7th Jul 2009, 14:11

My girlfriend is the not-so-proud owner of an '02 LS V8 that looks incredible and is very comfortable, but can't seem to make it more than a month without one or more of the aforementioned problems afflicting her vehicle.

I visited this site for research on current transmission problem (delay shifting into reverse, hard shifts in forward gears, not shifting at all into 4th & 5th on occasion) and realized all the problems I have already run into seem to be the norm.

I have also replaced window regulator, hub assembly, e-brake boot, exterior trim, brake rotors, and burned smoke smell. I didn't even buy this vehicle, but I have to work on it ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME!

I have now run into problems a shade tree mechanic doesn't have time for. Transmission, advancetrac, airbags... once those are tackled for unknown thousands of $$, I can look forward to engine problems and complete shutdown or electrical failure! Yay me!

Lincoln should know these are recurring factory problems and offer a low cost fix for their faulty product.

15th Jul 2009, 14:39

I've owned one for 4 years now and to make a long story short. I have over 5000.00 in repairs since, but they were all covered by eastcare warranty. If you buy the car, get the warranty or you're screwed!!!

17th Aug 2009, 13:20

I got a 2001 Lincoln LS V6 3.0. Yeah the car looks nice and all, but I agree with each and every one of you about this car being more expensive than my girlfriend. I love her cuz she doesn't talk back, but damn she is draining me little by little.

I have had the coils changed, spark plugs changed, upgraded to slotted rotors, ceramic pads, both hub bearings, both knuckle arms, sunroof won't work. I believe I need to get my catalytic converters done. I hear this knocking sound when I drive. Reading from you guys, it sounds like my sway bar bushings... my advice to everyone is to get a foreign car. Americans don't care about their product, all they care for is the money... trust...

19th Oct 2009, 21:06

I own a 2000 Lincoln LS. Recently the battery died and had to be replaced. Since then the hazard lights flash, dash lights flash, and/or the alarm goes off after I lock the car.

If I lock the car with the key, it causes the seat to go back and forth, the steering wheel to go up and down, and the dash and hazard lights to flash. It has been in the garage and at the dealer with some improvement, but not a complete fix.

Has this happened to anyone else? With all of the issues I have read about, I hope this isn't yet another random problem with no answer.

Thanks for any ideas.

B. in Texas.

2nd Dec 2009, 18:20

I bought a 2001 Lincoln LS V8. Fell in love with it.. Leather sun roof wood grain, everything. I wonted.. but my advance tracklight is on, and I am scared witless what will happen from here.

18th Dec 2009, 09:51

I also have a 2000 LS and it's been great for 5 years. I bought it used in 2004, and have replaced the ignition coils, sensor, spark plugs, boots, dryer, gaskets. Now I yesterday I went to Walgreens to get a prescription filled, came outside to start my car and it would not start... it rolled over good, but would not fire up.. had it towed to the shop and now it needs a timing belt, which that's a nightmare, we're talking a new engine here. The belt broke into the motor so go figure. It does seem though I haven't had all the little things go out like I read, but this adds up to be BIG... it did run great for years, and did that morning until dada da da..

13th Jan 2010, 23:52

Everything is exactly the same; I can charge my battery with a charger and it will start. Then the lights will dim, then get bright, then dim, then the right brake lights will only dim and the left side will turn off completely. And every light on the dash is on. And those lights are dimming. The car is just going haywire. What is the solution to this? And how much are we talking? Thanks for any ideas that might help.


18th Jan 2010, 21:04

I've had my 2000 Lincoln LS for 2 years, and the sunroof has never worked; this bothered me at first. Since then I've replaced the spark plugs twice. But now I need a whole new wring harness. The wire that controls the sunroof just completely burn up my wiring harness. Can anyone tell me where I can find a new harness?

9th Feb 2010, 22:57

I own a 2000 LS-V8. It's been interesting to hear all the posted comments, because I have owned the car for 10 years and have had all the symptoms and problems described, including warped valve covers, failed starter, ignition coils, numerous window regulators, ball joints go at 70K miles, struts, failed heated seats, and yes I have liked the car and its smooth ride, and was trying to see if I could get 200K miles out of it.

Well, it's not going to happen as the timing chain has broke - the expense to fix is not worth putting in to a car with 140K miles. I guess I am lucky to have gotten this far with it. I'm trying to sell it and hope a boneyard might pick it up as the parts are worth more than the car! Heck the wheels are worth almost more than the car! And I'll miss those lugnuts and center caps that constantly break...

I went to look at Camrys and Accords, and I couldn't find anything used that was in my budget that had the amenities of the Lincoln. So I bought another Ford - this time a Mustang GT - 4 years old with very low mileage - I am also a shade mechanic and it looks like they have tried to make the mechanicals much simpler with easy access and reasonable replacement aftermarket prices. No telling what the electronics might do - but it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles that might break, and the price was low as I bought it in the dead of winter. It's actually better than the Lincoln LS in snow!

No more Lincolns for me unless it's a '88 Town Car. Thanks for letting me share my comments.

2nd Mar 2010, 15:12

This is crazy because I have a Lincoln LS V8, and today after 1 month of ownership, my check engine light came on and the mechanic said it was the coils due to faulty valve cover gasket, 6 yes six coils were flooded with oil (back three) on each side $400, but the difference between me and you all is that I'm selling mine to the next dope like the dealer did to me A.S.A.P. As a matter of fact, any of you would like to buy a perfectly good running Lincoln LS 2002 V8?

4th Mar 2010, 01:12

I agree with each and every one of you Lincoln LS owners. My husband bought a 2002 Lincoln LS 3 years ago, and we have had nothing but problems. We owe $7.000 on this piece of junk. Coils replaced - 1500, catalytic converter - 900, right side drivers window - 88 for the piece (lucky me, my husband will repair)... watching this piece of junk burn... would be priceless!!!

Radio turns off, high beams come on, air conditioner blows out heat, heated seats work when the feel like it, rattling noise under car when being driven, turns over after trying to start it only after at least 3 tries.

Take it to the FORD repair shop, only for them tell me maybe the diagnostic codes will go off now that they have changed the coils. Maybe??? They made this piece of junk.

Topping everything else off that I haven't mentioned, I now see what I have to look forward to. What have I gotten myself into??