13th Jan 2005, 11:24

Concerning my 2000 Lincoln LS > At about 50000 miles my LS has a midfire. I have changed plugs, coils, fuel filter and have not helped my problem. It does not miss until you put it under a load, if you have any information on this problem. I would appreciate any comments.

24th Jan 2005, 13:14

My 2001 Lincoln LS (80k miles) just had another window motor/regulator replaced. Let's see, I think that makes number 4 or 5! I also experience this random hot air blowing from the A/C. I usually turn it off for a while, and it works normally again. Had the tranny "fixed" (a bad solenoid), with the dealer offering a deal where I pay $500, and the $3,000 work is done and warrantied for like 80k miles. I believe there are lots of "hidden" recalls on this vehicle... and we are the guinea pigs!

23rd Feb 2005, 15:53

I have had my '00 Lincoln LS V8 since 2002/36,000 miles. Since then, now 64,000 miles, the following has failed on the car.

Rear wheel bearing failed (warranty)

AC blew hot out one side and cold out other, than vise-versa. Took Southside Lincoln Mercury, Jacksonville, FL one week to fix. (warranty)

Rear window assembly fell apart inside door (warranty)

Rear brake calipers/rotors squeal. I have resurfaced both and they still squeal.

This week, the AC just blows hot air. Appt in two days to repair (out of my pocket this time, I guess)

My previous car BMW 325, in 100,000 miles had no problems at all other than normal maintenance.

Lincoln LS was targeted at BMW 5 series owners. I guess the BMW 5 series are real lemons like this LS?

Other than that, the car has plenty of pep and handles great. The only interior item that really irritates me is the cheap plastic console that squeaks when you lean on it.

I would not buy another LS even though I am a big US manufacturing supporter.

5th Aug 2005, 08:39

Always use the highest octane available in your area. Where I live you can get 94 and that seems to help. It's pricier, which is a pain, but it's less of a pain than trying to get FMC to solve the problem (they never will, trust me).

22nd Sep 2006, 17:00

I bought a 2000 linoln ls v8 last year. Had 75000 mile on it runs like a champ though. only thing I have ahd to do is replace spark plugs and both front and rear rotors. so far so good; knock on wood though.

26th Sep 2007, 17:43

I have had my 2001 LS (V-6) since "04" it had been running great until about 6 months ago when it started misfiring. Brought to my mechanic (refuse to go to Lincoln, rip off) he diagnosed 2 cylinders missing and replaced the 2 coil packs. The car ran good for a couple months and the problem resurfaced again it was 2 different cylinders, replaced 2 more coil packs and one month later you guessed it the last 2 coil packs. Coil packs were covered with extended warranty (after yelling and screaming)hopefully that puts an end to it. The only other problem I've had is a rear window actuator broke. I love the car, but would like to know if I should sell it now before it is to late? Thanks!

16th Jan 2008, 10:35

Have had my '01 LS since '04, and have had the following occur:

1. driver side window regulator messed up. replaced myself, works great

2. coil pack went bad. replaced. now, another one (or two) seem to be bad. loosing major MPGs..

3. 2 days ago, driver's window regulator messed up. window just crashed down inside the door. working on that as I type (taking break).

4. grinding noise coming from pass. rear wheel. yet to have that researched.

5. A/C blowing hot at times. turn off, turn back on, back cold.

31st Jan 2008, 14:35

The car has been nothing, but a disappointment.

I am not happy to read that my problems are not just my own.

I have owned my 2000 Lincoln LS since Dec, 2006. The vehicle only had 43,000 miles and I got it for wholesale price from an individual. The car was immaculate. It even included two brand new tires. Then all h broke loose.

With-in the 12 1/2 months that I have owned it I have had to replace three window regulators (warranty), right front wheel bearing, valve cover & gaskets (warranty) coil boots and grommets, (dealership quoted me 380 and am getting it done at my local garage for 250, spark plug replacements and coil with tune-up (included some other things) and it was 500 and some.

I started having an oil burning smell in my vents. Turns out ford dealership states that the valve cover and gaskets replacement will take care of that. Makes me almost shiver with fear.

I have experienced the misfires and am not real hopeful that the current work being done (coil boots & grommets) will take care of it.

My warranty ran out yesterday!!!. After all that it was not such a good deal... I should have looked at this website before I bought.

I was going to buy my Aunt's 2006 Lincoln LS with 14,000 miles, but, am not sure what to do now. I would like to buy a car that I can depend on and appreciate any feedback on this..

2nd Feb 2008, 19:22

I have a noise in the rear of the vehicle on my 2000 LS V6, when driving it sounds like its coming from the right rear wheel area. I checked tires for flat spots, tires are OK and new, so I then hoisted the vehicle and turned ATS off and allowed rear wheels to spin, this noise sounds like a tire or wheel bearing noise, and it sounds like its coming from the right rear of the vehicle so one might assume it’s the right rear wheel bearing. On my vehicle it was the axel bearing in the rear diff. I guess I will be doing that rear diff re spec sooner than I thought. I thought I saw a similar complaint on this site, if you have that noise that sounds like your typical tire noise or wheel bearing, make sure your tech uses a stethoscope or electronic chassis ear to verify actual source of noise.

12th Feb 2008, 13:16


Like most I love the handle and ride of the LS- BUT!

I own the 2002 LS.

I'm now replacing my third window regulator in less than a year.

Just replaced my fuel pump, and still have the dogging feeling at times.

The hot air cold air is annoying as hell. One night while it was raining the car fogged up my windows while on defrost--no fun travelling 65 while loosing site.

My airbag light has now come on and will not go off. All my great steering wheel features are now useless--speed control works like air (stop is go faster) finger touch stereo controls are aslo backwards?

Now getting the smell of burning oil through the vents.

Enjoying the noise from the rear.

This vehicle went for over 40 grand?

Should not Ford step up to the plate with recalls of this magnitude?





12th Feb 2008, 20:38

I have just purchased a 2000 Lincoln LS V8 from my cousin, who got the car from a dealer auction for $5500. He is an independent dealer, so he cut me a break.

The car looks great, but as some of you have mentioned, the engine was misfiring and would bog down on the interstate when trying to gain speed.

After making several trips to Advanced Auto Parts to use their computer to reset the computer in the Lincoln, we had a misfire on cylinders 1 & 6, so we replaced all the spark plugs and replaced the valve cover gasket, as it has shown signs of leaking.

After replacing the 2 coils, still the same problem, and had to reset the computer and it showed a misfire on 8 this time. So after another trip and putting in the third coil, this thing purrs like a kitten; this is $400 dollars later of course.

Now there is a problem when driving on the interstate and hitting bumps; it feels like the car is sliding in one direction and you in another; it's scary. It feels like the car is swaying all over the road, hitting bumps in the road when going over 45mph, and I have no clue what could be the cause of it. If anyone has any input, that would be highly helpful.

Other than that, the car is running great, and I have not yet experienced the window problem or the AC blowing hot air yet.