30th Jun 2005, 11:15

I am currently experiencing the transmission problem just identified. Last year I purchased, a 2000 LS Sport V6. It currently has with 120 km and I have already replaced both back window regulators ($600), fixed leaky sunroof ($200), fixed 2 broken motor mounts ($200) and I have noticed the "hesitating" transmission for several months especially in Reverse, which needs to be repaired at???cost. I did not expect to put out so much in repairs for a relatively new car - quite disappointing!

19th Sep 2005, 03:36

The issue identified regarding the 'hesitation' when shifting is one I experienced with my '00 v-8. This was recently fixed by getting the available computer update from the local dealership for ~$85. This immediately fixed the transmission issues, and I think I'm doing about 1-2 mpg better! Overall I am happy with this car, I bought it earlier this year with 52k miles on it, I'm just not excited about the high costs associated with it.

16th Feb 2006, 16:56

I have had my Lincoln LS for 9 months, V8 version.

Well transmission problems, well aware of everyone's, also condensation in the front lights, valve cover gaskets, new coils. Luckily I am a tech at Lexus, and my father owns a car shop.

Well now I ran into more bigger and better things. My car a few days ago can't come out of park. I got the solenoid unplugged so I can drive, but my status button tells me that all my sensors are messed up, "data error" it reads. Also the windows don't roll down and the sunroof doesn't work. All of which, happened at once.

Any comments, help, advice, would be appreciated. I plan to flash the CPU, but Lexus can't help, because we don't have any wire harness, nor the right diagnostic program.


14th Mar 2006, 00:56

My 2000 Lincoln LS V8 has been a fairly reliable car for 70,000 miles, until recently. It's fun to drive and has always had plenty of acceleration. Over the years I've replaced 6 coil packs (they get saturated with oil leaking into the spark plug tunnels (poor o-ring design, labor intense to fix). There is also the smell of burned oil (probably a leaky valve cover, also labor intense to fix). But the bad problems are recent. The electrical system has gone haywire. Battery is draining, but alternator is charging, short or bad connection somewhere. Sensors are coming on, car stops running and finally the transmission stopped working. Very, very costly hard to correct problems. Fun car, but at too much of a cost.

17th Apr 2006, 16:42

I have a 2002 Lincoln ls with the v8 and it truly is a great car. The only problem I am facing currently is that the car will not accelerate and instead hesitates to reach any speed at all. I am taking it to a transmission shop, but a second opinion will not hurt. Thank you.

22nd Jul 2006, 11:13

I just recently purchased a 2000 Lincoln LS. The only problem I am having is the check advance traction control comes on when you turn the key on and the car won't start. Then a couple of days ago I was driving down the road and it just shut off. If anyone has had this problem please let me know so I know what to do. I took it to a service center and flashed the computer system and nothing is coming back that something is wrong.

29th Aug 2006, 23:05

I read the comment about the car not starting and I had the same problem. It is a bad battery cable. It sounds cheap and simple, but it's a repair that costs over $200 since the battery is in the trunk and the cable is run underneath the interior carpet. It sounded bogus to me when I had it done, but it actually worked.

8th Sep 2006, 17:32

I have a 2002 Lincoln LS. I have only 42K on it and I'm having a problem with the battery staying charged. The battery is draining all the way down, but the alternator is still holding a charging. I've taken it to the dealership several times and they've performed several tasks for the car and still I seem to take it back monthly. This doesn't even make stupid sense to me. If anyone can give a few words of advice that would be great.

16th Oct 2006, 21:02

We just purchased a 2001 Lincoln LS and love the car. It is a far smoother/quieter road car than my 99 Corvette. It gets down the road great and is quite competant at "above" highway speeds. I am also having problems with oil smell due too bad valve cover gaskets. I pulled the passenger side valve cover off and the spark plug boots were loaded with oil. I think that the valve cover itself doesn't leak, but the oil that gets into the spark plug area whicks out through the rear seal and leaks onto the exhaust, just a thought. Of course the gaskets are not available, and are dealer only, so I RTV'd them back up and stuck it back together, hopefully it fixes it. It only took about 4 hours to do one valve cover!!! I am scared of the driver valve cover as the master cylinder is in the way and looks like a pain. Also, the AC heater control valve was shot when I bought the car, $250 for the part and 5 hours labor, skinned knuckles and much frustration I fixed it. The Lincoln is a very sharp car, and I really like it, but if you don't have a warranty, and aren't handy, this car could be a bad money pit. For the handy that can fix it themselves, the parts are not available through the local parts house, so is a very expensive car to fix. It is too bad for this is the greatest road car I have ever owned, but may be too pricy to keep, or I can buy an extended warranty, lol...

4th Nov 2006, 18:34

I have a 2001 Lincoln LS that has suffered from most of the same problem identified in the above comments. Problems include, faulty rear windows, condensation in the front headlight covers, brake lights “blowing” due to water infiltration into the rear light assembly, Oil smell in the cabin, brake rotors warping, interior and exterior trim pieces falling off, and most recently a failed transmission, which had to be replaced.

When I first noticed that after accelerating, the transmission tended to "hesitate" when changing gears (noticeable by a small "kick"), and slipping when putting the car in reverse, I took it to the dealer and they reprogrammed the main processing unit. This fixed the problem until one day the car would not shift out of second gear. This is when the dealer told me that the transmission had to be replaced due to no fault of mine.

So far, I have invested over $15,000.00 in repairs not including normal maintenance.

Wouldn’t it be great if the car manufactures could/would consider these types of comments in order to improve their products?

9th Nov 2006, 09:57

LINCOLN LS hesittating in REVERSE?!!!

My car had the same problem... I found A transmission EXPERT, and he replced the SOLENIOD, the first cylinder wasn't firing, so it hesitates before kicking in gear till the 2nd cylinder fires... my car runs like silk! It cost $1200...better than a transmission rebuild.