9th Nov 2006, 10:52

I'm looking to purchase a used 2001 LS V8. I test drove the car and overall it performs well. I had one concern and was hoping someone could ease my mind. There is a slight delay in shifting from neutral to drive or into reverse (longer than that of my 1999 300M). My father owned the similar 2000 Jaguar S-Type that shifted much the same from day one. He purchased the car brand new. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue and if that's normal. I've checked on the Internet and have seen complaints of delayed down-shifting, but nothing that specifically addresses this issue. I called a local dealer and really didn't get an answer that made me feel any better about purchasing the car. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

28th Dec 2006, 07:48

I bought my, 2000 Lincoln LS V6 manual transmission car, about two years ago from a co-worker. It had 90,000 miles on it when I bought it and now I am up to 195,000 and still running strong. I too had to replace the coils, cables, window lifting systems (rear both), and now the right rear wheel bearing hub assembly at $880 (with car rental). I am also having the headlight condensation problem. I love this car a lot, but it is soooooooo expensive to fix. I drive a lot for my job and this car is incredible to drive and comfortable. I would recomend it to anyone that spends a lot of time in the car, AND (a big and) your company pays for repairs. I am in sales and they reimburse me for most stuff. All in all great car, but stupid expensive.

5th Jan 2007, 13:20

I have a 2000 with a V8, I have had to replace the split shaft, a manufacturer notice to dealers, there was a whirling noise at about 55mph, next was the radio, all the lights were inop. The drivers window register, both rear window registers, the rear windshield when the defroster quit working, oh by the way that is the antennae for the radio. I am on my second go round with the check engine light, first 3 fouled coils and plugs due to no "boots" on the plugs and a bad catalytic converter, now they tell me the valve cover gaskets around the plugs are shot. I have replaced both front rotors.

Bottom line the car is a pig, costly to maintain and just not worth. Guess that is why the model was dropped. If you are virtually problem free consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Total maintenance outlay in the past 2 years is approx $6000.

If it were not for the EPA it would make the car an artificial reef.


6th Jan 2007, 17:29

I'm having the problem with the battery not staying charged and the alternator, starter etc. being fine. I called the mechanic that looked at it and he said he tested the battery cable as well and everything was fine. Now they want to test the electrical system? And to top it off I'm having trouble with one of the 4 coils I haven't yet replaced.

Anyone want to buy a 2000 Lincoln LS, V8...I'll sell it to you really cheap!?! I hate this car.

11th Jan 2007, 22:13

I am doing a little internet research on a 2000 LS V6 w/83K miles for sale for $7500. Concerned about the above comments... is this a car to avoid. Are there specific items I can look for that would be red flags based on owners experiences.


25th Jan 2007, 13:29

I also am a proud owner of a 2001 LS V8, have the condensation in both headlamps. front rotors have been replaced also have replaced both rear window regulators, but these can be purchased from ford for about 50.00 each and only take an hour to install (did it my-self not a big job) now I am having the #5 misfire fault and dealer installed 3 injecters and wire loom at 600.00 but did not fix it.

21st Mar 2007, 01:51

I have my 2000 LS V8 with 96k miles for almost a year now. I found out when it rains hard and long only one side of headlights and brake lights show condensation for my car. Sometimes I can also hear some water inside the driver door and the inside handle door broke as well.

I also noticed the "hesitant" transmission problem as well. This seems to occur when making hard acceleration when getting on the highway. Releasing the gas pedal for a few seconds seems to relieve the problem, but once on the highway hard acceleration isn't a problem. My solution is to stop driving the car so hard or get a different car built for hard accelerations.

23rd Apr 2007, 17:26

I have a 2001LS V8, it was a WONDERFUL car, however, after being rear ended in December it's been less than dependable. It stops in traffic with a total electrical system shut down, yet tests fine at the shop. They've replaced valve covers to stop the oil burn and smoke that started right after the accident, and at my suggestion are going to replace a megafuse. No one can duplicate the shut down, because there is no reason or predictable circumstance, no driving or weather conditions, it just happens at least once or twice a month. The next day, after being for all purposes "dead" the key will start it right up as though nothing is wrong. Since December I've paid approx. 1300 dollars in the shop. Could the rear end collision have loosened some "important" connection, one that has the capability of correcting itself after hours?

2nd May 2007, 11:20

My girlfriend owns a 2001 Lincoln LS V8 and it has been nothing but problems. The window regs have gone out twice. The main thing is the electrical system SHUTDOWN. The car will just shutdown while driving. First the "check advance track" warning comes on, then the ABS light kicks on, then the lights dim "check charging system" error comes up and eventually it just shuts down. We've taken it to the dealership MANY times and they cannot find out what the problem is. After a day or two of sitting it starts up fine and works for a couple of days to a week or two then starts all over again. We have replaced the battery and it worked for about a month then started doing it all over again. Does anyone know what is causing this problem? If so, please post or e-mail the resolution or the fix if you have encountered the same problem. Thanks.



16th May 2007, 12:55

I have a 2001 LS and it has 103k miles. I have had the front strut replaced to get rid of a knocking... it came back after a week. I can't roll up the back window and two days ago I had this little series of "catches" on the shift at about 40-50 mph. I thought it was bad gas or something, then it does it if I idle in traffic... any ideas?

19th May 2007, 23:02

So basically the ls sucks. is the 740il is more dependable than the ls?

6th Jun 2007, 13:56

Well, I purchased a '00 LS in Feb., valve cover gaskets replaced in Mar., 1 ignition coil, 2 valve cover gaskets (again!), 5 ignition boots, sparks plugs, 1 intake gasket, rear driver wheel bearing, front passenger pwr window reg all in this last week!!! I'm so pissed about this right now it really makes no sense. It is over $1600 worth of repairs and maintenance. Why did I even get this car?? I should have come here before I bought the car. No extended warranty covers ANY of the repairs. Looks are good, but maintenance is a b****!!!