30th Sep 2003, 13:26

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I have the same problem with my rotors they are warped.

The dealer will not pay for it. I bought a $2000.00 extended warranty policy and they say its not covered. I have had it with Chrysler and the jeep brand I will never buy another Chrysler jeep again.


1st Oct 2003, 10:02

Add me to the list. Rotors on my 2001 Grand Cherokee originally replaced @15K miles with no charge to me. (I understand that Jeep has extended original rotor warranty to 16K miles.) Now I am running 34K miles and the pulsations are back. Looks like an out-of-pocket financial event coming up. What's a group like us to do?

17th Nov 2003, 11:18

To all the people who have commented about their 2000-2002 Grand Cherokee Laredos, I say "thank you". I have been driving a 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo the last 2 days. It is a used vehicle and the dealer let us take it home to see how we liked it. I liked many things about the car from the styling, the room, adequate power and low miles (27K). However, my wife and I have noticed the squeaky brakes. The dealer says the will look at the brakes for us if we consider the car. The dealer is offering a decent price with a couple upgrades. We also considered the "extended" warranty. About a $1800-$2000 investment over 5 years. But the warranty does not cover rotors or disc's. So all this discussion about bad brakes have cautioned me away from this vehicle. My family and I are on a budget. We don't need another money pit, that's what our house is for.

25th Dec 2003, 04:11

Add me to the list of miffed 2001 Cherokee owners with brake problems. At 20k miles car went in for a check engine light. Turned out to be a bad gas cap. At the same time, the told my wife the brake pads were low and the rotors were damaged. Since I had looked at the brakes last week and they were fine, I was more than a little surprised. Told them I would take care of it. Asked about the price of rotors. $160 each! Good golly man, are they made of gold. I paid $89 for a set of two cross drilled high performance Zimmerman rotors for my BMW! NAPA had the rotors for $29 each.

I replaced the pads. Turns out the rotor was fine. At 40K my wife reported a strong shimmy when braking while going down hill. Since we live in the North Georgia mountains, we see a lot of downhills. That was fixed at a local wheel alignment and balance shop. Is it my imagination, but this Jeep seems to eat tires faster than an NSX? Car was OK for another 10k miles (she puts about 5K miles a month! Yep, I change oil once a month.)

Her next complaint was brake noise again. Turns out these cars have no low pad warning system other than having the brake pad rivet contact the rotor. No chirping finger in the pads, no sensor light, nothing. One rotor was gouged, the other OK. Replace rotors and brakes and now have a clunking sound on hard left turns that I have to figure out. Grrr.

No more Jeeps.


5th Jan 2004, 13:16

I have a 2001 JGC with 79,000 miles. I took it to a dealer for a diagnostics scan because of the check engine light. The code said it was an emissions related problem so they charged me $100.00 for 10 minutes of work and a new gas cap. The service was bad until I complained then it became terrible (Breiden in Milwaukee, WI).

I also have the brake problem which should be recalled.

I have always purchased new Chrysler products because I get an employee discount and because I wanted to buy American.

Sadly, my next new car will NOT be a Chrysler product.

30th Mar 2004, 14:37

I have had brake problems replaced front pads and rotors at 35K, cut rotors and new pads 6 months laters and now 6 months later vibration is back. However, jeep has realized the problem and is now selling a replacement kit. ~$150. Kit includes calipers and new pads. New rotors are an additional $65. They claim that the kit will do the trick.

1st Apr 2004, 17:20

Add me to the list of rotor complaints. At 9,000 miles, I had the pulsating and vibration. They turned the rotors and said it was fixed. The problem developed again at 15,000 miles. Rotors were turned again. Two weeks ago, I took the Jeep back in at 27,000 miles. This time they replaced the rotors. It's an effort to take the vehicle to the shop so often, however, they did the work at no cost to me. I have also had problems with the gas cap, the check engine light came on and they said that was the problem. I also have a pull to the right that no one seems to be able to figure out. I like the style, I like the way it handles, except the pull to the right, and I like the warranty. Be aware of these problems. I'm leasing my vehicle with 2 more years to go. If I don't have any more problems I'm sure I'll buy it. I'll see in two years.

2nd Apr 2004, 14:54

I also have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have the brake pedal pulsates causing the front end to shake violently when the brakes are applied at low or high speed. I will never buy a jeep in the future because the dealer will not fix the problem, they just want to charge for new rotors every 15000 miles.

8th Apr 2004, 23:25

4/8/04 - To add to the mounting brake problems, the pull to the right wearing out the tires and preventing an alignment to be guaranteed, how many of you have had the "motor" in your window go out and drop your window in the door? Did this at 45,000 miles and it will cost $450 for the part alone!!

Just over 36,010 miles the transmission failed - a "sensor" went out and dealer wanted to charge us $800 to fix, since I had purchased the vehicle used with less than 30,000 miles and I was so close to the warranty you'd think they'd fix right? WRONG! But when I called my own mechanic who said it would cost $280 to fix including labor and towing and I told the dealer to leave it alone until towed, they suddenly decided they could do it for the same amount!

NOW, just hit 63,000 miles and guess what - the transmission is GONE!! What happened to the 7 year/100,000 power train warranty? ONLY for original owners - now why is that I wonder???

I hate Jeep - never again!

13th Apr 2004, 19:05

You can add me to the list as well. I have a 2001 Grand Jeep Cherokee and have had it in for bad rotors on two occasions. I now have a little over 36,000 miles on it and the rotors are failing again, that's number three. Jeep says they are not going to fix the problem. I have an extended warranty that does not cover the problem either. I believe with so many complaints of the same problem that something should be done. The customer service is very poor and I will never buy another Jeep again.