16th Feb 2010, 19:13

2001 Lincoln LS V6 (96000 miles)... misfires... misfires... misfires.

25th Feb 2010, 16:22

I also have the 2000 LS 3.9 with many of the same problems. Over the years in no specific order I have had to replace the rear differential (that was early and still under warranty), front wheel bearings, two coil packs, both rear window motors, and the typical strut and ball joint stuff. Oh yeah, there was a incredibly annoying ticking noise when I first got the vehicle in 2002 that seemed to be coming from the back seat. After many trips in, the guy finally took the headliner down and clipped off some plastic tab that kept making the noise.

Currently the things that don't work. (don't laugh) The horn, the heater (blows cold), the AC (blows hot), the window sprayer, the driver side rear door, the drivers heated seat, the passenger mirror adjustment, the cruise control, and the radio control buttons on the steering wheel. It needs another new coil, and I'm in the process of replacing that. The car has 193,000 miles on it, so it is hard to complain. However, I have maintained it well, always putting in the high-test, and always parking away from the crowd. I still get compliments on what a great looking car I have. For the money it costs to buy, maintain, fuel, and repair this vehicle, and all the crap that goes wrong with it... no way would I have another one.

27th Feb 2010, 09:43

I purchased a 2000 LS6 sport from a friend recently. I always thought that car looked awesome.

I am a certified mechanic, and right away found problems with the car.

First was the knocking sound from the suspension: Fix is the Sway Bar bushings - 3hr job.

Second was Window on driver side not working: Fix is window regulator -2hr job.

Third, all rotors warped causing severe vibration in steering and braking: Fix replaced all rotors -2hr job.

Fourth engine jerking, Dying out, surging and or Mis Firing: Fix replaced valve cover gaskets using (black RTV sensor safe silicone) and two of the worst coil packs, which were drenched in oil-5hr job.

Fifth, water leaking into car from sunroof pan collector: Fix loosened visor removed side pillar and pulled down carefully the upper ceiling to see a drain hose came off, so reinstalled hose and wire tied it -.30mn job.

The car other than minor wear and tear is like new again. Keeping on top of maintenance on a luxury car like this takes commitment. I stand by my Lincoln LS I guess because it is easy for me to keep on top of. I paid 3k and love this car only after 1,200. bucks of repair cash and some personal time to get to know her.

Any questions you can email me at us5perales@sbcglobal.net about how I fixed certain things.

20th Mar 2010, 21:36

I have the Lincoln LS 2000, and bought it new, and have kept up with the maintenance on the car. It has 64,000 miles on it.

I have had all of the window regulators replaced, and the driver side twice. Also have had coil problems, and had to have them replaced.

Thermostat replaced, valve covers replaced, and now am having what seems to be an electrical problem; speedometer, mileage reader, ABS, traction control, brake light and fuel data error coming on. It will reset itself if the car sits for awhile, then after about 10 miles the errors will appear again. Any ideas on what is wrong now?

I took it to the dealer, and they say they have never seen this problem and would have to do some probing. This car has cost me so much money, it is pathetic...


22nd Mar 2010, 22:37

The 2000 Lincoln LS (V6) is a sharp looking car. The LS stands for LOTS SERVICE. I bought this car for my son, and so far I have replaced both the front window regulators; they have plastic guides that break off.

The A/C was blowing hot air out of the passengers side. The mechanics said it was a blend door motor --WRONG -- it was the Dual Climate Control valve -- $200.00 did the work myself.

Replaced a coil pack.

The airbag light is on -- thinking it is a sensor.

The rear door passengers lock will not work --- any help would be appreciated.

It's a shame the car only has 72 K, but after I get these few items fixed, it's time to sell.

If you are looking for a hobby, this is the car - Believe it would be cheaper to have a mistress than this car. My wife knows I am always in the garage LOL. Really a shame because the car is sharp.

11th May 2010, 16:46

I own a 2002 Lincoln LS V8 with 69,000 miles on it. In the last 2 years I've spent $4,511 on repairs. I've replaced all the seals and coils, the dual A/C fan, the driver side window regulator, the power steering fan motor, front struts, left front tie rod and right front ball joint. Now the power steering pump is leaking ($490 to replace) and the front right window regulator needs replaced ($250 to replace). This car is draining me financially. I'm currently unemployed and trying to decide whether to fix the PS pump and window regulator, or sell the car. Any advice?

26th Jun 2010, 13:49

I have a 2001 Lincoln LS, and it is blowing oil in the air filter???

19th Jul 2010, 22:01

I bought a new 2000 LS Sport V6. It is an incredible piece of junk; it now has 150k on it.

The only positive thing to say about its reliability is that the original battery lasted 8 years. The replacement lasted only a year due to the mysterious electrical problem. If the car sits idle more than a day it won't start. The dealer keeps talking about module issue that is hard to pinpoint.

Ford should be ashamed and vilified because of this model and their lack of customer service with issues that they are well aware of. The auto trans is a joke, lug bolts don't last two years, bad window regulators, leaking headlamps, leaking sunroof, bad suspension, balky AC, etc etc. And now the electrical problem.

I couldn't ever sell this car to anyone except a senior Ford exec.

20th Sep 2010, 09:49

All I can say is wow, thank goodness I have not experienced half of these things everyone is talking about...

I love my car!

27th Sep 2010, 21:10

I also have a Lincoln LS... I have experienced some of the same problems mentioned, but the worst problem so far is the car died and was towed to Lincoln, where they told me I have low compression in the passenger side of the engine; $7000 repair. I thought of buying a replacement engine, but the dealership warned against it (which will run about 3000 including installing fees). I love my car, it was just painted 1 month before it wouldn't start, so now I don't know what to do.

29th Sep 2010, 19:42

Why go with the 7000 dollar repair, when you can get a 0 mile new motor bought and installed for 3000? The dealership is not your banker.

25th Nov 2010, 17:22

I bought the 2000 Lincoln LS V6 new, and have been enjoying the car for almost 11 years.

In the past a few days, the car would not start. This was the very first time the car broke done. With the information in this website, I was able to troubleshoot and replace the fuel pump myself for $40, and now the car is running as new.

It's a beautiful car to look at and to drive in. Some repair should be expected, like any other car. Good luck and enjoy it.