.

Off-road capabilities are excellent. Has the part time four wheel drive.

The gas mileage is usually around 17 mpg.

The 4 liter inline six cylinder is very reliable, and has decent power.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2005

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 from North America


Absolute Junk


We bought our 94 JGC Laredo less than a month ago, it is older, but all of a sudden four days ago, we went to go to work, turned the key, and nothing happened. No click, clunk, or grind, just nothing. My boyfriend replaced the battery, starter, relay, positive wire from starter to the battery, ignition switch, checked the alternator, and the neutral safety switch (or PNP). None of the above. Can someone tell me exactly what that leaves for possible problems? It can be jumped with a screwdriver from the battery to the solenoid directly, but that means climbing under the vehicle any time we need to go anywhere! HELP!!

General Comments:

We are at our wits end on this one, he has spent 6 hours a day under that thing for 4 days, both of us missing work, but spending money to fix it and it's still not fixed. I as well sold my 99 Honda Civic DX for this piece of junk b/c we needed 4wd. HUGE mistake! If your considering, Don't DO IT!!!

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Review Date: 8th November, 2005

3rd May 2006, 13:20

Don't AND I MEAN Don't BLAME THE JEEP!!! the car is old and you didn't buy it new so most likely there is going to be problems with it don't you think? so get over it and get it fixed and enjoy the best car you will ever own in ur life. and to all the ppl that are thinking about buying a jeep do it!!!

Every type of cars have lemons well this lemon went to these lemons!