26th Sep 2010, 00:40

Hello all. After reading the comments, I am surprised at some.

I have a 2001 Grand Cherokee Ltd. No problems at 122,000. Power steering pump leaked and then quit. Now on PW steering pumps. After markets seem to be terrible. My daughter had to put three in one right after the other.

Back to my Jeep. No issues except dash speakers went. Junk speakers, and can't find good aftermarkets that will fit.

On window motors etc not working. In the past with other Jeeps, I have noticed that the switches corrode. Take them out, apart and polish all connections. You will be surprised how everything begins to work again.

I have had the Jeep from 70,000. Have not put brakes on it yet, but I need to because the rotors don't look good.

One problem now with starting. On occasion when I get in it only clicks. Many clicks and then it starts. I discovered the problem because I looked at it during the night. The wire attached to the solenoid is rusted and I can see it sparking. So I know I have a bad connection.

I haven't fixed it yet or tried a little. I have no idea how to take out the starter without taking off some other frame components. There is nearly no room to get to the solenoid connections to take them off and clean them. That is a must to correct this problem.

I would love to see the engineers that designed this. I am sure they were hired out of pity!!! Or some other oddball legal requirement!

But the Jeeps our family has and has had are pretty much flawless vehicles. I am surprised by the bad press here.


Dennis Carman.

24th Nov 2010, 10:25

I own a 2001 Jeep and ALL 4 window motor systems have gone out. I spent 1000 dollars on repairs and then the transmission went out the next day. I called Jeep and they say nothing is wrong with these vehicles! Bull... I have seen and heard of many Jeeps this model with the window issue. I need to repair but am really scared of the cost. It has been sitting for over a year trying to decide if to sell it for salvage or replace the transmission and SELL IT! Not sure I could get any buyers...

6th Dec 2010, 05:00

OK, so 01 GC limited has been great to me. Replaced the window assembly (30$ online), comes with motor and carriage assembly.

As far as front speakers, there is a defect in the tweeters. Jeep didn't put in crossovers to prevent bass from coming through the little guys so they'll blow and keep blowing, especially if you have Infinity sound system. Go to your local West Coast Customs (or whatever you got near you). They will have the small tweeters with built in crossovers (60$).

Finally my passenger heat just went out. I found that if I put the heat on recycle it actually stays pretty warm. Winter only lasts 4 months or so right?