3rd Jan 2009, 20:00

I have a 2000 LS V8 that I bought with 49k on it. Now it has 130k due to heavy highway driving. Like everyone else has said, it's a beautiful car, but not worth all the maintenance. Ford should step up to the plate and own up to all the issues that thousands of lS owners are having.

Before the LS, I had a 2000 Lexus ES300 that I bought with 33k, and had 174k on it before I sold to a friend that is still driving it with no problems (stupid me), not one problem with the car other than regular tune ups, normal wear and tear.

This is one of the reasons people don't want to buy American cars, they are not built with the same quality and don't come with the same warranties as foreign. This is why all the US automakers are going under.

My next car in a few moths will be a Lexus, Infiniti, or Nissan Maxima. I wanna keep my money instead of making these inconsiderate people richer by bringing back my car to the dealer every 2 months, and shelling out at least over $300 per trip while they are flying around corporate jets!

13th Jan 2009, 10:30

I currently have a 2003 Lincoln LS. I have had one issue and that was the coil packs, but Ford has a TSB and will take care of them on my vehicle for up to 100,000 miles. Other than this, I haven't had any real problems with the car. If they made this car now, I would buy another one.

25th Jan 2009, 20:51

I own a 2002 Lincoln LS with 77,000 miles. I drove it brand-new off the lot. Love the car - hate the repairs! It is in the shop, again. No hot air coming from the defrosters. Anyone have this problem? Heating has already been repaired twice. Ford paid for the new transmission at 52,000 because of an extended warranty. Seat belt light fixed twice. First time, a spring coil replacement for $625.00, then the real culprit was discovered... a loose wire under the driver's seat only $285.00. There are so many other repairs, I have lost track. While my luxury Lincoln is in the shop, I am driving a 1993 Honda Accord that has never had any service rather than normal maintenance.

2nd Feb 2009, 18:11

Dam2cook: My 2002 Lincoln LS after replacing the valve gaskets with the upgraded version with boots, new injectors and coil packs is still knocking/misfire under load at 40 to 50 MPH. I use premium gas. The dealer has basically told me they give up and don't know what it is. I am floored. How can this be. I like the car and want to fix it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

3rd Feb 2009, 21:22

I got my LS V8 2001 from my brother. It had 37K. On my way home engine light went on. Mechanic replaced one coil (37K).

Last year it had misfiring problems. I had to paid to dealer over 2500 dollars repairs. They changed other 6 coils, cover valve gasket + plastic reservoir for coolant had to be replaced because there was a small hole. 45 days later (December 08) there is problem with transmission. Dealer told me there is transmission failure, hard part failure and transmission has to be replaces (at 67000 miles!!!)

Estimate for new tranny is 3650 dollars. This is too much. Over 7000 dollars in repairs in one year???!!!

This car is lemon. I have feeling that there is something wrong with front suspension. There is an increase in noise and I feel something is loose there. Frankly, this car became a nightmare for me. Can anybody suggest something to me in this precarious situation?

Thanx, Paul.

13th Feb 2009, 21:58

Well I guess I can officially join the club of disappointed LS Owners. I have a 2002 V6 with 74,000 miles on it. I purchased the car new in November 2002. I too have had the window regulators replaced multiple times under warranty. Headlights replaced due to moisture (under warranty). Two CD changers replaced. Now I'm going the the clock spring drill, the valve cover leak, the misfire coil changes, oil in the plugs and another window regulator. I almost cried when the dealership told me $2200.00 This is after dropping $1500 three months ago when the harmonic balancer went bad and threw the serpentine belt through the engine, chewing up the hydraulic pump. I'm a tried and true Ford man, but this is too much. I traded in my 96 SHO for this car. The SHO had to have a new engine as the Yamaha engines they put in were of faulty design and would send the cam shaft trashing up the motor.

Ford does not know how to treat it's most loyal owners. I'm buying the Hyundai Genesis after 25 years of Ford products.

20th Feb 2009, 23:54

I own a 2000 Lincoln LS. It has 197000 on it... it runs really good except for a speed sensor replacement... but today I put the pedal down and it shut down... I need answers.

7th Mar 2009, 15:04

I just purchased a 2000 Lincoln from a friend about 2 weeks ago. When I bought the car, he did repairs on a lot of the problems you all are complaining about. He replaced the cooling fan, and did a complete tune-up, replacing the coils and the plugs, and a few other things. So I was pleased with the purchase.

But 2 weeks later the car is jumping and misfiring. I now am wondering if I made the right decision. I thought I was getting a reliable car, but we will find out.

Also, if you want to be heard and still want to make Ford more accountable, you should look www.consumeraffairs.com. They will show you how to contact a lawyer to consider a class action suit. I wish I would have found this forum before I purchased this car.

30th Mar 2009, 23:48

I have an 02 LS 3.9V8 and everything that has been said is true. Most of all FORD knows all of this and never attempted to fix the problems that were fixable. Some are design errors and they just should have cut us checks. The coils, the window regulators. brake lights, gaskets, radio, and heating/AC problems seems to be the most prevalent.

My question today is has any found a lawyer? Second, has anyone found an after market gasket gromet or a way to seal these things!!!

31st Mar 2009, 11:36

I have a solution... two words... car crusher. Then get a lawyer and sue the pants off Ford, or try to at least. (Ford probably has much better lawyers than any of us can afford.) Hey, if we could afford better, then we wouldn't be purchasing Ford's worst car since the Edsel...

5th Apr 2009, 08:51

OK so I have a 2000 Lincoln LS and the problem I've been having (other than the 4 window regulators that I've replaced) is that mine will randomly overheat. However, it's not really overheating. The temp gauge will climb and throw the check engine temp. warning. Then it will reduce engine power and then finally throw a check engine light. If you turn the car off and on a few times it will eventually go right back 2 normal. The techs can't duplicate it and have tried everything.