1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.6L from North America


An excellent buy with luxury, performance, and prestige. All in 4 wheels


Upon purchase, the driver seat bracket was broken, due to an extremely large man who previously owned the car.

Exhaust Manifold bolt rusted out, causing the oil pressure to remain at 70psi even at startup, and after driving long distances.

Rotors are turnable, pads are so-so after 10k.

Transmission alright, just catches up every once in a while with a thud, but not the mechanical metal to metal clang, just gearing.

Idle fluctuates, dealer said that was par for jeep grand Cherokee's.

General Comments:

Despite the largeness of the previous owner the seat cushions are still cushy. They are not flat and hard.

Leather seats are nice, and overall quality feel for the car.

Ten disc changer still works perfectly, no problems that I know of.

Windows still work excellently, and I am pleased with the car.

I would purchase another Jeep due to the performance, due to its size and robust power, getting past anything even fully loaded down is a breeze.

Handles like a dream, no major rolling in turns, even at faster rates of speed.

4x4 performance is not affected by the elements all that much, I have not noticed any slipping of wheels. The Quadra-drive system is excellent.

Even with the all-time AWD, mileage is excellent, compared with my previous car, a 1979 Chevrolet Blazer K-5, which also had a v8, but got on the freeway an astounding 12mpg.

Interior is lush and extremely comfortable, ac works excellent, and the heat is quite nice too. the lack of heated seats will be a bum in the winter months, but it heats up quickly, which is always welcome.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2004

9th Nov 2004, 15:42

This is an interesting and fair review. I cannot understand with these comments why it has been awarded a frown!??

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee wj 4.7 from North America


Over priced and many quality issues


Brakes and Rotors - this is by far the most frustrating problem. The rotors warp about every 10k miles. This causes the front end to shake violently when braking from higher speeds. Not to mention this is very unsafe for highway driving. Never in my life have I ever had to replace a rotor on any vehicle I've owned. This costs about $600.

Power window motors - the passenger and driver side front power window motors have both gone out. costs about $100 a piece.

Transmission - the 'check engine' light came on at 45k miles and I noticed that the car would 'jerk' when shifting into Drive form Park. Also, it would 'jerk' when it shifted from 1st to 2nd. I also beleive the overdrive was not working. The dealer said the transmition speed sensor needed to be replaced. ($280 with labor).

CD changer - the 10 disk changer is giving me an ERR.

Paint - my clear coat is fried! Not sure what caused this, but my paint now looks like a cloudy mess. The glossy black paint job is wrecked.

A/C and heat - the A/C is OK, but the heater smells like engine coolant. I've stopped using it (I live in So Cal. and can deal).

Battery - seems to last only about 2 years. The connections rotted. and once the car became possessed. Making clicking noises while the gauges went crazy and the rear window lowered. The solution was a new battery and tightened connections.

Seats - The leather looks nice, but the seat cushions seems cheap. I believe it's putting pressure on my sciatic nerve, causing me great discomfort.

General Comments:

For a very expensive, so-called luxury vehicle, this car suffers from many quality issues. Furthermore, Jeep doesn't stand by it's product or faulty parts. Once the warranty is up, you own all of the problems. They flat-out refuse any responsibility. I highly recommend am extended warranty.

I will never by a jeep product again!

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Review Date: 4th October, 2004