2001 Lincoln LS Sport V6 from North America


Not thought out well enough before sales


Power window motors 3 went bad. Power seat stopped working, 7 Stereo's Dealer cost me my tires from over inflating them, water in headlights, Head lights fade, Water under Spare tire, blowing fuses, Brakes squeaks now rear Camber out of range, seats have started to wear, etc...

General Comments:

I've never been much of a Ford product fan the history should hint as to why.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

2001 Lincoln LS Sport V8 from North America


The manufacturer should fix this car by recalling it


There was a noise in the front end when we bought the car used at 55,000. After taking it to two shops they replaced the stabilizer bars and struts. This was $850! the noise was still there and it had to go back. They said they contacted Ford and were told to do it again. This fixed the noise.

The regulater in the rear door was replaced twice and the drivers side once. Each occurence costs $225.

There is an oil smell in the cabin when the climate control is on. There is no evidence of oil leak and the source is unknown.

The brake job was at a higher cost than expected. $360 and no rotors had to be replaced.

You take it in for an oil change at a fast oil change place and they don't have the correct filter as it is about $10 just for the filter. We take our own in (for an additional fee).

The rear defroster has quit and it requires a glass replacement to fix. The quoted price is $1200.

The rear view mirror became loose and needed to be tightened. This used to be simple with only an alen wrench. Well on this car all the climate control and other scensors are located there so it was taken to a shop. The rivets were wore out and the replacement was over $400. We glued it with some JB weld. This costs $85.

The stereo ate a CD and it shattered in the stereo which has a 6 disk changer built in. The dealer took it out and sent it off. It needed to be cleaned out and reset. This costs $425.

General Comments:

We loved the look and handling of the 01 LS. However it is to costly to operate and is on it's way to be traded in. I could not set the car to an individual.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2004

20th Dec 2004, 09:11

You paid $85 to repair it with J-B Weld?

You could buy several cases of J-B Weld for that much money!

30th Dec 2004, 06:07

The majority of problems you cited; most specifically the mirror, front-end "clunking" and the window regulators are all common problems with this car. The other problems are somewhat typical as well. ALL of them could've been fixed for free under the 50K warranty. (The original owner really hammered you, since I suspect most of the problems were preexisting.) To be frank, I just wouldn't buy any luxury sedan; Lincon, Cadillac, Audi, BMW etc., without either the original factory or an extended warranty. They are very technically complicated cars and, as you know, parts and labor are very costly. I'd suggest that anyone buying this class of automobile should factor in the cost of a comprehensive warranty and, if it makes the vehicle unaffordable, take a pass and buy an Accord.

10th Jul 2006, 20:26

I had a 2000 ls great performance when it was running. I had it in the shop for a month trying to get the tranny working and I work at a dealership. I also had to replace all 8 coil packs. don't have a shop do this because it is very simple to do and a shop will charge you 145 per and the part is like 34 dollars. great power great handling great ride, but piece of... junk for not being able to use another word.

23rd Sep 2009, 20:44

I have a 2001 Lincoln LS. I bought it with 21,000 miles on it over 5 years ago. I now have almost 95,000 miles on it and I just had to replace a 15 dollar brake switch and am getting ready to put new struts on the front. I cannot complain about this car at all. I am hoping to keep this car for quite sometime. It is paid for and I don't miss the car payment. Hopefully I will continue to have good luck with this car. I would gladly buy another one.