19th Apr 2004, 11:01

Count me in... I have a 2001 Gr Cherokee that we paid 32k for new. It's in the shop for the 2nd time in 1 yr for pulsating brakes. The vehicle only has 41k miles. The dealer is telling me that "Jeeps just do this". I've about had it!

20th Apr 2004, 10:24

I think a lot of you people with rotor problems have another problem - You drive this heavy SUV like the Accord or Camry you used to own. You have to change your driving habits coming from a car. You can't expect the same wear and tear out of this +5,000lb hunk of steel with full axles (only one left, that's why they are still the best off-road).

If you have a problem with a part that wears out prematurely - don't replace it with the same part, upgrade to a better part that you can buy cheaper than the OEM replacement. Get higher quality cross drilled or slotted rotors and better brake pads and quit whining.

I've been hearing the same complaint for a while, and am expecting this to happen to mine at any moment. I have already done my research and am planning on high performance upgrades in rotors, pads, stainless lines. This way I will most likely never have to mess with the brakes again for another five years. Meanwhile the problem never appears, but I hear about all the time from ex-car drivers that jump up to a 'truck'.

I own a 2001 Grand Cherokee Limited with 86k miles and have had ZERO problems with the vehicle. I LOVE it. Best vehicle I have ever owned. Great power, handling, and BRAKES. Stops on a dime. Only complaint I could have is the MPG, but I didn't buy a Civic - I bought the quickest, sharpest SUV on the market, shy of a Porsche or BMW X5i. (Yes, the Jeep with regular 4.7V8 is still quicker the the Hemi Durango, and I saw a Durango at the car show - only thing worse in fit/finish is the new Colorado.)

The American public has created this SUV & Truck frenzy and the manufacturers are eating it up. "I feel safer." "I like the way I sit up higher and can see over the other cars ahead of me." Yeah, until everyone else is driving an SUV.

I have owned a wide variety of vehicles, and this Grand Cherokee is by far the best. Mustang Cobra with many aftermarket upgrades, Lincoln Mark VII, Caprice with cop car package, full size Chevy Blazer, Honda Civic hatchback just to name a few.

Fix your worn out brakes and then fix your head. You can't drive a big SUV like a little Accord/Camry/Taurus/Intrepid.

4th Jun 2004, 17:37

I totally disagree. I drive my jeep 9 miles a day to and from work. I drive it like a jeep not like a Camry! I should not have 2 new sets of brakes and rotors at 44k.


9th Jun 2004, 14:59

Most of the above comments are from newer 2001 Jeep models. I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee, and it has the same problem also. But it's not the rotors, I have no idea what it is actually. I hit a 8 1/2 foot hill about a month and a half ago, and it had to be re-aligned and balenced. It's a rebuilt vehicle and it pulsates after applying the brake especially when going down hill where pressure is applied to the front end.

10th Jun 2004, 11:53

I have a 2002 Laredo that has had horrible problems with brake pulsation. I had the calipers, rotors, and pads replaced at 10,000 miles. The problem came back at 16,000 miles so I had the front rotors and pads replaced again. Now at 19,000 miles the problem is back. I have no idea if they are going to pay for it this time, but I am getting rid of this car as fast as I can.

25th Jun 2004, 05:59

I have been a Jeep owner for many years and I've experienced a few problems. However, they are no different than most vehicles. When properly maintained they will out perform any other vehicle it the class. They're build for performance off road. Sure I've paid for brakes at 40K, but I expect to be paying for maintenance (brakes) at that mileage. I think at times, we in the public are too hasty to critically judge a product. Every manufacturer has a Service Department.

6th Jul 2004, 12:42

My 2001 JGC has had rotors resurfaced at 12K; new rotors and calipers at 24K, new rotor resurfaced at 36K, and it's going to need it again. A friend has a Mitsubishi Montero and he's also gone through rotor hell. Guess what America! It is your driving habits!

7th Jul 2004, 09:48

I have a 2000 XJ Cherokee Sport. I have a serious shimmy when I step on the brakes between 40 and 50mph.I love my jeep, but nobody wants to ride in it let alone drive it anymore. insight into this problem is welcomed.

14th Jul 2004, 12:19

More of the same. My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee shakes hard when the brakes are applied at over 40 mph, has started jerking around when I turn left, and just today I got the engine maintenance light stating I have a catalytic converter problem. I purchased my Jeep in January, 2002, it's now July, 2004. I have 30,000 miles on the car, I have had a broken power steering line before and now this.

I moved to Baltimore, MD, after I purchased my car, and while I loved my old dealer, the Baltimore Jeep dealers SUCK!!! I have left email and telephone messages and nobody will return my phone calls. So I am going to take it to my local Texaco.

4th Aug 2004, 14:47

My business has a '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the same sort of steering wheel shake, brake pulsing problems that I've seen described on this site. In short, I've had pads replaced, rotors turned down and then finally the entire rotor, pad, brake system replaced by the dealer for the cost of over $410!! It works no, but who knows what will happen next month. My dealer told me that Jeep knows and knew about the problem when I bought the vehicle. (Of course they wouldn't tell me about it!) I complain the Jeep, but they called it normal wear!!! I don't think replacing the rotors BEFORE replacing the tires is "normal". I doubt if we'll ever buy a Jeep again for business or personal use. Other than that the vehicle has worked out well for us, but my point is who knows what's next and how much help you'll get from Jeep? If you're still considering buying one get as much extended warranty coverage as you can.

5th Aug 2004, 00:15

After hearing so many negative comments I'm almost sorry I bought my 2001 JGC Laredo. I bought it in March 2004. It had 20,000 miles. After driving in it for about 2 or 3 weeks I started hearing a grinding noise when I turned the steering wheel. I haven't had any of the other problems yet, but I sounds inevitable. Needless to say... I'm in this contract for 5 years. Hopefully I will have better luck than the unfortunate people who have purchased this car believing in confidence in this product.