2004 Kia Rio RX-V 1.3 gasoline from Panama


Good family car


A/C clutch has failed twice in 3 years.

A/C fan burned out after 2 years.

Radiator fan wobbled after 2 years.

Two batteries in 3 years.

General Comments:

Slow response on the acceleration, but a stable ride.

Good room in the interior.

Added a radio CD head unit, a 1000 watt 4 channel amp, a 1 farad capacitor, and a 200 watt bazooka.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2007

25th Mar 2008, 17:53

Its actually a 1.6, not a 1.3. How can someone own a car and not know the engine size? No wonder people get ripped off so badly at mechanics who take advantage of them.

Also do not expect your batteries to last that long when you are draining an incredible amount of power to cause noise pollution. 1000 watt amplifier? How many times have you drained the battery with that? A typical lead acid car battery can only stand being drained a few times.

And you cannot expect more acceleration out of a 1.6 L engine at just over 100 hp.

15th Nov 2010, 18:38

Actually, the car came with two engine sizes, a 1.6L DOHC motor, and a 1.3L SOHC motor. Also, along with the radio, I installed a 1000 CCA battery, which gives me 1 hour of radio time without worrying about starting the engine. If you knew more about audio systems, 1000 watts usually translates to 250 watts RMS to each of the speakers, which is not much, and gives the right balance to listen music clearly. I bought this car for economy, not speed or acceleration, so your point about the engine is moot at best.

6th Oct 2012, 20:42

Different countries had smaller motors.

2004 Kia Rio RS 1.6 from North America


KIA is the best..


Nothing, not even a check engine light... nothing.

General Comments:

I love this car. I have had no problems with this car. It has run perfect since I got it, and the service I have received has been excellent.

I live up in Northern Canada and the roads are not the greatest. A little rougher terrain and this little car goes through it all.

I will never buy another brand; KIA has awesome vehicles, warranty and service. I would never trust another make.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2006

2004 Kia Rio LS 1.3 from Malaysia


Needs to be very patient


The driver's power window jammed after 3 months (??!!!) and central locking mechanism (tailgate) gave way after 6 months.

General Comments:

Generally, Rio is a very handsome car. I have the 5-door version (Cinco in US) with the 1.3 auto transmission. The car felt quite well screwed, but the lack of low-end pull is REALLY disappointing. Rear legroom is also very compromised if the driver were to push his seat any further to get a comfy driving position. Lastly, the brake system is one of the scariest I've tried in years! Other than the "dead" feeling (or rather the "no-feel") is seriously hampering some spirited driving.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2005

3rd Nov 2005, 04:12

Lower the height of the drivers seat. It gives a bit more leg room.

It is irritating that the Rio is built such that you can't see stop lights when you park close up.

21st Nov 2005, 00:20

I wish to know more on fuel consumption for Kia Rio 1.3A base on RM/km.

Thank you

2nd Sep 2006, 12:37

After installing an after-market extractor, the car feels much better and livelier. Highway sprints can made with much ease and the fuel consumption had also improved. The brakes still leave much to be desired.

4th Apr 2007, 14:48

Could you please explain what an aftermarket "extractor" is? I was considering a Rio with the 1.6 until I drove one today and was extremely disappointed with the lack of takeoff power. It's not a sports issue, it's a safety issue for pulling out into traffic. When I left the dealer lot, I had to cross 3 lanes of oncoming 45m/h (US) traffic (about 60 feet) in good time to be safe, and that's not unusual in the US. I'd have been very afraid to try that in the Rio I had just driven, but if there's a performance enhancement I could add, that might change my mind.

Thanks for any help!

27th Jun 2007, 08:26

An after-market extractor is actually the exhaust manifold (likely to be called the "header" in some parts of the world). This is the first portion of the exhaust pipe which connects to the engine block. Trust me when I say that by simply changing to a tuned length extractor, mid-range pull will increase dramatically. As for low-end torque, I'm still working on that... Maybe an A'PEXI SAFC will do the job, haha... I believe you can easily get a tuned-length extractor in US, especially for the 1.6 MI-Tech engine... by the way, I'm driving a 1.3 SOHC 8-valve here in Malaysia : (