7th Apr 2008, 15:05

Have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. Approaching 120k miles and have replaced pads and rotors 4-5 times, driver's side window motor, heated seats, A/C door broken, Blower recently went out, rebuilt differential, now power steering pump going bad, power mirrors always drift to lowest points and need reset every time vehicle is started up, Just paid off the vehicle, but the repair costs are just as high or higher than new car payments. Love the vehicle, hate its constant costs, not a vehicle that you can drive into the ground without it burying you in repair costs.

30th Jun 2008, 09:47

I have a 2001 GCL and have replaced the power windows 3 times and overhauled the brakes 2 times - once replaced the transmission but everything else OK - almost 100K miles and the engine (in-line 6) is a monster engine - super strong.

There are drawbacks but the key to this car is gentle use - and care.

I have no choice but to run it into the ground - which I will.

11th Jul 2008, 09:10

Have a 2001 Jeep Limited that has had both power window motors replaced and now the power steering pump went out. Reading other comments I wonder if the problem is in the steering rods. Any help out there?

8th Aug 2008, 14:46

I have a 2002 Jeep GC. Same problems as others have mentioned. The power window motors, squeaks, shakes, new rotors, etc. I just replaced rotors again, after having them replaced 1 year ago with less than 20,000 miles on them. As soon as I can I am getting rid of JEEP and going to something with a better reputation!

6th Dec 2008, 05:09

I own a 2001 Grand Cherokee limited with a 165k miles and have replaced both driver and passenger side window motors. My power steering just went completely out. Question for the forum, what has been your average cost to replace and repair your power steering. Servicing it myself is not an option.

9th Mar 2009, 04:09

I bought my 2001 JGC Laredo about a year ago, and have had numerous problems with it so far.

For starters, I too have the shaking when applying the brakes at 40mph +.

It might be my imagination, but it seems like the engine is getting less and less powerful.

My passenger heated seat hasn't worked since I bought it.

Just recently I've had a problem where after sitting over night, I'll try starting it and nothing happens. The starter doesn't click, but all the lights on the dash start up. I replaced the battery the first time and it fixed the problem. But a week later it did the same thing, so I tried giving the battery a jump, thinking it was that again, and nothing happened. I called AAA, they came out to jump it, and couldn't get it with a jump. The guy jumped in my car, through it in neutral, and it started right up. He said that Jeeps are notorious for some drive safety switch going bad (can quite remember exactly what type of safety switch he referred to).

And finally, add me to the list too, I'll be replacing my front pads and rotors next week. Going to be doing it myself, and was hoping to save a little money, but reading some of the previous postings, doesn't look like that is going to be happening.

I love the look and feel of the Grand Cherokee, it has always been my dream car, but so far very disappointed... Good luck everybody, and keep the postings coming, sounds like Jeep isn't going to help us at all, were going to have to stick together and help each other out.

4th Apr 2009, 10:17

My '03 grand Cherokee is now in the shop for its third power steering pump in 5 months. When I had the original replaced it was with a rebuilt, as was the next one. This time I am going with a Genuine Chrysler part and hoping for better. I have also replaced the driver side power window motor and have experienced the heat/AC hot/cold air problems from the first. Nice to know I'm not alone. I've owned nothing but Cherokees for 25 years but that may change soon!

Disappointed in Alabama.

26th May 2009, 11:43

This forum has been quite helpful. I was given a 2001 GC Laredo a couple years ago as a company car with 75000 miles on it, and while the car has been good to me, I have had major engine problems (had to replace the block because it was cracked and leaking coolant) and about to do my second brake replacement.

I added a 2" lift and some bigger tires and a grille guard that add a total of about 350 lbs of extra weight, and I hoped that performance slotted rotors and pads would help the brakes hold up. But, after about 15000 miles and two years, I am getting a severe shake while braking - especially while turning and/over 50mph - so it seems that it's a wash with the extra weight vs. the high performance breaks. I did not know how to fix the shaking but based upon what everyone is saying here, it looks like it's time for new rotors and pads.

5th Jul 2009, 19:54

(July 2009) I purchased my 2000 JGC Laredo in 2001 with 90k miles to start with. At 105k miles, I had the rear driver’s window motor go out. They are still that way, why not, I have three more.

In 2003 at 130k my transmission went out. I took my JGC to Midas for 2k to rebuild. With a three year warranty would you know that the transmission went out 3.5 years and 170k miles. After taking it to a local mechanic, it was discovered that the unit that allowed the transmission fluid to cycle through the radiator failed. Causing the fluid to heat up enough and allowing the transmission parts to fail due to high temperature.

At about 180k miles, my front right tire started a little vibration, along with the Air bag light and auditable alarm going off continuously. I changed pads not knowing the cause, no improvement.

At 200k, I replace the passengers front rotor expecting to solve the problem and for about 5k. But I did not change the pads or caliper or the drivers front rotor.

I am at 208k and plan on changing all brake pads and turning all four rotors. After reading this post, I think that this should give me about 10k miles. With the transmission starting to slip while turning corners, I am going to sell/trade in.

Problem I see with this and other post like this, all vehicles have posts giving issues that owners have. The best way to purchase and maintain your vehicle is to review posts and anticipate what could go wrong and be prepared. Good luck and take charge.

12th Oct 2009, 19:20

OK - met my hubby when his 2001 GC Limited was almost 2 yrs old, had 9k miles and still had new car smell. 4 months later the Jeep had 22k and we were engaged.

Anyway, I believe a lot of the problems are in the 6cyl vehicles vs the 8cyl. Our Jeep has had plenty of pickup & power, no transmission issues, for sure... no seat thing, except for the heater going at 30k... the heat A/C problem fixed itself... IDK... Jeep fairy?

The window regulators have all been redone by the hubby... honestly I thought the kids did it... I have left the sunroof open thru thunderstorms... still no seat or electrical problems... the car has been with us since we got together and with a bunch of kids and dogs, we are HARD on vehicles... hubby drives like he stole it. The car still accelerates like a CHAMP and handles like a dream... again, maybe the weight distribution of the 8cyl makes it handle better? I really love to drive this car.

Low key looking, but makes me feel like a bitch on wheels! I did get it stuck in the mud once and found out that the tow hooks were NOT just for looks... I used to sell Dodge & Jeep, so I can vouch for that!

Oh sure, we have had our fair share of annoyances - The chrome is peeling off the schmancy rims... the terminal ends were constantly loosening, finally... 4 or 5 batteries later, we have that covered. This was the last model for a PRETTY Jeep. I saw one like ours... except not beat to crap and it really was beautiful. Hopefully my 15 y/o son puts another 100k on this sweetie.

BTW, the power steering just finally went bad on the right side... any help?