15th Jul 2008, 19:40

My 2000 Lincoln LS V6 keeps having this knocking sound in the right front area. Anyone know what it is??? And if you're overheating, it's the hydraulic fan and actuator switch, and it will run to 1500.

9th Aug 2008, 11:36

Wow, This is the first time I have read a comment site about a car and it issues, but everyone hit it on the head. We are on our 2nd Ls (2000, then 2001) and all sounds familiar. Bad window motors, A/C that bows on and off and the "Misfires".

While some was covered under warranty the expensive ones were not. The A/C was 900 for a sensor to stop the hot air but they want another 900 so that the dual zones will work again NOT!. As to the misfires, two dealerships and 1500 later and guess what? Misfires. Wish I would have purchased all new coils before the last 3 hours of changing the plugs and plug wire jackets, there are still 5 original ones, guess I better get those on order. However not all that hard to change out the coils, just pretty tight quarters. And yes the valve gaskets are just lovely, leaky little buggers.

Oh well, thanks for solidifying that if the ones I replaced today do not stop the misfires at 40-45mph, I will just crack it open and do the other 5. BUT I do love the car, handles great (01 LS sport 3.9) with the new goodyear eagle edge, awesome tires.

If I ever get the misfires worked out completely I will re-post. Later.

Rodney In Dallas.

12th Aug 2008, 22:15

I have a 2000 Lincoln LS V8, and I just recently had another problem with the car. The driver side vents only throw hot air when I turn on the A/C. The passenger side throws cold air. I don't know what it is. I took it to a mechanic and they told me it needed Freon, but it is still the same. Does anyone know what it is? Please help cuz the heat is killing me and I need my A/C.

27th Aug 2008, 14:00

Wow... I wish that I would have read all of these comments before I purchased my 04 LS... I'm on my way to the dealership today as a matter of fact...I'm getting the car towed of course because for the third time in two years the piece of junk will not start... coil replacement, A/C blowing hot air, losing speed after turning, stalling, and an engine that sounds like a dump truck... you name it and this car does it... but hey Ford finally sent me a letter owning up to some of these issues... Customer Satisfaction Program 08N01... a promise to replace your PCV valve... they believe that it is causing a leak which could explain the need for coil replacement... the first time my coils were wet and the mechanic had no idea why... this might explain it...

6th Sep 2008, 13:47

I have a 2002 T Bird which is on the LS frame. I have had to replace some coils due to misfiring. I've had no valve cover leakage though. I find the car runs much better around town with the transmission in 4 rather than 5. The transmission seems to hunt between 4 and 5 when in 5. The engine rpms are usually over 2K in 4 compared to 1800 in 5 but the car runs much better.

2nd Oct 2008, 17:44

I have a 2001 V8 which like everyone seems to agree, is a beautiful car. I've driven it out of state and back and it has about 95K on it. The problem started one day when my engine light came on, then my brake light, then my traction control and air bag lights followed. Apparently, there's some sort of electrical problem with the car in general.

As far as those who experience wet spark plugs / coils, a Lincoln Service tech told me this is a defect in the valve cover gasket. The repairs that I've found DIY (do-it-yourself) are the fuel filter, cabin a/c filter, spark plugs (about 2 hours without advanced tools). The rear wheel bearings are next; any repairs that can be done at home should be done at home. If you have the money to "rebuild" the car then that's the best option; otherwise, prepare for a car that tends to look better than it runs.

30th Oct 2008, 23:04

I have a 2002 Lincoln LS (BUILT ON THE JAGUAR CHASSIS DESIGN) BRITISH ENGINE, FORD TRANNY... Like most of you have said, it's a beautiful car, handles wonderful, good on gas too. We bought it used, was a lease turn-in. Had 32,000 miles on it then. We now have 87,000 on it now. We have experienced many of the same problems reported in above posts including:

1. The left side A/C started blowing hot air. Left side was OK, blowing cold air. The problem was a defective hot water control valve, which modulates to maintain setpoint temperature when set for heating or cooling. This cost us 340.00 at dealership.

