26th Nov 2010, 11:47

"I thought of buying a replacement engine, but the dealership warned against it"

Of course they did. They stand to make about $6900 in profit for the labor in fixing your existing engine. Dealerships always go with what makes them the most money. I'd shop around and try to find an honest shop to service your car. They are hard to find, but they DO exist. The LS is basically a decent car with a few disadvantages (such as a finicky engine that requires premium fuel, and cannot be run on alcohol blend fuel).

21st Dec 2010, 10:31

I have owned both the 2000 LS with a V6 and the 2002 LS with the V8. My 2000 was traded in for the 2002 because I anticipated it was going to be a hassle being a 1st year model and I had already replaced rear brake calipers.

I have enjoyed my 2002 until 6 months ago. It now sits in my garage until I decide to fix the misfire problem and the drivers side window regulator.

I have a 97 SWB F150, 96 Camry, 2009 Mazda 6 and a 2010 Charger. Have owned as many as 15 cars at once and with the many Fords that I've owned; the only one I truly miss was my 1988 Ford Festiva with 4 speed standard transmission. I have also owned 2 semis.

The reality of me mentioning this small amount of cars I own now or the 100 I have owned in the past is they all had to go sooner or later.

19th Jan 2011, 20:31

I own a 2001 Lincoln LS V8 - have had a little over a year and the car runs and looks great, but I have had to replace the clock spring for the air bag and the A/C valve to repair the hot air blowing problem out of one of the vents.

Unsure if I know what I do now that I would buy one again. Hoping for the best as I definitely do not have the cash to invest what many of the owners have spent on their cars.

19th Mar 2011, 10:56

Where is the jet pump? On which side of the the car is it located? What is the approximate price of the jet pump. How difficult is it to replace?

30th Jun 2011, 13:42

Ford only has one recall on the 2000 LS, and it has to do with a suspension part. Found this out the hard way.

6th Jul 2011, 14:42

It may be your gas cap. It happened to me, and replacing the cap works.

19th Jul 2011, 20:01

The coil packs are under the valve covers, and the seals are bad. That is why the coil is wet. It happened to me too.

9th Aug 2011, 20:35

I have a 2002 Lincoln LS V-8. I had the same problems, replacing the coil packs and misfiring. Found out the problem was water intrusion; every time it rained outside, water was somehow finding it way under the hood, shorting out my coil packs. A seal was placed under the hood, & also over the coil pack; no more problems since. PS I was told that it was a recall problem on this situation.

26th Sep 2011, 21:37

I had the same problem.

30th Dec 2011, 20:14

All the aforementioned parts ARE available aftermarket, look on eBay.

19th May 2012, 10:21

I could really use some guidance on this Lincoln LS 2000 that I have. We removed the battery cables, and when replacing them, the computer is not reading my key, and the alarm system will not cut off either, so it doesn't recognize my key. Any help on this matter?

3rd Nov 2012, 04:28

Buy a Corolla bro LOL. I have a 3.0L 2002 LS and it's messed up. I had an injection coil (1200$), 2 regulator clips and motors (600$), and now every time I start it, all the gauges are going nuts?? None of the buttons work on the steering wheel or on the CD player.

11th Nov 2013, 14:05

I have a Lincoln LS 2000 model, and have the misfire issue as well. Changing plugs and coils.

As far as the car feeling like the rear goes one way and the front goes another, I just had that fixed too. Replace the stabilizer bushings and tie rod ends, then get an alignment. The car drives great now!

P.S. Look at eBay for parts. Way cheaper than an auto store!

4th Jul 2014, 14:18

I've had exactly the same problems with mine, which has 60K miles. Wish I hadn't purchased it, what a total lemon.

27th Jul 2015, 19:44

The sputtering is not the engine's fault; what happens on the LS, and it's a fault that Ford has never addressed, is that transmission goes into overdrive too soon. If you have the dual tranny, just shift down one gear until RPM and speed are up; it's like trying to take off in second gear with a manual transmission.