15th Feb 2011, 07:41

To all the people on this board who bought a used car and don't keep up maintenance on it, you should spend more time doing that and less time whining on message boards.

The LS is a great car. Does it have a few quirks? Yes, but so does any car, most of which aren't nearly as fun to drive. I own a 2001 V8 which recently needed a transmission rebuild. $3500 later my car drives a little better and because I didn't try to skimp fixing my car I have that covered for 2 years.

But the car had 150k on it when I bought it, so what can you really say. So quit whining, sell your Lincoln to someone who'll take care of/ drive it properly, and go buy a Prius. Then, when your accelerator sticks and you crash into a tree and decide to post about that, at least I won't have to read about it.

16th Feb 2011, 14:30

Yet another sticky pedal joke from a Toyota hater. At least a Toyota will hold its value, unlike your coveted LS. The LS has the crown for fastest depreciating vehicle on the planet. My Mom made the mistake of buying one new in '03. She put 23K miles on it, and it was mint when she traded it 3 years later, and she got a whopping $17K for it on trade. It was $46K new. I think the Toyota would be worth more than the LS percentage wise, even after the tree!

I also totally understand having tranny issues with these cars. Hers had the softest mushy shifting tranny in it. It was the one of the worst driving cars I have ever had the pleasure of being in. Toyota's are worlds better than these cars.

16th Feb 2011, 16:31

This car was a piece of junk, even purchased new. About 90% of all the reviewers here hate it.

25th Oct 2011, 06:19

It should be on the lower left side of the dashboard, next to the gas button..

5th Nov 2011, 13:03

May be the crankshaft sensor. I had a similar problem. No real way to test; just change.

13th Nov 2011, 17:46

I purchased my Black 2001 LS V-8 with the Sport package in Feb 2005, it had 90,000 on it, now 125000.

I replaced the window regulator on the driver side and the clock spring. Change the oil every spring and fall (or 4000 miles), whichever comes first.

We live in Indiana, so it sits in the garage most of the winter, because it does not do well in any more than 1 inch of snow.

Other than that, it has been a great, awesome looking car.. We had a 1994 Chrysler LHS prior, and IT was A money pit!! All the problems everyone is having with the LS, we had with the LHS.

18th Nov 2011, 05:37

I own a 2000 Lincoln LS. Have had it 5 years, 130k miles. I replaced the engine at 3k because of a timing chain that broke.

Other than that, as of now my light, radio, everything is going dead while driving. I work on cars, so I knew this was the alternator, but when I took it off, it tested good, so I put it back on. Long story short, it happened again. Took the alternator to another shop for testing; it was bad, some of the time it was working. Also had new alternator tested before I put it on, and it tested bad out of the box, so they had to order one. So just because you replace the alternator, have it checked before you put it on. I'm picking my new one up today, and by the way, I've got my old engine home, and everything internally is still good.

25th Jul 2016, 02:33

I see. You bought an 8 year old car, & after 1 month, the dealer charged you $400. Maybe if you went online, & learned about your purchase, you would've seen the common complaints. That fix BTW, would take the average person $100 & a couple of hours. That being said, be grateful you didn't buy a Cadillac. Those Northstar V8 motors blew up before you could wrinkle the leather in the driver's seat.

Definitely not Lincoln's finest hour, but if you know the basics, This car is excellent value, as used....