10th Mar 2008, 07:15

I've got similar problem, my vehicle is misfiring, took it to a local but reputable mechanic; he said $750, fuel injector because of misfire on cylinder four, spark plugs changed, fuel injector cleaning oil changed. He said fuel is being dumped into the engine... what the heck does that mean? Had this for about 6 months; sucks. Any help would be nice.

30th Apr 2008, 01:02

I have a 2002 LS, V8 3.9 engine and I love the drive. It handles great on the road on all kind of weather. The problem is maintenance on this car is Too Expensive! Every time I fix one thing something else brakes like a never ending problem. I bought the car about a year ago with 80k miles. I have put on it 25k miles since,I've been having so many problems. At first I had to replace the spring coil on the steering wheel (Airbag light was on). Heat seat on the driver side did not work. Later on, I had to change all new brakes and rotors since they went bad kind of quick. A bigger problem I had is some weird electric problem. Once the battery was no good and replaced it few months after replacing the first one. Then replaced all spark plug and cover gaskets (internal oil leak on plugs). My two rear wheel bearings broke, which I had to replace and they broke again two weeks later. (Found out that it is the hobs that was broken) now I have a check engine light with a code: P0171 & P0174. Dealer does not know what it is. Paid $145 just for check up. I also had other little things. I love the car, but it is not worth the high price maintenance. If someone has any idea on how to solve the code problems please let me know. Thanks!!!

3rd May 2008, 20:00

Hello fellow Lincoln LS sufferers!

I am a fellow Lincoln LS (2000 V8 Sport Pkg.) owner with similar problems. I am going to try something new here. I have just purchased a factory 2 volume FORD Service Manual for my 2000, in which (Ford Factory electrical wiring manual in transit to my home) I hear many years are very similar. I very mechanically inclined, and will attempt to repair all my issues personally. During such repair attempts, I shall take step by step photos and document my HOW-TO-REPAIR so that all of us little people that are tired of giving FORD dealerships our hard earned money will see. The Lincoln LS is a beautiful car, and has many amenities that are great. The power when running in top notch condition is excellent, as is the handling. My car has the following issues, which I will attempt to repair late next week listed below:

A/C - Air conditioning blowing hot air on both sides. Originally started on passenger side. I will be changing the A/C filter as well.

Check Engine Light - The ignition coils #4 and #6 show up on my diagnostic tester as current problems. I will be changing all coils #1 thru #8.

Rear wheel excessive noise - Hearing a sound of loud low frequency noise (sort of a deep thunderous rolling sound). I shall inspect and change bearings as needed.

Front right wheel area noise - The suspension creates a loud knocking/thump sound when hitting dips or small hole in the asphalt. I will inspect and repair parts as needed.

Brakes noise - My brakes are screaming out for help as the pads look new, but the rotors need turning or replacement. I will be replacing all rotors and pads for all the wheels.

Exhaust scent in vehicle cab - I believe that the vents are somewhat blowing vehicle emissions thru the heater ducts. I will try to diagnose the problem and repair if possible.

After all the inspections and repairs have been concluded, I shall post on a website or web-page so all may view my inspection results and repairs, including the trials and errors. This could help those that may be suffering from the same problems, save some time as well as money. I thank everyone who has contributed to any blogs or websites for finding vehicle issue repair and/or possible resolutions. Keep the unity and support alive, as we all can lend a helping hand.

To the mods of carsurvey.org, I thank you for allowing me to post my comments to be viewed by many other challenged individuals seeking on-line vehicle repair support. I also have no affiliation with any such companies including vehicle, parts or repair services in any way shape or form. My 2 cents are given here to help others that may be in the same situation as I. Thank you everyone for the continued support!!!

Sincerely, Randy

Southern California


25th May 2008, 18:11

I just bought a Lincoln LS 2002 V8... love the car, but the only problem is that I have to keep replacing spark plugs gaskets and coil packs. The engine keeps misfiring about every 1 1/2 months after I fix it. Have had two cylinders misfire in the past month #6 and #4... had gasket changed out because oil was pouring into my cylinders. Other than that, the car has been perfect.

26th May 2008, 18:40

I own a 2004 LS V6, and have only had it 8 months and have had soooooo many problems.

Today I had to have a catalytic converter replaced -- this is why they tell me the check engine light is on.

I just had to have a heater valve put on the thing, because the A/C was only blowing hot air. The dealer wanted to charge $599 plus tax for this job, but I took it to a different mechanic and paid $317 -- it only took an hour to fix and now at least I'm not melting in this HOT Dallas heat!

I've also had a leak that the extended warranty only covered the parts, but I had to pay $300 for the labor.

Now I still feel the car jerking when I'm driving. I thought that this would be resolved when I had the converter replaced, guess not!! Any ideas as to what's making this happen?

Oh yeah, and last, but not least I have to replace the right front wheel bearing; it's so loud I thought that it was the transmission.

If you have had the jerking fixed, let me know what was causing it!

12th Jun 2008, 16:05

I bought a Lincoln LS 2002 V8... from Texas and I live in Saudi Arabia, and the weather here is very hot. I had a problem in the radiator, and there is leaking of oil under the vehicle, and it will coat a lot of money.

Anyway I like it very much, but still the Town Car is the best car ever.

2nd Jul 2008, 10:04

I own a 2001 Lincoln LS and it seems like that I have put nothing but $$$$ into this car. Needless to say that I still owe on it and can't get out of the car loan. I thought it was just my car because it had been repaired after an accident with a semi, but now I know that this car is just not good.

I truly feel like I got got with this car that is suppose to be a luxury but is actually a nightmare.

I have replaced the driver side window motor twice and both passenger side windows once. I have had to replace the rack and pinion and tie rod ends. The car place put a defect rack and pinion on there so I had to be inconvienced six months later for them to repair it again. I have replaced three of the six cylinders and now guess what as I am typing this $567 for another cylinder & coil as well as the oxygen sensor. Don't you love those dealer prices. I think Ford owes it to all its Lincoln Ls Customers (Owners) to disclose all the defects with this car especially with our economy being so screwed. I can't keep up with paying for the car because I am always getting something repaired every week.