21st Aug 2009, 19:47

I have a 2002 Lincoln LS V-8. Had all of the same issues;

Both front driver and passenger windows.

Engine temp spiking hot and then dropping back down while engine goes into low power. I was fortunate enough to read many message boards PRIOR to letting Lincoln dealer do the $1,400 repair they said I needed. After reading the helpful message boards on the issue, I took the car back to dealership and told them to only replace the thermostat... have not had the issue again and that was 2 years ago.

A few months ago, the engine light on and off and now on non-stop, took it to the shop, he replaced the spark plugs and one of the coils. Ran great for a month, same issues again with engine light one and just had it checked out today and they say it the coil pack. I must admit, I have over 100K miles and when I add up ALL of the issues, its not over the top. However, this new issue with the coil packs, and issues I am reading here, I am hoping this isn't going to be an ongoing issue.

30th Aug 2009, 13:46

I have a 2002 Lincoln LS V8 (3.9). I purchased it a year ago and have racked 40k miles since then.

I have had a few problems mentioned above, however, they really have been cheap fixes.

It did the overheating thing many have complained about; I changed the thermostat, then the water pump and the problem was not solved. The solution for this was the the coolant reservoir was cracked. Causing the pressure to pressure to drop, and allowing air to enter. $140.00 later I'm good.

People please keep in mind that Lincoln's parent company is Ford, but the V8 motors were designed by Jaguar... with that being said, if you're instructed to change your oil at 5000k miles, then do it.

Also I have had to replace my ignition coil springs. This is a problem found in many cars (not just Fords). My Maxima has these same problems. I suggest getting the valve cover gasket replaced when you get your tune up/have the sparks plugs changed and the coil springs.

Lastly, the HVAC controls, mine went bad at the worst possible time, but after pulling new controls off e-bay, I was good to go.

I would suggest if your car is older than 2002, then quit complaining, and try doing some things yourself. Also keep in mind the LS is not a Camry, and repairs for your Lincoln are going to be more expensive. Similar to if you purchased a Cadillac (or as my mechanic calls them Rattilac) a BMW, Mercedes (that everyone knows you have to trade in once the warranty expires.)

3rd Sep 2009, 19:37

I have owned a 2000 Lincoln LS V8 since I purchased it brand new. Only thing that has gone wrong is the clock spring and replaced the the battery after year 5.

Been a great car so far and am going to continue to enjoy it.

I had to write this after all the negative posts claiming they all are junk, and no I do not own any Ford stock, nor am I an employee of Ford. I guess I am one of the lucky ones so far.

8th Sep 2009, 15:48

I have the same over-heating issues. I had the thermostat replaced, the radiator is new. I had the coolant flushed and filled... which seemed to fix the issue, but a few months later I had the same problem.

It continues to over-heat. It is sporadic. I burped it, but not for 45 minutes as suggested. That seemed to help for about 3 weeks. I occasionally loose coolant, but have sent it to two trusted mechanics and neither can find any leaks after pressure testing.

I actually think there is something loose under the hood. I am no mechanic and can't explain it, but I swear it all depends on how hard the hood closes. This makes me think there is a goofy electrical problem.

Second mechanic is thinking it could be a head gasket. I haven't seen a whole lot of people posting about things that have worked and don't want to get into another costly repair. Anyone else here have any other solutions?

Thanks - broke and tired.

11th Sep 2009, 19:01

I have a 2000 Lincoln LS, 3.9 V8. It seems to be a great car so far. I do need to change the power steering pump, but other than that, I've had no problems with overheating or engine failure.

25th Sep 2009, 00:45

I don't know how to answer below a person's comment on Lincoln LS problems, so hopefully I can help some folks from time to time.

I have a 2004 LS. On 7 July 09 there was a comment on jerking, banging, hesitation etc around 35 to 45 MPH. To keep it brief, I had similar issues and more. Disconnect the two vacuum hoses to the EGR VALVE and see if the drivability issues go away. If so, forget the dealer & auto parts store. This was a first for me, and I have 45 years experience with vehicles. I get the discount, no tax, etc, but the EGR valve was expensive to me and I'm financially secure and only buy brand name parts (the best). I went to Amazon and bought the valve from PartsFactor. $87.75 with shipping and it was here in less than two days. I am in N.J. 40 miles from the seller in Long Isle. It is OEM Motorcraft Part. Saved $30.00 off dealer discount. I have a 3.9 V8.

26th Sep 2009, 15:46

I have a 2000 LS V8. The car starts to sputter under load or going up a hill. I see people try the jet pump or something like that. Has anyone else tried the jet pump to see if it works? Please help me.

6th Nov 2009, 13:08

I have a 2000 LS V8 and had overheating problems. My mechanic found a crack in overflow tank. He fixed it for around $300.

15th Dec 2009, 14:13

For the guy that wants to purchase the extended warranty. Make sure that it does not mention on that paperwork with ridiculously small print, that the total amount of repair cannot exceed the current market value of the car.

Meaning, even though its full coverage, it can't be more than the car's value...

Purchased it for my old S4 Audi and found out the hard way, that my $2700 warranty ain't worth much.

16th Jan 2010, 14:50

I have a 2003 Lincoln LS V8. I have had the problems with misfiring because of oil on the coils. I just pull them, clean the oil off, clean oil from spark plug area, and reinstall. When it warms up, I will replace the valve cover gasket.

So my point is stop paying the dealers all that money, and just clean your coils and replace your valve gasket, cause it really works and saves you money!

All in all, I love the car!

8th Feb 2010, 13:12

Bought a 2000 LS V8 used 4 years ago. Had 90k, ran great, lost one coil soon after buying.

Ran great till Dec '09, started misfiring, have replaced 2 coils, a computer, a fuel pump and jet pump. Runs smooth as glass till it warms up, then starts to miss.

Love the car, but it sits idle in driveway while my wife drives my '98 F150 with 201k. Any help?