2001 Lincoln LS 4.8L from North America


I love all the whistles and bells, but not the prices.


Condensation in the front head lights.

Water collects in the trunk in the spare tire space.

Had to replace the rear window motor on the driver's side.

Need to replace rear passenger window motor.

Replaced CV.

Replaced left rear tail light.

Replacing transmission at 82000 miles.

General Comments:

I love my Lincoln LS, even though it has had a few problems. I purchased it used in December 2002.

It is a comfortable, smooth riding car. It's a great car to travel in for comfort. Although the rear isn't really roomy enough for the kids.

The acceleration has always been great.

It gets better gas mileage than my Dodge Durango.

This car is very quick, and handles the curves with exceptional quality.

This car is very expensive to repair. I would not recommend purchasing this car without an extended warranty.

Does not have a dip stick to check transmission fluid. It must be taken to dealer to be hooked up to diagnostics.

I can't believe I am having to replace the transmission at 82000 miles. I have been buying cars for 25 years, and I have owned 5 Buicks, 1 Dodge and this Lincoln, and I have never had to replace a transmission before. I didn't expect to in a Lincoln. My Durango had less problems, and I purchased it new and had it 5 years with close to 100,000 miles on trade in.

I will not purchase another Lincoln.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2006

25th Jul 2016, 02:55

Thank you for your review. If it's accurate, it appears your car went 82000 miles, without ever checking the transmission fluid.

2001 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


I enjoy it a lot, but I worry about paying the repair bills to keep it on the road


The car has had pre-mature break wear -- and they're expensive at the dealer. I found a local guy who will put in good OEM parts, so it's not too bad.

There was very strange front-end noise on the car. My local mechanic identified it as the sway bar, which is something I've never heard of. I have a 1965 T-Bird with its original sway bar! The car is fun to drive and I enjoy the handling, but I can't imagine I stressed the sway bar.

The lug nut problem on this car should be embarrassing to Ford. Entirely predictable, and they let it happen. My previous car was a Lexus LS400, and so I don't expect the same thing at half the price, but don't cheap-out on something like lug nut covers.

I had the water leak in the headlamp assembly -- apparently a common issue. And also the bad window regulator.

General Comments:

I am undecided about this car. It has been everything I expected for its performance, handling, and looks. The reliability problems are really annoying. I know I didn't buy a Lexus, but if Lincoln really wants to get in the game they'll need to make something that's more dependable.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2006

24th Aug 2008, 16:28

I am thinking or purchasing a used 2001 LS but it's got 200k km on it (I live in Canada). Now is that too much for such a car? I mean, I'm getting it for $4650 and I think it's a good deal. I'm a student though and this is going to be my birthday present from my parents. But I don't want to regret it later. Also, how is it on gas? And do I have to use only premium fuel or is regular 87 octane good enough? If you could e-mail me with this information and anything else that comes to mind that you think could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. My address is arjungovil@hotmail.com. Thanks

2001 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


Great car if parked, rides nice, constant repairs a pain.


Front end rattle required 2 'fixes' and a total rebuild of struts, etc.

Seat heaters have malfunctioned several times, and been replaced.

Seat backs damaged or poor quality - back of seat would not hood into place following seat heater replacement.

Seat heater board had to be replaced.

Knock following tune-up and recommended service. Service suggested valve adjustment. Several miles later we had to replace the ignition coil and plugs, etc.

Window cable broke and required repair.

Lower ball joint and spindle assembly required replacement, front stabilizer bar replacement following sudden, excessive growling noise. Also required replacement of heater water control assembly.

Rear-view mirror was not dimming.

Spindle rod connectors replaced.

Lower ball joint and front stabilizer bar and tie rod ends replaced.

Coolant lead following service.

Rear suspension - ball joint and spindle arms replaced.

General Comments:

I like the styling.

Great acceleration.

Comfortable ride even on long trips.

Glad we purchased the extended warranty, or we would be paying for the car twice.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2006