2004 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7 V6 from North America


Would own another if I didn't need more cargo space


Shortly after receiving the car, I noticed that the rear window hatch (above the tailgate) would inexplicably open on its own, especially in wet weather. The dealer was unwilling to fix the problem under warranty on my testimony, and was only fixed after a recall notice came out from the manufacturer.

The seats seem to discolor easily (they are black fabric) if they get wet.

General Comments:

I like this vehicle, but it is lacking in much usable space and I use it as a service vehicle for my job. The rear seats do not fold down flat, and when they are in the normal position, the usable rear cargo space is pretty limited by the slanting of the seat backs.

I did find the front seats to be very comfortable for long distance driving. Plenty of lower back support compared to the Dodge Caravans I have previously owned. I also like the maneuverablity and the part time four wheel drive. The brakes seem a little lacking at times, but are generally pretty good. Rear wheel drive sometimes breaks traction on wet pavement or even dry pavement when the weather is very cold (0 - 10 deg F.) and the vehicle is in 2WD mode. Windshield glass seems to have pitted more than my previous vehicles have in same amount of time.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2005

6th Feb 2006, 09:42

If you have a 2005 Jeep Libert the seats do fold down flat just take out the head rests. Great vehicle!!!

2004 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7 from North America


Reliable Powerful off road capable



General Comments:

I love My Liberty. It is a very capable 4*4. I love the powerful v-6. I would buy another. I have gone ditch diving with it. I have been off road with it many of times and has performed to the maximum.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2005

2004 Jeep Liberty Renegade 3.7 from North America


Solid small SUV, but it still has some bugs


Windows Rattle.

Pull to right.

General Comments:

The Jeep Liberty is a solid SUV. The build quality seems very good, and it gives you the feeling that it can do anything, on and off the road.

The suspension on the Liberty (I had the Renegade model) was probably one of the best suspensions I've ever felt. It was extremely comfortable on all surfaces, not too tight & not too loose.

The front two windows rattled when I first took the car. It only happened when they were between fully up and halfway down. I had to take it in a couple times to get it fixed. The first time the dealer said they could not reproduce the issue. But in the notes on the service order the tech drove with the windows almost all the way down, which they didn't rattle because they were mostly inside the door at that point. I had to ride in the car with the tech for awhile to make him listen to what I would hear. They ended up replacing some guide rails or something and that fixed it. The only other rattle I had in the car was from the read passenger side door panel.

OK, we all know the Liberty doesn't get good gas mileage, but I would have been happy to get at least close to what the sticker claims it gets city and highway. For both city and highway I averaged between 13 and 14MPG. I couldn't make it from Chicago to St Louis on one tank, and it's not even 300 miles. The maximum miles I could get on one tank was about 250, and that was with the gas light on for quite awhile. For the mileage the Liberty gets, it should have a V8 in it. It gets the same mileage, maybe even worse the the Grand Cherokee's that have the V8. Just my thoughts.

The Jeep also handles like a champ in sloppy snow. In 4 wheel part time, it never had any problems. I was extremely impressed with its performance.

The interior was fine, nothing special, but still much better than most other cars in its class. However, the fact that the back seats don't fold flat is really irritating. I didn't think it would bother me when I got it, but after a couple times of hauling large loads, it got old real quick.

The biggest problem I had with my Liberty is the fact that it did pull to the right about 75% of the time. The dealer did an alignment, but that did nothing. This is going to be one of those issues that Jeep will never resolve, no matter how many times you take it in. And here's what they'll tell you: it is all to spec. That's all they look at, the specs that it's supposed to be built to. So you're on your own if your Liberty pulls to the right. I didn't notice any abnormal tire wear, but it's only been 13k miles. So only time will tell.

To wrap up, I ended up trading in my Liberty. At times I really do miss it, especially with the winters here in Chicago. I got rid of it because of the mileage and the pulling to the right, that might sound lame, but I didn't want to get stuck with something that got worse as time went (and honestly these things are actually in good demand, so you shouldn't have any trouble selling). It's definitely a good looking SUV. I wish it were a little bigger for more hauling ability, but it is what it is.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2005

31st Jan 2005, 22:24

If I were you I'd take it in to get it fixed. Like I said, the dealer was actually able to fix that problem relatively easily, so it's worth checking out. I'm glad you are happy with yours. From what I've read, it seems to be hit or miss if a specific liberty pulls to the right. Does yours pull to the right, or are you one of the lucky ones?