2. The next failure was the brakes. Considering the mileage, not too upset about that, just normal wear and tear. Put 4 new rotors, and pads. I replaced the standard pads, with the newly released pads that are made from, CERAMIC, the same materials that railroad cars uses for their brake shoes... The best advantage I've found is that there is no black brake dust on wheels, no break squealing, and longer life from pads, which has a lifetime warranty from Autozone or NAPA. The cost for all parts was appx. 400.00.

3. OIL FILLER CAP!! PLEASE TAKE NOTE: RECALL ON OIL FILLER CAP. Have you guys noticed oil on the valve covers underneath the oil fill cap? Initially, I thought the oil on the engine, was from the careless techs at quick lubes, which may have spilled oil everywhere. I went to a web site which gives info about recalls on autos. There I found information stating the oil filler caps are defective on the Lincoln LS models. I purchased a new oil filler cap for less than $5.00 at autozone. The left drivers' side is where I've had my problems. Oil blows off the filler cap, down onto the valve cover, and into the hole where the plug, boots, etc. are located.

Next, all the mis-firing starts. I did not use a new Ford valve cover gasket, as they leak, I bought a tube of high temp silicone and made a nice gasket, that works better. Sound familiar? How about this good stuff, Ladies and Gents.. now this is the reason we need a class action law suit! There must be a good attorney out there that has bought one of these money pits, right? I did not replace any of the coil packs, as they checked out OK. The problem is coming from the oil and water which is causing the mis-firing of the plugs. The coil packs are sealed very tightly. I replaced all the plugs, as they were all worn out and had close to .060 of an inch gap on them. Should be around .043.

4. We have had car into shop numerous times trying to get dealership to address the hard shifting problems with the transmission. It slams hard when taking the car out of park and placing it into the "D" position. Even harder when going from Drive to Reverse. We had them look at this numerous times, only to be told that they all do THAT! Well, just because ALL of them do that, does that make it RIGHT? No of course not. But like all the other things we are stuck with it for now anyway.

5. The radiator recovery tank sprung a leak and had to be replaced. The cost of the part was approx. $145.00. I installed it myself. Saved a few hundred there.

6. The most recent thing to wear out is the seat heater, radio controls, air bag device, and horn. Well I've found out that all of these are having same problem. The "Clock Spring" located behind the steering wheel, controls all the buttons on the steering wheel and steering column. Also controls the cruise controls and other functions like air bag, radio button located on steering wheel etc. All of these are now failing. I still have to replace mine. It broke two weeks ago. So when you notice the nice features that quits working.. you can suspect the clock spring. It's like a reel that winds and unwinds a ribbon cable, that sends and receives various signals from controls on the steering wheel. I've been told they are not very hard to replace.. so guess I will find out about that too.

I'm probably leaving off a few other things that have gone wrong.. but cannot remember all of them right now. Maybe all of us together can help each other with the problems.

Hope this helps, and together, perhaps we can get some help with these great, handling and performing cars. Even with these few problems, I do love driving the car, as it has plenty of power, good stability, and good braking performance as well. The exterior and interior is still like new. I guess that about sums it all up for now.

One good thing about the battery being located in the rear of auto, is that its cooler, and therefore the batteries last longer. We are still on our first Autolite factory battery.

L R in Tn.

UPDATE: 9-16-10

Lincoln now has 116,000 miles on car, since last update, so I thought further postings were in order. Engine started misfiring again, so I removed the cover which goes over the spark plugs, recessed into heads, was not surprised to see oil in there again. I purchased a new gasket set from Autozone. They re-assured me that their basket set was the latest and greatest available. They called the Felpro factory Rep. and let me speak with him, and he too assured me these gaskets were revised and were the most recent updated gasket set. That made me feel some better. I did not replace any coil packs, instead cleaned the plugs carefully and installed new spark plug boots. After re-assembly of removed items, car ran very well without any further work.

Finally had to replace the original battery after nine years of use. Battery being located in the trunk, battery stays much cooler, therefore lasts longer.

UPDATE: I recently noticed the brake pedal pulsating when depressed, indicating a warped motor. Will do further testing to diagnose problem more closely.

I will update post if further work becomes necessary.

L.R. in Tn.

Very comfortable and fun car to drive. Too bad they had so many problems.....