1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 from North America


JEEP- Just Empty Every Pocket


The biggest problem was the front brakes. The OEM callipers have a plastic type piston which bind and cause the rotars to warp. Since there never was a recall to fix this. The dealership offers an upgrade kit which runs about $160 including both callipers and full set of pads. Replacing was rather simple, bleeding the brake line was tricky, but not too hard to do. Save your self some headaches and buy the upgrade kit. The kit doesn't come with new rotors so go ahead and pick up a new pair, not at the dealership.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2004

4th Mar 2005, 17:23

Just Empty Every Pocket.

I just bought a Jeep vehicle. I never heard the acronym for JEEP before. I just did the acronym when I bought the Jeep. It's true.

Thanks for the humor.

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado 4.6 from North America


This car is a waste of my time and money, it's not worth trouble it's put me through!


The rear-end keeps going out. This will be the 3rd time the Jeep's rear-end has been replaced. It's been nothing but trouble since the day I purchased it. I would not recommend anyone purchase a Jeep Cherokee. I know I certainly won't make the same mistake twice.

General Comments:

They should have never put the Jeep Cherokee's on the market. For some reason the rear-end keeps going out, no matter how many times it's been replaced before.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2004

21st Sep 2004, 16:36

Hmmm...Few things caught my attention here...

1. You wrote it under Jeep GRAND Cherokee... and refer to it as the Jeep CHEROKEE. The CHEROKEE and GRAND Cherokee are two completely different vehicles.

2. You stated the Jeep has a 4.6L engine. There is no such engine in ANY Jeep (atleast not built by Chrysler).

3. You bought the vehicle USED. You have no idea how the previous owner treated the Jeep. They could have thrashed the hell out of it Off road, or wrecked it numerous times. You don't know!

Something says Fake about this review...

11th Oct 2004, 08:48

I've got a 4.0L Grand Cherokee that has the same problems. I've replaced the bearrings once already and now the problem has come back. I'm about to replace the entire rear end.

Also, there is an air leak at the fuel pump that causes the engine not to fire quickly. The fuel pump is located on top of the fuel tank.

3rd Feb 2005, 16:15

I am on my second rear end - first one went bad at 30K miles (very easy miles at that). Hard driven or not - rear ends should not go bad that quickly... Never will I buy a jeep grand cherokee.

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 V8 from North America


One I would buy again without thinking twice


At 65,000, a glitch in the transmission occurred, dealer took care of immediately (under warranty). Something to the effect of the speed sensor going out and the vehicle not knowing when to shift or downshift. Took about 45 minutes for repair. The factory installed 10 disc Infinity CD changer malfunctioned at about 70,000. Dealer also replaced with a new unit at no charge, just took about 2 weeks to get the new one in.

General Comments:

The absolute most comfortable vehicle of it's type I have ever driven. The heated leather seats give absolute comfort and support without letting you lose the feel of driving the vehicle, even during long trips.

The V-8 engine is more than adequate for the size of the Jeep, but the power under foot with it is more than enough to overtake whomever pulls up next to you, and makes the all time 4x4 system even more fun, it just kills any hope of gas mileage you might have with it being as average of 14.5 to 15.5 on highway.

Not the biggest SUV, but uses its size to its advantage being able to handle lots of cargo and 5 adults or a couple of car seats and 3 adults, well 2 adults and another child, I guess this is why the maneuverability is so clean and precise in town.

The exterior trim is a slight downside though, at about 70,000, I noticed the 4x4 emblems (mine has the gold pkg.) started to pop off the vehicle so I glued most on, but lost a couple of the other emblems and Jeep is very proud of those going by replacement price.

A/C uses quite a bit of freon, its been recharged 3 times that I know of, twice since I've had and the dealership says theres no sign of a leak, but when the air isn't working properly those leather seats get incredibly hot, especially if you leave the sunroof cover pushed back and the sun hits all angles.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2004

10th Nov 2004, 17:51

I own a '99 Grand Cherokee, 6 cyl. automatic. At over 60k miles the "Check Engine" light came on after it seemed to delay shifting from 1st to 2nd. Actually it would have shifted, but I pulled over and started out again. My OBD instrument for $100 told me it was a problem with the "output speed sensor". I checked with a dealer and he said there is an "input speed sensor" also. He advised replacing both of them if the problem is with these sensors. They cost under $25 each and are located near the transmission case under the vehicle. I'm thinking this is a simple fix and maybe can be done by the customer if its easy to do. This would save the dealer labor charge. My instrument will turn off the "mil" on dashboard, but it comes on again when car is driven. I've heard other Jeep owners complain of this problem. I'm hoping mine is an inexpensive repair and not something more involved with internal parts or a computer replacement, etc.