2001 Lincoln LS Sport V6 from North America


Lots of potential that remains unrealized


Since I have owned the car, there have been the following problems:

The front brake rotors warped TWICE.

All lug nuts rounded-out with regular wheel rotations at the dealer and had to be replaced.

Rear wheel bearings wore out at a cost of $850 for replacement (on one side).

Smell of oil enters cabin if the climate control is on and the car is brought to a stop (valve cover gasket blown)

Water collects in the spare tire well (cause unknown).

Both headlights and both driving lights leak and periodically fill with condensation.

Currently there is a 'bump" in the front end that has not yet been diagnosed.

Vent trim pieces fall off easily.

Squeaky rear window when lowered. This was repaired once, now it is doing it again.

Creaky center arm rest/console.

General Comments:

I have liked the looks and combination of ride and handling of the LS since day one. The chassis is very sold feeling - probably one of the best chassis under any American car. In practice, however, the car seems to be wrought with niggling, but expensive problems. For what it costs to operate and repair this car, I could have bought an Acura RL or Lexus GS, and (presumably) not had to deal with the hassles of going back and forth to the dealership. The dealerships with which I have dealt have all been just as bad as the car. I would not recommend this car to anyone until they can improve quality both at the factory, and at the service level. The residual value of these cars is low for a reason.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

10th Jan 2005, 18:25

I have had a 2000 Lincoln LS for the past two years and up to now, it has never given me any major problems... aside from two faulty rear windows (not going back up) and condensation in the front headlight covers (repaired) it has performed rather well. There is a problem that I am now starting to experience and it has to do with the transmission... after accelerating, the transmission tends to "hesitate" when changing gears, noticeable by a small "kick" from the rear. When slipping the car in Reverse, it goes into reverse about 5 seconds AFTER you slip it in "R"...

Recently, I took it in to a transmission specialist and after test driving it, he found that it had very similar problems with another LS of the same year and right away he knew what needed to be done. Turns out that the car will require a whole new "Valve Cover Kit" for the transmission, but it will need to be a NEW valve cover and not a refurbished kit. He also mentioned that there is a chance that a new kit may not exist, leaving me with no choice, but to drive the car the way it is, having to take the risk of the transmission failing totally, with the cost of a new transmission at about 7 thousand dollars. I intend to return the car to the specialist with the hope that a new valve cover kit exists for my model year, and only at the cost of about two thousand dollars which I am more than willing to pay because I think it's a great car, with a few little bumps and bruises...

2001 Lincoln LS gas from North America


Nice try with the Lincoln LS, but not reliable


The first 45000 miles were pretty well. Other than service and a set of tires the car performed well and reliably.

In the past 4 months and 4000 miles:

1. Brake light and tail light malfunctions to the point of leaving the car set in the dealership for over a week. Parts availability is terrible! Lincoln must have had to make the tail light and reflector assemblies with wiring harnesses before shipping the parts.

The check engine light then started coming on. Oxygen sensors on the engine were malfunctioning. It was the same problem again. Parts were not available. We have great dealer service, but parts from Lincoln could not be obtained in a timely fashion.. The car sat in the dealership for a week or more again.

Leaking vacuum hose assemblies were the next problem. Same problem again, no parts available again for a week or more.

Latest problem we have. We had to tow the car from our home's garage. The LS won't start. The engine's pcm computer that runs the engine is bad now. After a week now the parts are still not available. The car sets at the dealer. We have no car to drive and no idea when the parts will be in.

We own and operate an engineering company and have a fleet of work vehiles. The newer Ford and Lincoln products we own have not been reliable and have all been towed from our garages when they wouldn't start.. Too complicated of computer systems with a total lack of readily available parts for the top of the line vehicles in our experience.


Rmn 03-13-04.

General Comments:

We like the Ford and Lincoln products. Reliability is bad in our experience, made worse by a serious lack of parts availability on the computerize components.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2004

20th Nov 2007, 19:32

Please the reliability on this car is amazing. I drive this car 36k a year. it has not broken down once and I have 147k on my 2000. As long as you service it at a LINCOLN NOT ford you will always have parts available.

9th Jul 2010, 06:20

The 2004 Lincoln LS has been unreliable at best. New transmission at 75000. Towed more than driven. The dealership can't figure out why it won't get fuel now. After $3400 in diagnostic and "let's try this" parts, they now believe I need 2 fuel pumps at a parts cost of $2200. I have a feeling it's the computer. I now have a car that books at 10 with 100000 miles on it and is worth nothing. I have always bought American, but I'm leaning towards the dark side.